My Time Travel Dreams


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My Time Travel Dreams

The thing that got me interested in time travel in the first place was my strange dreams. I'll describe the ones I remember best. Usually those dreams predict the future, but in different ways. I'm best aware of two ways that I go into the future in those dreams: astral time traveling with mixed memories and actually going into my future body making the exact same decisions I made in real life, almost as if I warp to the future me with memories of the past and knowledge of what is happening. Sometimes I get strange mixes of the two types. I'll describe two of those time travel dreams, one for each of the two ways of seeing/going in the future that I have previously said.
In this dream I remember it very well because it was kind of weird and funny. I was very surprised it came true. In the dream I was sitting at my old computer typing the random things that my little brother was saying into a text file. He eventually said at one point "or 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6..." continuing on until 130 or so. While copying this I used the simple logic of adding a "..." then the number he stopped at. Eventually I got tired of copying his random words and saved it and quit. I woke up remembering this vivid weird dream and teased my little brother over something he didn't do yet (the dream depicted the future. I didn't know that it depicted the future.). I remembered everything in the dream (except the was hazy). Eventually one day (months later) my brother sat saying random things for a reason I don't know. I totally forgot about the dream I had from the past. I copied the stuff he said into a text file. When he said "or 1 or 2 or 3" i didn't recognize it from the dream until he got to the teens. At that point I made the same logic thing from before involving the numbers. He was sitting in the same spot as in my dream. Same computer. Same thoughts (except I don't know If I dreamt the dream recognition while I was typing that I had in real life).
The next one took place at my school in the future. In this dream I was in my real body at some parts (I think), but i don't remember those parts as well. I remember the parts where I was in my astral state best. First I'll go over what happened in real life. In real life the particular part of the school that I was around in the dream was the eighth grade wing (I'm in eighth grade). The eighth grade wing was in the part of the school that would be torn down because of renevations and a new eighth grade wing would be where the renevations were taking place. Anyway, in real life there was graffiti on the hallway walls of the wing (because it would get torn down anyway and so the teachers let students say goodbye to the old part of the school by writing graffiti in pre-drawn boxes. Each student did it in one box only). Now the old part is torn down and and we're in the new wing. This whole thing could have been predicted by the dream I had many monthes before it actually happened. In my dream I was in my future body (like my other dream) in the hallway writing my "graffiti" in the box I chose. It looked the same as in real life. I knew that everyone else was writing their graffiti in organized boxes. Soon after I was in my astral state (i think) and was flying around looking at different perspectives of the boxes. I remember seeing them (in this state) both empty and full. I seemed more fond of my own box. I think I "took a picture" of my box (that part is kind of vague). I didn't take any pictures in real life. Anyway, I remember wanting to look at one particular box (written by someone else). I remember reading it all in the dream. In real life I recognized the graffiti that I read in the dream, but couldn't read it because I might be late to class. I hesitated reading it in real life for smaller reasons as well. When walking by it in real life I realized that certain parts of it were the same as in my dream. I find it kind of strange how I looked at something in the future (while dreaming in the past), but never looked at it in the actual future in real life. Now that it is torn down I never have a chance to look at it in real life (fully that is). Anyway, eventually I flew above the school outside and imagined a wrecking ball striking my particular box. The imaginary wrecking ball was even positioned to the right (relatively close to where my box was). It struck the box and the school became rubble. I think the last part was changed by my imagination, but somehow I had knowledge of what would happen to the school (while dreaming), and it allowed me to make the imaginary events at the end. When I woke up I thought the dream was just a normal far-fetched dream. I couldn't imagine graffitiing the walls in real life at that time. After a lot of deja-vu while the event happened in real life, I rembered the dream I had monthes ago.
I have had a lot time-travel dreams that I'm skeptical about, and some that I'm 100% positive are "prophetic". Also, I almost forgot, there is one last dream that I'm slightly skeptical about, but find very interesting. The night before I dreamt it I watched a tv show that had a joke that I found funny and remembered before I fell asleep. I had a dream that I was playing a video game and was in a part of it that I recognized had the same type of joke in it. While there I remembered the present and the show I watched the night before, but was in a future setting (in the video game that had not been released yet). I did not think those same thoughts in real life. I am sure that the parts of the setting I remember from the dream are acurate to the actual game. That is why I had deja vu while in that part when playing the game in real life. I am skeptical because the dream is somewhat vague now. I think that this dream states the possibility of controling where you will travel in the future.
I don't know how I get all these dreams. I think that since it is possible to do this while sleeping, it is possible to do it in meditation and remember more of what you "see".