Newspaper and leaf log maker

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Has anyone heard of this before? It's a manual compactor in which you insert wet newspaper and leaves. Then you compact it into logs that you let dry for a little while. Then you can burn them in your fireplace.

Discovered it today, I'm curious if it's good. According to the reviews it seems to work well, but who knows.

They say it makes pretty good logs that burn for a while.




I've kept some old newsprint around "just in case" and almost had to burn it a couple years ago during Snowmageddon. I've thought about getting one of these, but I live far enough south that I'd probably never use it.

I don't burn much, but I think the biggest thing between just burning paper and a smashed log is surface area. Open paper will burn quickly because of all the air around it. A smashed log is much slower because of the condensed shape and that lack of air on the inside, making it more suitable.

If it's not too expensive, go for it and snag one. I did read that the compressed paper logs do take something like a month to fully dry, though. A thinner paper log wouldn't take as long. With energy prices going through the roof because of government stupidity, now would be the time to buy. And you might as well make free energy out of all that junk mail that gets sent through the postal system.


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We already own a piece of forest with more logs than we can make use of. Then I stand on a mountain chopping wood with the wind blowing through my beard like a mad man origin story.


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Yes, they work fine, we did the same concept with dryer lint and wax to create instant lasting fire starters, mix in some dryer lint to it and you'll have something that goes up quick and fast, do a few without for a slow burn.

But ya it works pretty well, i have seen em used.

They're great for the desert as finding fallen tree's can be a joke, and firewood is expensive as all get out.