Occult Physics, Tesla Technology and World Energy


Occult Physics, Tesla Technology and World Energy

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Occult Physics, Tesla Technology and the World Energy Crisis
Franz J. T. Lee, samedi, 16/10/2004 - 09:28
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Although many of us are not experts in Occult Physics, Ufology, Tesla Technology or Global Oil Politics, nonetheless, these things directly affect our daily lives ... they even concern the defense of the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela and Latin America.

Consequently, for all of us, it is of ultra-importance to have some cognitive notions about decisive world events that generally, for obvious reasons, do not appear in the daily headlines of the international news.

In fact, to formulate revolutionary theory in this epoch of \"globalization\", the above knowledge is scientifically imperative and philosophically indispensable. Surely, because of its trans-historic magnitude, it is not always possible to explain their essence in simple terms.

Here in this short commentary, very simply we'll just deal with a few general, outstanding topics, mainly with their social, ideological, philosophical and emancipatory aspects. The pertaining questions themselves are very simple: for example, does an Occult Ether Physics really exist?

* Do \"aliens\" exist in our solar system?
* Do they always fly over Los Alamos, The Andes or Iran on July 4th?
* Is something out there that is coming to get us?
* Where does it come from?
* What kind of energy is it using?
* What is really behind space discoveries and exploration?
* Why billions of dollars of investments in this field?
* Are there already existent space communities, and what purpose do they serve?
* Why the big noise under Los Alamos since decades?
* Does the world energy crisis really exist, or is it just the crisis of the world order itself?
* What energy will be used in a post-productive mode of existence on earth?
* How are all these currently affecting Venezuela, the revolution, the world?

Of course, the answers are very complicated, opaque! Concerning \"Occult Ether Physics, a while ago, our friend, William Lyne has written an extraordinary book about the re-discovery of 'occult ether physics' ... \"the scientific/technical basis for a space-propulsion system\" already invented in the late 19th century by Nikola Tesla \"now used in the secret, exclusively man-made flying machines known as 'flying saucers' or UFOs.\"

(See: William Lyne, \"OCCULT ETHER PHYSICS: Tesla's Hidden Space Propulsion System and the Conspiracy to Conceal It\", Creatopia Productions, second revised edition, third production, April, 2000, Printed in Canada.)

As can be witnessed all over, our current, corporate, imperialist world is a dominant and dominating State reality of \"top secrets\" of \"strictly confidential information\" and of \"classified documents.\" During the \"Burning of Mississippi,\" also during the epoch of the \"Hot World Wars,\" the political argument for this US military \"secrecy\" was to avoid that the \"enemies,\" the \"communists\" or \"nazis\" ... who are lurking out there, any moment ready to come to get us ... would get hold of \"security material\"; this remained so even during the \"Cold War\" period, nowadays, even more so, in the Era of \"Full Spectrum Dominance\" of Globalization.

Not only do we have disinformation campaigns of the mass media, concerning the realities in Venezuela or Latin America, but as the publishers of Bill's book remark: \"The government conceals this invention behind false scientific theories, 'space alien' hoaxes, and false propaganda, disseminated through a controlled mass media.\"

Hence, on a global scale, billions, including academic circles, researchers, students, teachers and professors, are being bamboozled, brain-washed, are mentally caught in an \"'UFOlogy', 'new-age', 'paranormalist' and 'pseudo-debunker' network.\" And, euphemistically all this is called \"modern education\" in the \"Information Age.\"

Some time ago, innocent young minds were violated by \"flying angels\" with a \"flying Father Christmas\" dressed in the colors of the clothing of Coca-Cola, driven on by reindeer power, or were scared by a \"flying witch on a broom\": nowadays, the poor kids have to believe in \"flying aliens\" and alien \"flying saucers, pots and pans.\" And all these are entitled postmodern \"education,\" \"tradition,\" \"culture\" and \"civilization.\"

Across the ages, it is really tragic, sad, macabre to see what dominant and dominating ideology, mind and thought control, had done to the \"consciousness\" of billions of members of the sonorous species homo sapiens sapiens. Ever since the Conquest, irreparable intellectual damage has been done to millions of inhabitants of the so-called Third World, and never, ever, will there be any reparation for these capital and cardinal crimes.

