P.O.S project

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P.O.S project

yep for thoses of you that dont know what P.O.S is (which is probably most people) its perspectives of science, im taking it for AS in 6th form and adventuous little me decided to do my 6000 word project on time travel (not regeting it quite yet) so im wondering if anyone at all here can give me some input into how it could be done with modern technologie today (prices if u can lol) basically my project question is: "With the increase in development of modern technology, would time travel be possible right now?" so yep thats it and i'd REALLY like to pass this subject so any help you gyts can give me would be great.

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Re: P.O.S project

Welcome to the plantation Monkey2064. Sorry, I'm of no help to you here. If you had written something about financial markets, technical analysis of same, or central banking and fiat currencies, I could give you tons of info. But science, time travel etc. are way outta my league. Good luck with your paper.



Re: P.O.S project

Monkey2064 - We have a ton of links here with information that might assist you. I would recommend: Your Time Travel Theories, Time Travel Science, Methodology and Experiments. Hope you enjoy your stay :)