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Carl Miller

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Feb 27, 2014
According to the Holy Bible Abraham entertained three angels when they later visited the city of Sodom.
The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and all the details pertaining the Abraham family flight is narrated by the Bible.
Also included advices from `the angels` as how the family should conduct during the flight while the bombardment took place.
We recall that the family should take shelter inside rocky caves during the attack, evidently for a very known motive -protection against nuclear energy.
Viz (from the same source) how Sarah (Abraham`s wife) moved by curiosity turned back to see the horrendous spectacle and as they had warned not to turn back, Sarah`s body turned to salt.
And...all the passages `the angels` defending the Abraham`s home (a little palace, for sure) against the intrusion of some bad guys.
The angels did that by touching their chests which would send out `rays of light`. Here we have an episode from the Bible which resembles tales from the Mesopotamia-
It includes the Euphrates and the Tigris rivers, and the fertile land which surrounds them when we are told the story of the people of Sumer.

Quote- Gilgamesh realizes that the old man is Utnapishtim the very person he has been seeking.
So he poses the question that he has traveled so far and suffered so much to ask: How did Utnapishtim, a mortal man, become a god? How had he eluded death? And can Gilgamesh ever hope to do the same?
Once again strange characters considered to be gods or son of gods, which way back in time would have truly existed. -end Quote. (Spark Notes- The Epic of Gilgamesh)

But returning to the angels, they were believed to be earthman when the Israelites left Egypt and an angel appeared as a pilar of fire.
Just like the angels who helped Abraham escape from the fury of the Lord.
They would have considered to be what today we call `the Nordics`- pretty figures, blonde, blue eyed both masculine and feminine types.

From the Mountain of Hora the Profet Elias (god or semi-god) ascended to heaven in a fiery chariot.

Ezequiel described an apparition of a great cloud with a raging fire engulfing itself in its mist like the color of ember and also from within it came four living creatures , they had the likeness of a man.

Saint Paul reminded the Hebrews that some have unwittingly entertained angels. So, you start to figure out there used to be a certain protocol that should be properly followed to `deal with angels`.

Some things echoes in the Bible which is the story of Enoch being take up to heaven to be in contact to the gods (you imagine the `gods` dwelling up there on those huge mother ships orbiting the Earth).
The book of Enoch describes two voyages, and in one of them Enoch is taking back to Earth. (you can bet Enoch was an extraterrestrial).
This is a version of a Sumerian tale which ascribes another different name to the same character.
Abductees of that time were taught the secrets of Mathematics, the secrets of the Calendar, the secrets of the anti gravitational force, the secrets of the Solstices and Equinoxes.

There is another incredibly strange figure - Imehotep -the inventor of the Hieroglyphs and Architecture.
You can bet this guy was not properly human...He makes reference to people who had descended from heaven in their celestial boats.
Here we recall the ancient Egyptian rites during the crossing of the river Nile depicting both the passage from 3d world to the world of spirits, the crossing of the sun through the sky (RA) and also the crossing of the celestial boats which hovered the ancient land of Egypt.
You can go on with endless elucubrations and musings. There is a lot of stuff to study from the ancient books.

Once, elsewhere, I mentioned that in the works of Carl Jung there were many references of Et visitations. I based my opinion from the study of Carl Jung,
I live the jargons-
the language, especially the vocabulary, peculiar to a particular profession to the group of psychologists, I am a layman on the matter. Anyway Et abductions are part of Jung`s study through the dreams from his squizo patients Jung noticed the high level of recurrence of Et Abductions or influence or whatever.