New Forum Section: Unconventional Engineering, Projects & Radionics

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Hey guys,

Just a quick update to let you know we now have a new forum section. It's Unconventional Engineering, Projects & Radionics. As its name suggests, it's a spot to discuss weird devices (other than time machines), share your usual and unusual engineering projects, and ask for help on your projects. And to talk about Radionics. We also created a Project thread prefix for that section, if you're sharing one of your own personal projects.

Time machines already have their own section, so we intend this new one for every other weird device/thing that is not a time machine.

Also, the "Radionics and Alternative Medicine" section has been renamed to Health, Well-Being & Alternative Medicine.

Thanks to @dustin255 for the new section idea!


P.S. I'm not done yet moving threads to that new section, so don't be surprised if you notice threads moving around in the next few days.