Operation Southern Cross


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What is operation southern cross? It is a project that involved time travellers from the future helping america win the second world war. Basically, in the beginning Hitler was winning. He kept his expansion going.

Then it did seem like his luck did turn away. Well, we got special help from a group of rogues. According to the Montaukians, the original timeline that we split off from had germany as the winner. Basically, these rouges did help us with high tech and atomics to win our war.

Sadly, we are still sitting on most of the technology they gave us. For example, that which deals with free energy. What is the reason? Mostly because it would ruin our oil companies. However, many people who are part of the disclosure project are coming out now. Eventually these technologies will come out in the open.

Nice, didn't you say a few years ago that you once visited an alternate timeline where Germany won WWII and that you saw a Nazi North America?

Pretty far fetched stuff to imagine uh!