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Manhattan Island Abduction Manhattan Island Abduction
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Default Manhattan Island Abduction
Manhattan Island Abduction

Also known as the Brooklyn Bridge Abduction, this case has been given much attention due to the amount of subsequent witnesses that have come forward since. This story starts in April of 1989, with a 45 year old, New Yorker named Linda Cortile, who contacted Bud Hopkins because she suspected that she may have been abducted in her twenties. Then, in late November of that year, she was apparently abducted again, this time with multiple witnesses. Linda's story is that she had gone to bed at around 3 am, when she began to feel a paralyzing numbness, starting at her feet, then moving up her body. The sensation was familiar to her and she attributed it to the abduction experience.
Her husband had already been to sleep and all attempts to wake him failed. Then three or four beings appeared in the room and she was floated through her closed, 12th story apartment window and into a craft hovering overhead, in a blue beam of light. After a medical exam, she was literally dropped back into her bed, which still did not wake her sleeping husband. A large portion of her story was uncovered by Bud Hopkins, while under hypnosis, which causes many skeptics to take note and try to discredit this case.

Then there are the witnesses. First, Hopkins recieved a letter from two men claiming to be police officers, in February of 1991. They claimed that they had witnessed what could only be described as an alien abduction, from under the FDR Drive, where their car had broke down. They called themselves Dan and Richard. After she was abducted, they claimed that the UFO flew into the East River. After 45 minutes, the object had still not surfaced. Hopkins was later informed by one of the gentlemen, that the reason they could not meet with him in person was because the two men were actually Secret Service agents that had been taking the then, Security General of the United Nations - Perez de Cuellar, to a heliport when their limousine broke down. Then in November of 1991, Hopkins recieved a letter, and drawings from a women in her sixties, he calls Janet Kimble.
She claimed that on the night of the Cortile abduction, she had been crossing the Brooklyn Bridge when her car and all the lights on the bridge failed. She said that she witnessed the women and a small group of beings, float up into a brightly lit UFO. Linda's apartment can be seen from both locations and the accounts and drawings from Dan and Richard and Janet Kimble, seemed to match on several major and minor details. Bud Hopkins has since released a book entitled, Witnessed-The true story of the Brooklyn Bridge UFO Abductions.
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