Paranormalis has a Vax Mandate

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If you do not get vaccinated, you will be harrassed off this site. The monitor Mayhem will call you ignorant and will not allow you to have an opinion. He will tell you that you are not a medical professional, at the same time stating I MUST get the vax despite my own medical conditions that he knows nothing about. Num agrees with him. Therefore, if you do not have the Covid jab, this site does NOT welcome you and you will be harrassed off it while Mayhem giggles in the background.

I’m sorry to see Paranormalis has turned into an Australian dictatorship. It was fun while it lasted, but I never expected a vax mandate on a forum.
Enjoy your communism. Bye.


What are you talking about?

You're the one advocating being against the vax. As soon as someone says otherwise, you're complaining and playing the victim.

You're the one harassing Mayhem.

This drama is yours, not ours. Yet, you're attempting to dump it on us. You're willing to leave over that? Please do, and take your drama with you.

We're here to discuss, not push an agenda.

Stop playing the victim and accept that opinions different than yours exist.

walt willis

Senior Member
Paulajedi has a point and Num7 as an Admin just showed me his ass by his comment!

It all comes down to freedom of speech as directed in our "Bill of Rights"?

Article ONE was placed at the top of the "Bill of Rights" for a very good reason?

Let No Man dictate to another their God given Right to think and share ideas!

May God bless all of those brave souls that are fearless to speak freely! DXDb5HqXkAARgZi.jpgEzgyW_rXsAIwTZ8.jpgEZNgQNUXYAAgmrS.jpgI13.jpg


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I have some really bad news.

My best friend told me today that his co-worker and close friend, just lost her 26 year old son
to a heart condition exacerbated by catching SARS-CoV 2.

I really do not and will NEVER understand how some people lose their respective humanities
when someone dies, whom had lived a full life with such a condition....until contracting SARS-CoV2.....
...That they would have the NERVE to belittle the cause as..

"They don't die from Covid-19.....It was because they had a Pre-Existing condition."

This person died from catching covid you heartless Prats.

Go right ahead send your respective PMs to me telling me how wrong I am.