New fleets of private satellites


From what I heard, there are tons and tons of space debris out there.

I read a fiction story once, it said that in the very far future, there will be so much space junk in orbit, that humanity won't be able to reach the stars anymore. So much junk, it will be impossible to go through it with a spaceship. Can you imagine!

If I remember correctly, the cause was an extreme case of what they call the Kessler Effect: Kessler syndrome - Wikipedia
The Kessler syndrome (also called the Kessler effect, collisional cascading, or ablation cascade), proposed by NASA scientist Donald J. Kessler in 1978, is a theoretical scenario in which the density of objects in low Earth orbit (LEO) due to space pollution is high enough that collisions between objects could cause a cascade in which each collision generates space debris that increases the likelihood of further collisions. One implication is that the distribution of debris in orbit could render space activities and the use of satellites in specific orbital ranges difficult for many generations.

Pretty interesting.


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We could always try to get a Paranormalis private satellite circling around the Earth (y):D..