October 14th ZOMG

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Jeff said:
Hey has anyone seen this!!!??

well I suppose some people believe in anything. Its their right so let them be in their illusions.

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I wonder if something 2000 miles long would be able to enter our atmosphere because of the curvature of the Earth. I hvae no idea really but isnt 2000 miles like half the width of the US?

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That's a totaly huge ship, I'm not sure if this can happen.
Some people on other sites say they see bright flashes in the sky since a few days. Flashes that last longer than lightning. They think it can be related to this ship coming.

If anybody wanna join us, we have a social group called the doomsdayers, where we collect informations and dates about dooms and big event like this one.
Here's the link: http://paranormalis.com/groups/
We put the dates here: Paranormalis Forums - Doomsday Calendar

All those who want to use this feature are welcome.

By the way, if you ask me if it's gonna happen, I'll say that most likely, nothing at all will happen. In a certain way, I would like to be wrong on this one. We'll know tomorrow for sure.

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With how fucked up things are I hope it DOES happen!!! We need all the help we can get!
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oh shit here we go again:D well at least it a short lead time what time is it in hong kong now I am at 1:00pm mon 13th hell it might be here now:eek:
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Jeff said:
If it shows up, what will u all do?!?
I totally don't know, I'll make it up as I go. I guess my neck will hurt after looking at the sky for a complete day, with my mouth openned.

What will you do Jeff ?
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I might make another post in this thread about it. Hell, I migght do that even if it doesnt show up.

Its like what that dude said in 300 though. "What can we do?" "What can you do?" :D