My Salem Massachusetts Experience

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Nov 12, 2017
Hi all :)

So last year I went to Salem,Massachusetts with my mom,my sister,and 3 friends . Since Salem had the witch trials in 1693.We went in October , cuz October it’s Halloween all month long .

At first we got to Salem.We had to find a parking spot.Everyone was in costumes since it’s Halloween month.It was wicked crowded. So then we took photos of the stores. So then we went to the witch museum was crowded.So we didn’t go in.But we go to see it from the outside.There are lots of physics shops everywhere.

By evening we went to the burial ground.That was a Experience.The tombstone were very old.To where we can’t even read the names of the deceased. There was even people laying on the tombstone.Was cool to see an passenger of the Mayflower buried there .That is how old the cemetery is.

The last thing we got to see was a old witch house. The house it is still as it was in the 1693 .I’m sure it had a bit of renovations through out the years. But that was wicked interesting to see.

*Side Note * I wanted to share my experience from when I went to Salem last year :) It was very nice seeing the history of the town . I will definitely go again.
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Sep 12, 2017
Nice story thanks for posting.

Id love to see the passenger list from the Mayflower, and the ones that weren't included.