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Take 10 channels on any platform. Rate them from best to worst. That's a paranormal menu!

In my case I will use just YouTube channels. 10 = best. 0 = worst.

1. Cash Peters. 10/10
What a unique approach! Doing sketches on people, trees and crossing over! Funny. Entertaining. Great positive energy. Cash Peters would say that he does not deserve this score. He is such a humble guy like that like! But he does deserve the score! Great site. Totally worth your time.

2. Seanna Rose Metaphysical. 9/10
Thoughtful tarot readings. Sometimes branches out into metaphysical discussions. Great collabs with other tarot readers. The Weird Questions sessions are great.

3. Robert Cosmar Astrololger. 8.5/10
Accomplished astrologer. Great channel for a student of astrology. Has a big picture approach looking at world energies years ahead. Very organic perspective putting his spiritual perspectives into astrology. Live discussions are great. Paid member content also available.

4. Lena Rodriguez Tarot Down Under. 8/10
She was a sociologist and brings that perspective. Wicked humour. Great collabs with other tarot readers.

5. Lada Duncheva. 6/10
This is a weird channel. A licorice all sorts of different presenters on topics from astrology to energy fields to sexual psychology. Lapses into cookie cutter sun sign videos. OK channel but not great.

6. Richard Dolan. 5/10
Mainly a UFO research channel. The amount of research that he does is fantastic. But he seems to be going round in circles covering iterations of the same UFO material. Hard to see where this channel is going. Might be worth a dip into it if UFOs are your occult area of interest.

7. Gigi Young. 4/10
Interesting occult perspective blending UFO's and Rudolf Steiner. But it's a frustrating site. Her presentation style is "you take my perspective or I don't want to know you". Her paid member content is very thin - I tried it once. You get a members forum where she is never there. She doesn't seem to be coming from a good place as an occultist; I sense a lot of frustration and a lack of being centred. Probably not worth your time.

8. Tarot by Janine. 2.5/10
I don't trust this channel at all. Janine goes into conspiracies and tries to prove them with tarot readings. But the cards are often in no way connected to her conclusions. She gets stuck on one issue like Megan and Harry and does that for weeks. This is a bad channel. Avoid it.

9. Charlie Chittenden Paranormal. 1/10
Dreadful site. He takes a spirit box machine and tries to contact anyone from Adolf HItler to Nero. Despite some hits like with Sharon Tate, he usually gets little if anything from his spirit box. He has no ethics; he often contacts people just after they have passed. He doesn't care in the slightest about how any of it works; he is on a one track mission to make money selling spirit box readings on eBay to contact your dead family folks. Disgraceful and not worth a second of your time or money.

10. Worst Occult Channel. 0/10

Let me explain. Why the lack of a channel name? Because this channel is so dangerous that I will not reveal what it is. I toyed with this. I went back and forth. I wondered if you had a right to know. But for your physical safety I cannot say it; I would have to beg you to NOT go there and you would all go there for the lulz.

It's an astrology sight run by someone who is VERY dangerous. He would tick all the FBI boxes for a serial killer. His channel is a celebration of all types of execution, hanging, guillotine, electric chair. Then he does astrology readings on politicians and people that he says are the enemies of America. He concludes that they should be executed and it should be in public. He has no ethics. He has harassed and trolled numerous occult YouTube channels. He also says that they are evil astrologers who should also be executed in public by guillotine. If you haven't worked it out this dude belongs in a psych ward padded cell.

In fact it's been my job to monitor his channel and tell some of the people that he threatens that they should consider their own safety. The last time I contacted people like this? They replied yeah we know that guy - he's dangerous! Jesus freakin Christ. He also has a track record of doing some VERY bad things that I will not say publicly.

I beg you NOT to go on an Indiana Jones style mission and look for this channel. You would be putting your life at risk. I don't say that as a joke. The worst occult channel on YouTube. Might be the worst channel on any platform.