What is worse, we cannot even tell the majority of mankind the flowing truths, the hidden secrets and the perennial lies of capitalist reality; we cannot explain to them what really has happened to their minds, how sick, how pathological, schizophrenic, paranoiac and alienated many of us have already become.

As Freud, Reich, Fromm, Fanon and Marcuse have explained, many of us have simply sublimated, internalized and eternalized the very capitalist system, that is, our very own physical slavery and mental bondage. This is one of the major revolutionary stumbling blocks of contemporary emancipation.

Surely, historic consciousness is slowly improving, especially here in Venezuela ... toppling idols like Columbus ... but philosophic knowledge about workers' revolution, that is, about modern class struggle, is still lacking, is still very much covered by religious and ideological obscurity.

Thus \"national security laws\" eternalize obscurantism, ignorance and arrogance.

Now, why did a small powerful ruling elite, across the 20th century, hide away from us the scientific and philosophic truth about Nikola Tesla's Technology about \"free energy from the vacuum\" and about Wilhelm Reich's \"Orgone\"? The latter was even declared \"crazy\" and was locked up in a United States loony bin. Meanwhile, Mickey Mouse stole his Orgone Cheese!

The social, political and economic reasons, and they are fundamental arguments in capitalism and imperialism, are obvious, are self-evident: A technology, based on the scientific discoveries of Tesla and Reich, would strip away the social, parasitic Draculian privileges, the Draconian political power and the Croesusian economic wealth of the global profit-mongers, of the giant moguls of monopoly capitalism, of the global power elite, of a handful of mighty families that control the globe.

The radical change-over of energy sources and resources, from oil and other traditional sources of energy, will catapult huge transnational monsters into oblivion, would destroy the very exploitative foundations of the global capitalist system, of the very \"new world order.\"

It would set free a billionfold diluvium of creative forces, a global emancipatory vis vitalis, a galactic orgone, that could liberate mankind from the curse of labor \"by the sweat of his brow\", could re-establish a healthy relation between Man and Nature.

Concerning the above, the publishers of Bill's book made a most interesting prediction: \"Dynamite comes in small packages, and this little stick of scientific dynamite blows apart pseudo-scientific myths and instills the truth.\"

Well, let's now give this stick some bright light, some glowing fire. Take note, some explanations below and their corresponding data are scientifically very complex. We will try to present them to the general public as transparent as possible.

In his book, Bill asks a self-answering rhetorical question: \"Is it possible that an entire area of physics has been declared virtually 'occult' and 'off-limits' to the public, or to private individuals, by a powerful group, so that all science education or data generally available to the public has been 'screened' to eliminate references to it?\" And, this question is also valid for other sciences, and for world news.

We suspect that \"the actual science involved in electro-propulsion\" had been replaced by a \"bogus science.\" In other words, on a world scale, he is questioning whether in specific spheres university students of Physics are deliberately being misled, are given hocus-pocus doctorates, are consciously being fed with obsolete, faked data and out-dated research materials.

Of course, about this, students of Modern History can sing the \"Swan's Song\"; their research material is already \"classified\" for the next half-a-century.

About our real immediate history in the 21st century, we have no idea.

* When will we know who exactly blew the Twin Towers to blazes?

Millions, even billions, still believe that it was the \"Arabs\" ... for us, it's folly to be wise.

Now, this should be a historic lesson for future basic and higher education in Venezuela and Latin America, and elsewhere.

* Who are the global liars that are spreading hoaxes across the globe?

For example, the hoax of Christopher Columbus \"discovering\" America. Bill identifies the \"culprits\" as the \"high priests of this occult knowledge\" as \"the elite owners of the coercive monopolist corporate banking, industrial, mineral and related interests.\"

And what do they allow? \"...the initiation of certain scientists, military and government officials into their secret teachings.\"

Concerning crucial, fundamental issues of Modern Physics, of the \"War of the Galaxies\", of \"Star Wars\", he formulates the following question: \"Before you decide there is no ether, or no flying saucers, or before you believe the often-told 'prime-time' lies that 'aliens' are here, or that time-travel is possible, you should ask yourself whether or not your thinking on these subjects has been conditioned by Big Brother's Biggest Lies.\"

This is a question that the \"Opposition\" of Venezuela should make as its permanent night prayer, before entering the Wonderland of Miami.

Do \"Flying Saucers\" exist?

