Ok I gotta get this out of the way now


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Ok I gotta get this out of the way now

If you could buy a time machine for 300 bucks off of ebay
every one would have one and every one would be time traveling and winning the lotto and cops would be stopping crimes befor they happend, and maybe jsut maybe the child that grows to find the cure for cancer will be able to reep the benifits of the cure befor he/she is old enought to read.

But alas, the plane old grown up world is devoid of such wonders. And we are all traped enslaved persay by the mach of time, doomed to age every second of our lives all the way to the grave. I wish that one of the devices that I have found over the years was the key I wish that jsut one of the devices was replicatable even if it warped time in the slightest.

the free energy buffs have devices that put out close the the same amount of energy they put in and can debate for hours over weather or not it was an error in the measurement equipment, the antigrav buffs have things that will kick up a brease with no moveing parts, but out of all of the groupes that study "the damned" sciences us time travel buffs are the only ones where meditating your way throught time is even considered. If I found a free energy message board and told them I have a device that pumped out more than 500% the energy put in but only during certain phases of the moon, and only if I was meditating jsut right, and I had to pray to God to keep me safe while I used it and to help it work, I would be laughed off the board. SAme with the antigrav guys.

the thing is if we stuck with things baised on solid theories. we would have nothing to talk about. nothing would get built, and the board would die.
instead every time travel board I have been on starts out with good intentions then veers off into the HDR's and the astral projection, and soon becomes so jaded and argumentative wiht each other on weather or not the "spiritual" way of time traveling works, that the people that think it works and the people that think its all bunk soon stop discussing any thing with each other. After a while every one that thinks the HDR and such are crap leave due to lack of time machines to talk about. the Guys on the other side of the coin soon find that the 1 or 2 guys who have and HDR or can astral travel are the only ones with stories, and the guys who cannot get those methods to work leave too. and with no one to listen to them the HDRkidds of the message board soon wander off to the next message board to get there attention fix. and then the board is dead. jsut another set of HTML code filling space on the net, and after a few years some one clears some space on there hard drive, and it is gone. jsut another dead end link on a web page that is no longer taken care of.

I will keep checking on this board until the posts stop comming, posting my oppinion when and if I have one, and I will probably come back every couple of months after that to see if any passers by have posted maybe send them off to the "new time travel board" And just to get it out of the way and say it while I know there are still friends to read it
I will miss you all when you are gone

of all the things I have heard
of time and history
this one thing is true
it repeats itself
so maybe getting to the past is as easy
as waiting for it to come in the future


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Re: Ok I gotta get this out of the way now


I hate that you have such a bleak look on things. I was enjoying your post until I reached the end where you seemed to have had a nervous breakdown concerning message boards. Lighten up and enjoy the ride...


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Re: Ok I gotta get this out of the way now

Gomp wrote
"I wish that jsut one of the devices was replicatable even if it warped time in the slightest. "
check out hdrkids site (http://www.hdrusers.com/)....hes got a watch in the field of the hdr spinin fast...it seems that there may be sonething to it.