Blog Oh, A Blog Section!!!

Welcome to the blog section!

Here, you can have your own personal blog and share about yourself. It doesn't have to be about paranormal stuff. It's a place to share with friends. :geek:

In the past 15 years, I've had several personal blogs. On WordPress, Blogger, and a few others I can't remember right now. I'd share stuff on there for all the Internet to see. Except... no one would see it, because, who cares? It's hard to share your stuff and get people to see it. I also noticed that I didn't have any kind of target audience either. "Who am I sharing this to?" Why share your thoughts on a blog that no one you care about is going to read?

Then I figured... Where are the people I care to share my stuff with? Well, most of them are on Paranormalis. I also figured I'm probably not the only one. So why not blog here instead? Most, if not all my Internet friends are here, on Paranormalis. :alien: :)

I'm going to post a few blog entries over the next few weeks, see how it feels. I encourage you to do the same if you feel like it!

See you next time!
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