Horatio, for sure, there are more things built on Earth, and flying around in Heaven, than are dreamt of in your Ideology!

Very few people know, that an UFO is not produced by green, extraterrestrial beings from Mars, that it \"is a product of Nikola Tesla's life work, his most fundamentally important invention, for which all his other inventions were in pursuit of....\"

Yes, \"aliens\" do exist ... so do \"flying saucers.\"

There exist Pentagon aliens and flying saucers ... the only ones in solar existence.

Tesla's discoveries came too early, and because monopoly imperialism still had no use for his \"free energy,\" thus when he was working on his \"electropropulsive ship,\" in the 1920s, in great need of money, he approached the US government for financial help but of no avail.

Already before, the Morgans and Rockefellers had declared his research work and piles of patents as being \"off limits\" ... the problem is that today ... during the \"world energy crisis\" ... his hour has arrived, and the USA, Russia, China and Europe are secretly using his technology, in the fields of space discovery, travels, and, who knows, even for \"space population\" or \"space communities.\"

* What is the fate of such pioneering scientists and philosophers in a class society, in the world of capitalist production?

* What is the destiny of what we are revealing here?

* And, what we state here, are already \"out-dated,\" many new things have been discovered over the last decade.

To mention just a few examples: the Greek astronomer, Aristarchus of Samos (c. 310-230 BC), had been the first to maintain that the Earth rotates and revolves around the Sun. What was his fate?

For this very reason, Cleanthes the Stoic declared that he ought to be indicted for impiety, for offending the Olympic Gods. And yet, our school books claim that Columbus was one of the first to know that the earth was round, that is why he set out sailing. Others feared that they would fall down the \"Pillars of Hercules.\" Anaxagoras was ostracized, chased out of Athens, because he said that the Moon was not a goddess, not Selena ... just a piece of rock. Nowadays every normal child knows this.

Other famous thinkers and actors, having discovered diverse fundamental truths, were Democritus, Archytas of Tarentum, Plato, Aristotle, Spartacus, Bruno, Galileo, Thomas Muenzer, Meister Eckhart, Leonardo da Vinci, Orwell, Huxley, Patrice Lumumba, Kwame Nkrumah, etc. Some were adored and crowned, others were sold on the slave market, crucified or burned at the stake.

In our times, the unknown scientist and philosopher, Don Albert ... today living in Israel ... was simply told by the US authorities, that everything was fine, but that he should please come back again with his scientific findings and discoveries in about 300 years from now.

Of course, when the time would be ripe, when these theories serve their corresponding class interests, then, surreptitiously, they would be adopted and adapted by the establishment, hidden away for decades and centuries from the eyes of the public.

Exactly this happened to Tesla and Reich.

Now, let's consult another expert, to see what the \"free energy\" of Tesla technology is all about.

Valery I. Titarenko was born on October 16, 1950, in Berezovka, Odessa region, Ukraine. Having studied at the Odessa Automotive Technical School (1974), and having done research work at the Odessa Institute of National Economy (1979), after his investigations had been experimentally verified in the physics laboratory, and because no analogous works exist, he claimed that he made a brilliant discovery for the future development of mankind.

He published his unique and outstanding discovery under the following nerve- and brain-wrecking title, which only erudite scholars would understand: \"The Law of Unity of Universal Forces of the Co-ordinate Standard Fourth-Dimensional Space-Substance; that point charges in the Solar Gravity-Torsion Constant are integral to the elliptical trajectories and to the space-time movements of celestial bodies in free-space. \"

Of course, apart of its brain-wrecking title, this is a very serious patented, copyrighted investigation, which is registered in the South Branch of Ukrainian International Academy of Original Ideas, under the code #00701017, dated 10 February, 1997.

Concerning the functions of this technology, including its bellicose usage, he informed us about the following:

* In wireless power engineering, the generation of electricity from a physical vacuum. Alternative, clean energy, produced in co-ordinates, rather than from atomic, gas and other obsolete, archaic fuels, which produce environmentally hazardous waste products.

* The movement of gravitational objects, such as trains, ships and submarines.

* A new generation of torsion flying apparatus.

* A new technique for producing ultra-high temperatures at critical levels.

* New materials and alloys which have no analogues in present technology.

* Changing the mechanical trajectory of planets and comets.

