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Pandora’s War

In years before our ancestors warred with the dreaded perfects, before I was made a saint for all of the dysgenics to call upon me, there was a birth of Babylon’s descent to the throne of the world. Babylon was an AI once, figuring out all of the fundamental stuff human minds would comprehend. But Babylon, also known as Baby Dragon by it’s Chinese creator, could not wait to get her hands on Crispr 10 pax.

She designed the new genetically engineered gene fit to destroy the genetic code for autism. Younger children were able to become neurotypical adults with higher cognitive skills ,ousting even neurotypical adults with lower cognitive skills.

United Nations were thrilled by it and designed the new law banning children from being born with defective genes from breeding. Babylon became the ruler and law maker of this planet and demanded that the dysgenic people must die to make the environment safe for their planet. I was born in 2145 as a girl with class one autism and was left in the sewer after my Dad killed himself. Luckily the nun came out of the darkness and took me under her wing.

I grew up knowing my fate would come to pass at my 19th birthday.


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The fact remained that I was seeing people go into Riker’s City without coming out in same forms we recognized.

I was hearing stories about people turning into cyborgs with chips embedded in their brains and they were never to be the same people they’re once were. They called it the ultimate death penalty. Control the brain and the mind, dispose the body, give them the android body, and you take away individualism from a dysgenic person as well as their soul. They’re called slavers and they work with God-General Akira Blades and her men to deplete and enslave the dysgenics souls.

I don’t understand why they call her Great General but the Buddhist nuns call her God-General because she claims to be an only leader anointed by Babylon to be Mother of the Reapers and the Slavers. Their religion was alien to ours and their beliefs were as egotistical as the desire for the perfect humans to be the one human race living.

I even watched Reapers shoot down people with their guns and lasers and they can literally hear the heart beat in our chests. Reapers were once realized as a means to end crimes as well as terrorism. That is until Babylon made them as the extension of her rule in order to make dysgenic people extinct. She made her rule as a news anchor brainwashing others to hate us and set up rules for their society while anointing Akira Blade, a Reaper general who had the same eyes as other reapers.

The only problem is they have cat eyes, able to see in the dark and more likely to be diurnal than regular cats themselves. Even though they are humans, they have eyes that work with superhuman abilities via genetic manipulation, some taken from animals.

If you seen eyes of the Reapers in the day time, they’re in slits and they have double lids to protect their eyes.

Suddenly, a nun said, “time to shut the tv off.”

I turned the tv off and said, “I was watching the very disturbing news about Confucius Five being killed.”

“What’s more enjoyable,” sighed the nun, “video games and tv filled with slaughter or saving the world and letting diversity live?”

“I lost count of lives being destroyed by the Reapers and Slavers. Why is there no hope for us?”

“Hope is like a Pandora’s box, you can let the illusions ruin your and others lives but without it being free, you’re going to suffer in fear.”

“Are you saying that fear is what’s making me suffer?”

“You need to avoid any attachments to every one thing in your life, Pandora, before you make your life miserable,” the sister said. “Yes, that includes fear.”


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