Nation States

Nation States

Looks good. Could do with a lot more interaction between players though.

Nation States

Heggy's topic of the perfect nation reminded me of this. I think he would like playing the game.

I use it mainly as a philosophical self appraisal of politics.

Nation States

Too bad I'm so dumb I can't find how to manage my nation... which is the "Queendom of frugalists"! LOL!

What is yours? We could form the Time Travel region!! :lol:
Nation States

As far as games go and making them up, rather than make up a game that you hide clues in and then try to go search for them, why not build a STATIC game with a few random number/card generation spots set up like the Monoply game, and we call it:

"Chronopoly, The Time Travelers Saga"

Seems to me it would be easier to build something like that as it is static using a random number generator for the die.
Nation States

I know why you are Heggy, but I can't tell you, because if I did, I would have to kill you. And nobody wants to see that as you're not a duck.
Nation States

Originally posted by JediStryker@Sep 4 2004, 10:08 AM
This game is pretty cool. Here's my lame little nation. I just made it today, so I haven't had a chance to make my own flag or anything. :)
I am very impressed with your nation.

Here is what my nation initially looked like.
The Free Land of Yurthropia
\"Have a happy healthy day\"

UN Category: Civil Rights Lovefest
Civil Rights:
World Benchmark
Political Freedoms:
Location: The East Pacific

The Free Land of Yurthropia is a tiny, devout nation, remarkable for its devotion to social welfare. Its hard-working, intelligent population of 5 million hold their civil and political rights very dear, although the wealthy and those in business tend to be viewed with suspicion.

The government -- a sprawling, bureaucracy-choked, liberal morass -- devotes most of its attentions to Social Welfare, with areas such as Law & Order and Defence receiving almost no funds by comparison. The average income tax rate is 38%. Private enterprise is illegal, but for those in the know there is a slick and highly efficient black market in Book Publishing.

Crime is relatively low. Yurthropia's national animal is the dragon, which frolics freely in the nation's many lush forests, and its currency is the liter.
I much prefer your 6% flat tax then the 38% average income tax my nation started with.