My prediction


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May 13, 2020
I believe we have started to live in a more materialistic world and people have been getting sucked into this for a very long time. From my experiences in my past GOD is REAL. It is the devils job/agenda to disrupt us and direct us towards a certain direction. As you can see this is the agenda of current day politics, religions, governments, and media. For those seeking answers the answer has been in front of your face this entire time. People always forget about god because the materialistic world nudges them to do so. The true word of god is love to all that is what my inner voice tells me(No I’m not schizophrenic or have any underlying health conditions)something inside just urges me to speak out and say what I’m thinking. It doesn’t matter what race, gender, appearance, or background you have there should be love to all. Notice how our past is covered up with racism, segregation, discrimination. The reason for this is to keep us in the dark, think about it how easy is it to control a population if you’ve taken away basic rights and we all have to keep fighting for rights that should be ours in the first place. All of this is made up in order for you to give up hope in “true good”, god, and an afterlife. People from the past have literally told us what they have saw and experienced and we discredit it as fake or crazy. People that know there is an afterlife do not care about the materialistic world as much anymore because they know there is something greater. (This is where I find myself in life right now, but I still know I need to take care of my family and be in present conversation). This trap they have us in is quite interesting because they help build this ego filled with sin using media, schooling, etc. Everyone around you is also helping build this ego this is why you have your beliefs, habits, and daily routine. YOU are programmed right now and YOU don’t even know it. This is the goal of the devil he wants to affect you without you even knowing it because if you knew it you’d stop him. If anyone wants to continue this I’m open for conversation, this is the first post I’ve ever posted on the topic because I simply haven’t cared about being online. People are gonna believe what they want to believe. Just know to all out there that I Love You and I pray for you every night.