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May 24, 2011
Hey all. It's someone you all know dearly. My old account got locked out from the discord but I won't get into it. I have an idea maybe we can re vamp up Paranormalis. Same concept. But adding safety tools. Chat rooms in every category. If someone wants to talk. Or 2 people engage in a deep conversation. That would benefit them. It would also increase the morale of people catching on to the idea. Also filing away past posts in a section called Deep Archive Paranormalis. We are free to speak our mind here. So speak up. Do not be afraid of success.
Jun 22, 2019
No thank you.

It's great the way it is.

Deep discussions are already a privilege. It's called private messaging.

Some things need to remain the same. For a purpose. This has been the only website to remain so. And, for good reason. Visitors need to know what they can rely upon. A complete overhaul would be confusing to the most important. Literally.


Dec 15, 2005
@KeyHolder777 Hey man,

As you can see, I unlocked your regular account and merged the new one you created within it. Sent you an email with your new password. Should work.

We're going to have a new chat section in a few days, I just need to test it a little more and set up a few remaining things to make it work as it should. You should like it, it's gonna be an on-site chat like we used to have when we did chat events. Works well. :)

As for a revamp, I'm happy to add a single chat room, but not one on every page. We had that once, a long time ago and it didn't work. The primary format of communication here will remain forum discussions. I believe that format is the most engaging. Chat is instant and passing, messages come and go, they're short. Forum discussions encourage you to sit down and write something thoughtful and deeper.

What do you mean, by filling away past posts? Back in 2005, the forum lost quite a bit of content, are you referring to those lost discussions?

Let me know!