My Wife Competing for Polar Expedition as First Woman

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Sep 12, 2011
Hi Paranormalis Friends

This is a very different kind of post than what I usual share about (HDR, Time Travel, etc) :D I don't even know (@Num7 please advise) if this is acceptable in this General forum.

My wife who is a Doctor, and also a trained Mountaineer, Photographer, Blogger, Photographer and Cyclist is competing for an Arctic Expedition Fjällräven Polar which is a 300 km journey in the arctic on back of a Dog Sled. Despite such a strong profile, the Jury does look at votes (the part I hate) so I'm reaching out to my friends, and other circles. If this post does not offend people, I just wanted you all to take 2 mins to read this :)

In her own words..
"Dad taught me "what mountains teach you, classrooms never will". Even though I missed classes for mountains, I still turned out to be a Doctor! I'll be the 1st Indian woman to live dream of many women aspiring to be at Fjällräven Polar Arctic Expedition. From canyons of Arizona to Himalaya, I wander as Photographer, Blogger, Yogi & Zen girl looking to spread smiles, share stories & glow hearts."

She has saved lives during treks with experience in high altitude medicine, taught children in Himalaya, brought smiles on faces of her patients, walked on frozen rivers, hitchhiked and traveled alone in minus 30 temperatures and traveled in extreme conditions alone as a woman.

Why am I messaging you all?
As a musician, traveler, trekker and Writer myself, I am requesting everyone to Vote for my Doc wife. May be for the sake of women empowerment or just to make her dream come true... With a song that I wrote and recorded (on Hey Delilah melody) for her campaign, I have done my bit to wish her the best and hope all of you will take 3 mins. to see the video and vote for her. Since the decision of jury comes out on the same day as our anniversary in couple weeks, help me do this :)

Vote: Vote for Varuna Raina in Fjällräven Polar 2019


P.S. Apologies if this seems spammy, but hey I gave it a shot :)


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Feb 8, 2015
I liked the song running throughout the video clip.....Was that a version of "Hey there Delilah", performed by the original Plain White Ts? :cool::)..
Apr 29, 2018
I'm assuming you can't vote unless you have FB? Either way I enjoyed the video and best of luck to the wife.