Notes on Titor from the C2CAM show


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Notes on Titor from the C2CAM show

I finally signed up to streamlink so I was able to listen to the October 8th C2CAM show again, I already heard the two shows live but I didn't pay close attention to them. C2CAMdotCom doesn't have the August 6th show in their archives anymore so I wasn't able to listen to that one again, but here are some notes I took from the October 8th Coast to Coast AM with George Noory show with Oliver Williams as the guest.

Near the beginning of the interview Oliver Williams praises John Titor, he says John Titor: never insulted anyone, never flamed anyone, and was very cool. He obviously likes Titor if not loves him, then he says many people from the start were trying to: debunk and discredit him.

How can you discredit someone who has no credibility? Williams was praising Titor throughout the entire show and he defended Titor as if Titor was his best friend.

I didn't transcribe the entire show, there was too much repetitive useless info but I did transcribe a few things.

GEORGE NOORY: Is John Titor from the year 2036?

WILLIAMS: That is correct.

(Apparently Williams either believes Titor is a time traveler or he's pretending to believe)

When describing the dimensions of the time machine Williams says it's, "about a couple meters across, half of a meter high and a half meter deep" Can you get more specific than that?

Then he mentions a guy interviewed that worked for IBM back in the day who supposedly confirmed the IBM 5100 did have unpublished secret features, Williams says that he told him only about 100 people could have known about it in 2000, the name of this IBM guy is: Bob Dupkie or Dubkee, I don't know how it's spelled.


OLIVER WILLIAMS: Yeah he-he Again this is four years ago when nobody paid any attention to it. He specifically said that the, and maybe this is a no brainer but I don't know, That the internet was gonna be organized around self powered nodes that would be atop things like telephone polls and they would be you know roughly half a mile apart or whatnot. and that that's how the internet would work in the future and we have some new stories up there now where they use almost the exact words he describes about self powered nodes that the internet would travel on and that's how they would get them to rural areas in the United States.

Yep Oliver, this was a no brainer and was well known amongst many nerds in 2000 and earlier, in fact a few cities already had them set up and they were in operation, it only became commercial and wide spread later as the big companies began using the idea.

Williams made the comment: John's mother is out there, if she calls in I'd like to talk to her too.

(Williams believes John's mom is out there? hehe)

Williams says: People had more pride in being human. He was talking about how Titor thought of the people in 2036, did Titor ever mention this? If not it sounds as though Williams agrees with Titor's ideology, as if he thinks you were better at 'being human' if you didn't live in the city.

GEORGE NOORY: What do you do in the future, Oliver, what's on your plate?

OLIVER WILLIAMS: Me, I'll just keep working on the website. If somebody is able to debunk the story, you know definitively prove what this machine is or something major happens I will be the first one to post it on my site and say great story, so far not not yet.

GEORGE NOORY: Do you take emails from people?

OLIVER WILLIAMS: Oh Absolutely, Umm.. There's a, There's a web, there's an address on the website I think it's john, what is the address? Is it johntitordotcom? yea if you go to the website there's a address there that you can send emails.

At this point Williams sounds like a puppet, as if the website isn't even his, he forgets the address, after hesitating and stuttering he turns to someone and asks them, "what's the address? is it johntitordotcom?", obviously the person behind the website isn't Williams, but is some unknown person, probably the author of the JT book, maybe the man known as JT himself, I wouldn't be surprised if the real webmaster asked Williams to go on the show, they are probably so paranoid about remaining anonymous that they didn't even want their voice on the radio.

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Notes on Titor from the C2CAM show

Fascinating! And illuminating. Thank you for this.