Orgone is the REAL "Force" from Star Wars and it is being suppressed

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From The Complete Guide to Orgone Generators (2019) | Orgone Generator®

At a deeper level, our Orgone Generators enable a user to direct life energy towards living things, objects, and non-physical phenomena (such as thoughts, desires, and intentions) in order to manifest a desired outcome. The discovery that universal life energy can be consciously directed to aid manifestation is yet another advancement in life force technology made by Karl Welz. Previous experimentalists such as Reich and Mesmer were focused solely on attracting life energy and passing on the beneficial effects to a person nearby. However, based on his deep studies of both science and esoteric subjects, Karl realized that many ancient spiritual and religious practices attempted to bring about a desired outcome by establishing an “energetic link” with the desired result and channeling life energy via ritual or other method into achieving that result.

From a scientific perspective, our most advanced understanding of quantum physics tells us that everything is energy. We perceive separation between ourselves and all other people/things simply because they exist at a different frequency from us. So, while all things appear to be disconnected, they are, in fact, inextricably linked by an underlying field or dimension connecting all things which supersedes our limited perception and self-created constructs of reality. Rather than seeing the whole, our brains function like an antenna, tuning our awareness into and out of various parts of reality. However, a unifying reality that connects all things exists at all times, and all current and future realities and potentialities can be directly affected if we are simply able to tune into them and apply sufficient life force.

Our Orgone Generators enable you to connect with a desired target, choose a desired result, and “transmit” the intention out to the universe in order to draw the result to you. We believe our Orgone Generators may create a “quantum entanglement” with a desired target and result and help provide the necessary life energy to bring the desired result to manifestation. Our devices have near-infinite flexibility and potential uses. As the saying goes: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

The Force is Explained in Star Wars sounding remarkably similar to above description:

The Force Is My Ally - YouTube