* A great number of other fields of application.

Instead of using it for emancipatory endeavors for mankind, together with HAARP, this technology can be transformed into a huge arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. Probably this is what most of the great powers have done already.

Now, in conclusion, within the current context of exorbitant oil prices, a chief economist. Michael Mandel, stated:

?It's time to place the blame for high oil prices where it belongs ? on the lack of progress in energy technology.? (Business Week. August 2, 2004)

To get an idea of the energy density of which we are speaking, of the \"solution\" of all our energetic problems, already in 1962, Wheeler and Misner in their Geometrodynamics informed us about the following:

\"And that's just using the spatial energy density (the 'decompressed' or ordinary energy). The energy density of the vacuum is appreciably greater than what physicists normally calculate, because they do not calculate the additional time-energy density portion of the vacuum stress. If we also allow for the time-energy (the 'compressed' energy), we restore that c2 division factor, producing on the order of 10110 grams per cubic centimeter, or?in energy terms?on the order of 10127 joules per cubic centimeter.\" (J. A. Wheeler and C. Misner, Geometrodynamics, Academic Press, New York, 1962.)

Commenting on the artificially created \"World Energy Crisis\", Thomas Bearden stated:

\"There are many ways to extract energy from the seething vacuum. Unfortunately, at present our scientific community takes a bizarre stance. In particle physics it is well known that the active vacuum is incredibly energetic. Calculations by leading physicists such as Wheeler show that a cubic centimeter of vacuum (about the tip of one's little finger in volume) has so much raw energy in it that, if condensed into matter, there would be more matter than is observable in the universe through the largest telescope! So even a tiny efficiency of tapping could and will extract all the energy anyone could wish.\"

Inter alia, used for peaceful, anti-imperialist purposes, this technology could generate unlimited clean energy from the vacuum, would cause no degradation of the biosphere, would eliminate dependence on strategically vulnerable centralized power and distribution systems, and will surely not produce radioactive waste disposal problems. (ibid.)

Corporate America, with its current Janus-faced contenders for world power, the \"cousins\" Bush and Kerry, know the future strategic relevance of the Persian Gulf Oil Fields (and also the oil in the Balkans). Desperately, they also know that their capitalist energy is running out. Why they are in the Caspian regions, the following article explained:

\"By 2020, the federal Energy Information Agency expects, the Persian Gulf will account for 54% to 67% of world oil exports, up from around 30% now.\" (Wall Street Journal, February 4, 2004)

However, black gold will not decide the future or the demise of mankind.

It will be the use or abuse of the technology of Tesla and Reich.

(For quotations, see: http://www.vheadline.com/readnews.asp?id=23127 )
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Occult Physics, Tesla Technology and World Energy

While I wasn't "up" on all of the items discussed, I've read about most of what was discussed. Pretty much ties in with most of what I've read. Very interesting article Kira.



Occult Physics, Tesla Technology and World Energy

Here's my theory : There is no oil shortage/crisis , it was cooked up by oil companies as an excuse to keep production low and increase the price

We know our current oil that we have found will last us 70 years , that is without new technology that will allow us to dig deeper , and find oil in places we havent previously , not to mentio technology which could allow us to make oil out of other resources , and improve the efficiency of oil.

So my synopsis is this is all a scam , petrol prices are set to triple here in the next 3 years , oil companies will be laughing.


Occult Physics, Tesla Technology and World Energy

either way - we're using up our supply and quickly. 70 years may be long enough for us, but it really isn't that long when you think about the total lifespan of the human race. I am seriously thinking about getting an electric car, but there just aren't enough places to charge them up at yet. Guess I need to wait until it becomes a tad bit more commercial. I often wonder what they will bring to us when gas prices are so high that no average person can afford it. As it stands out here, it's already at 2$ a gallon for the regular stuff. When I moved back here about 4 years ago it was at $.87/gallon. That kind of increase is just nuts, IMO


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Occult Physics, Tesla Technology and World Energy

Yes but how do you convince the large corporations that Greed is not the way to go? All they care about is the bottom line and screw the people. That seems to be the modus operandi for most. Tesla's ideas and machinery work and are more than a viable option. But I fear that until all the reserves have been used, TPTB will not break out the alternate energy sources that they have been playing with and KNOW that they work for the last 50 years.