New and curious; come and share


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New and curious; come and share

I?m new to this forum, and pretty much the whole concept of time travel. I have always had an interest in it, I remember arguing its validity back in primary school, but I have never really pursued the interest until now. I?m sure my lack of knowledge will shine though as I continue here, I would be really grateful if people would share their knowledge, ideas, theories and thoughts with me.

I?m particularly interested in how god and religion comes into the whole ?time travel? thing. I?ve always been quite a sensible person. I mean, you show me scientific proof and I?ll believe you, but until then, not a chance. I suppose that?s what?s stopped me from ever really believing in god, or divine power. I just think on all the planets, in all the galaxies there is bound to be other life. And circumstances differ from planet to planet so greatly, life would be so far removed from what we know, we probably wouldn?t even recognize an alien if we saw one. I?m also a firm believer in evolution, no ?Adam and Eve? for me, as far as I?m concerned we all came from our prokaryote ancestors going around engulfing one another. Because of this I just can?t believe we were created in god?s image.

I?m not sure if god?s existence would alter the possibility of time travel, but surely if time is not linear, and if we are able to bend and manipulate it, to change our pasts and/or futures, then would we not be messing with ?gods? will, and of course, free will? Would ?god? allow that? Or perhaps time travel IS gods will. The mind boggles?

Feel free to shoot me down here, but I would dearly love to hear others opinions on this.

Also, if you ever need someone to bounce ideas off, share your theories with, discus time travel with, or just chat too, feel free to add me to MSN <span style=\'font-family:Wingdings\'>?</span> <a href=\'mailto:[email protected]\'>[email protected]</a>


Re: New and curious; come and share

Hello and welcome aboard. Hope you'll have a nice stay here.

Nice post, personally I kind of believe in the possibility of a mix between evolution and "adam and eve". But I do not believe in Adam & Eve in the traditional way as created by God a spiritual being. I think it is more related to alien interference in such a case, where "God" is more a being from another world than a spiritual master of the whole universe and existence.

When it comes to time travel, personally I dont believe it is possible to change past. Future of course can always be somewhat changed, as it depends on what you do right now in the present. The future is not set until you set it yourself.

Maybe you'd have an interest in the section called "Time Travelers in History" and the "Ancient knowledge" thread there, it is, and will further be, related somewhat to what you mentioned above.


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Re: New and curious; come and share

Welcome to the plantation Bianca. Glad to see you found us from down under. You've got some countrymen here. Interesting first post.



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Re: New and curious; come and share

Bianca, such a pretty name.

Welcome to our forum Bianca. We're glad you're here! If you have any questions, feel free to PM Cary, me or any of our staff.

Be sure to come to Live Chat and get to know the members!


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Re: New and curious; come and share

The problem comes IMHO with anthropomorphizing GOD

God is not a 90ft high guy with a cool beard... no, thats me! ;)

God is totally beyond human comprehension, if God made everything - how could a bunch of human preachers from any era ever know what God wanted or intended?
They are guessing based on tiny tiny tiny clues, those clues may be misinterpreted or just plain wrong! IE it wasnt God that put them there.

Ok so God possibly has messengers to earth & the physical realm, but imagine that you make a robot ant (!) to communicate your will to the local antheap. Do you think the ants are going to be able to draw any accurate conclusions about who or what you are?
The difference in scope and comprehension between a thing that makes universes for fun and humans is beyond comprehension. Equivalent to human being to subatomic particle.
Put it this way - I dont think God cares too much if we thank it for our daily bread, or are nice to our fellow man, etc! If you doubt this - think about the last time you listen to the quarks in your fingernail and their prayers.


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Re: New and curious; come and share

Bianca, Welcome. I think that Darkbreed forgot to mention that if you can become proficient at Out of Body Experiences, OBE, you can experience Spirit from a much purer viewpoint especially when it comes to the Sound & Light of Spirit/God.

You cannot deny experience, for it's the one thing that may not be taken away from any of us and it's the only thing we leave with.

As far as time travel without a machine, it would have to be out of the body and also a visit to the Akashic / Akasha lever where all the past information regarding past lives are stored, one could travel back to past incarnations.

The physical plane is exciting enough, crazy enough, insane enough, loving enough, instructive enough. I cannot imagine the cluster frenzy that would occur if the wrong people got ahold of time travel.


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Re: New and curious; come and share

Welcome Bianca (fellow countryperson? - trying to be politically correct here, but not working out too good :dry: )

You will find all the information as useful as I have. (I've even posted a few times too :grin: )

Anyway you will enjoy your stay here.

I would like you to get a book called "Chariots of the Gods" By Erich von Daniken. Have a read of it and I will let you be the judge of what you think!