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It goes simply back to my youth years from when I was seven to age seventeen.
Yeah, about the length of ten yrs possibly if approximated.
I experienced awesome moments, mostly happening after midnight when I had trouble sleeping.
I did also noticed stuff occur during the day for short duration's.


Here is what I can say in the first hour I have at the given moment to express. I remember when I was seven, one of the most memorable points in my life when I was getting up out of my bed from the little child's size bedroom I had, at six a.m. in the morning. I ran up the kitchen table to eat breakfast, then after talking and finishing the small meal, I excitedly ran back to my bed to lay back down. I secondary moment later when I got back up from bed and walked a little slower to the table to continue setting in the kitchen, the same six a.m. was noticed since the clock was set in front of the table facing me where I can see it. I was thrown off at the observation and questioned it to myself as to what happened.

Later after this unique situation, some year or so had passed, I had another curious situation be analyzed afterward. I realized that I had utterly repeated an entire day during my era of going to elementary school. I wasn't at first aware of it, until I looked at the calendar and the sequence of events that correctly occurred that particular day that told only this, that the day had gone through those exact events as they took place the same way as the day I recalled. So, if you remember the film "Groundhog Day" this is similar to that aspect of how it had transpired.

These were the first incidents of it that directly informs how going "backwards" is not by opinion as I have experienced it, to be easiest, it is pure fact. I can't personally say I think; I did in certainty discover how effortless it was to go "back' than it was ever at any attempt or ability to go forward. Those who had said 'it's difficult or impossible' is way off accuracy, when I am a person who had done it with no try.

Most of my exciting elements of it did become apparent when I was between seven and eleven years of age. Why would I lie or make up such a wonderful thing about myself involving this subject? To me, I see it as a gift, and a unique talent as anything else is for a person in this world should appreciate. Some people I've read about when they go around guessing what it's like, would ask how does this concept feel or what's it like? I can say bluntly that it's definitely moving you in place without going anywhere at all.

You can sometimes that is, feel the unknown energy pull you in a mysterious direction, usually turning out to be "backwards". What controls it? I am already aware, there's no experiment or machine creating the field for this to manifest into reality. I move myself, presuming with my mind or body, that's hard to figure out during this time of personal analysis I had been doing for a little while, since I've once again found a great page like this.

Anyhow when I had watched a video describing that it feels like as if you've ran or exhausted yourself in place while doing it, that sounded slightly inaccurate, because you feel like you're using some negligible energy of yourself 'body', but not that exaggerated what so ever in any measure. You I'm sure can move from one time to the next, let’s say, and usually at this age I am, won't even know it or feel it.

When I was a little older than that, I began noticing frequently that I could meander between 4 a.m. and 6 a.m., which seems about two hours differ, but it was just from 4 a.m. to 6 a.m. then to 6 a.m. back to 4 a.m., like a quick swing movement that I had done within the great room of the house I used to live at, during the late night / early morning hours. This is where I also found myself unable to rest or go back to sleep in bed for any unknown reason, I just couldn't sleep. I was slowly walking around the room until I felt tired again, while my interest was to think quietly to myself as I walked. The TV set's videocassette digital clock was clear to read the time, so that was mostly what also produced most of the dim light in the room at the instant that I was wondering around while being up.

I put two-and-two together and realized the same situation had occurred again. These incidents are so enlightening each perception I make when determining these type of fluctuations depending whether I am alert or aware to pay decent attention to this concept. Did I begin to enjoy the gist of the irregular curious ability that I had discovered at a personal level about myself? I remain to feel that it's too disrespectful to possible theological terms. The rules that dictate religious orientation and boundaries made to deter my faith's flexibility and openness.

About at least five years ago, I also got a first person point of view of what it's like when time pauses, I doubt seemed to stop, but halt enough to be seen by rhythm and how normally things around me in my environment were moving and on-going. All the common motion of people, things, and even space around me is interrupted by a sudden shift that made it appear like it was marginally blurred or motion garrisoned directly in front of my eyes. It's literally not just a simple pause as if would be on a camera shot, it is intruded with the influence of the effect that motion causes also. This ensued my attention and surprise while I was at the mall when visiting Macy's in the perfume department. It only lasted for a few minutes of my personal time while being there, and then it passed and everything resumed fully back to normal.

Is there a purposeful explanation for my unusual talent or was it intoned upon me in an accident that during my childhood, that I was completely unknowing of, unaware of what or why I am capable of such a phenomenon? At this current period, I am actually by occasional means, still having potential when I am partially asleep in bed, feeling like I am doing these odd tangible movements. This physical random behavior is still being personally monitored often to keep record.

There was a situation when I was as I presently recall back in the last decade, my parent and I were listening to the car radio and noticed, at least for myself, something out of the ordinary. The specific song by an artist of choice by the station we'd pushed the button was playing a certain song, well as I had heard it, in the last twelve consecutive minutes, three times in a role. I did finally turn my head and asked my parent if he had heard it indifferently about whether it was just their looping played reception of tones or was it just me. He replied by admitting he had only heard the song played over the air once. I said or commented no more, unable to further explain, while thinking I had lost my senses.

I had this happen when I was at a similar time on the side, find cases where this has occurred more than once. I would be spending time dancing and doing recreational activity, when listening to the radio, and immediately catch songs on it being played repeatedly in a looping fashion. I've bet if I had once again thought of asking another person or even the disc jockey, he or she would say to me that it was primarily played or air on the radio once 'one at a time' for the limit of what was on the list or requested songs by each artist. Doesn't that eventually being to sound fishy, that you'd be the one noticing the oddity and no one else?

I admit honestly that I do feel fairly sure on this much, that I did not inherit or was born with this abnormality. Everyone though are different, nonetheless. I am going attempt at guessing at it, but I am able to just offer probability whether than fact from vivid memories of how it maybe could have happened to me.

I don't recall vibrating, like a Hexbug Nano. I have been guessing through brain storming ideas that I was in a sense vibrating, but that's more related to leaping (look up Quantum Leap lore). I used to play with my writing using a pencil and paper, but not what you're describing, because that was more from free hand writing or scribbling 'chicken scratch'. 'Not familiar with synesthesia'!

Prep work? I find that a little amusing to even think of. No, it was literally random, as in not being able to be controlled. Something was pulling 'as usual' my physical strings, in this case. No mental awareness of such an unusually, unnatural event occurs mainly through what I had experienced was physical, referring to just my body. What's manipulating it? Your need for further educating me on this, would be a lot of needed help on the matter. I wouldn't find guessing on it, a wise choice in the long run.

My thought could be possible about how my physical body chemicals; hormones' may have something to influence upon it. Why? I have had a strong history of this in the last decade of my life. Most of which, my hormones dictated my behavior and thoughts, additionally. I was finding myself getting re-regulated for that, and only the next few years of treatment, did it ever improve decently. I had to use differing medications to aid in toleration of those terrible symptoms during the effected period.

My profile is correct, having a correlated diagnosis since I was six years old. Part of me doubts this case in particular directly relates to the same elements present. Others who have the condition don't exhibit the abilities I have just defined in the order I have listed. If so, I would've been detailed on other references, such as webpages and videos that people have made concerning the condition's ailments and obscured talents that aren't necessary for living in society.


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Eckimus, thank you for sharing your experiences. Time is precious. Do use it in a wise manner. :)