NASA Announces Its Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Research Team to Examine Mysterious Sightings


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A 16-PERSON TEAM — including an astronaut, a space-treaty drafter, a boxer, and several astrobiologists — will soon begin its review of unexplained aerial phenomena (UAP) for NASA.

The space agency announced Friday the members of the team, who will labor over the course of nine months starting on Monday to analyze unclassified data on UAPs, peculiar sightings of objects behaving unlike anything we’re familiar with. But until the full report is released to the public in mid-2023, NASA says everything will be kept a secret.

UAPs get their classification due to their puzzling behavior in the sky, which doesn’t fit into the known behavior of aircraft or known natural phenomena. NASA will unpack the data to come up with a way to study the unknown.

NASA says their work will “lay the groundwork” for future UAP studies. This first phase is a brainstorm, to see how observations that civilian government entities and commercial data have gathered could be analyzed. And then, they’ll look at how future data can be collected.

NASA will hold a public meeting after the report is released to discuss the study’s findings, an event that curious onlookers might want to earmark.


steven chiverton

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from slow go disclosure to no go disclosure , and what the farsite institute says makes real sense they need disclosure to help us and the secret agenda people are making sure it dosent get disclosed its technical anyhow



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It will be a joke. They'll either debunk all UFO's like they always do and say they're ice
crystals and "Space dandruff" (yes this is an actual NASA term 'space dandruff)
or they'll just skim over it and say some are unknown some aren't same
as usual.

Least likely: they'll announce aliens are real.
If this happens you should probly really be scared shitless.