Part #10 mIRC; Alexanders chat logs for Feb. 18, 2004: Alexander was a friend of John Titor


Time Travel Professor
Jun 11, 2004
Part #10 mIRC; Alexanders chat logs for Feb. 18, 2004: Alexander was a friend of John Titor

mIRC Feb. 18, 2004; Alexanders chat thanks to KPAX
Posted by: Professor Opmmur
Session Start: February 18, 20:21, 2004
Session Ident: #TimeTravellersInn

[10:38] * Now talking in #AlexanderTTonline
[10:38] <cerial> the server u were on went down
[10:38] * Shaun__ has joined #AlexanderTTonline
[10:39] <Shaun__> ohh new channel
[10:39] <GearBrains> everyone or just me?went down?
[10:39] <cerial>

[10:39] <cerial> heya Opmmur

[10:39] <Opmmur> Hi all
[10:39] <Jorune> have to identify to nickserv before chanserv will OP you, gearbrains
[10:40] <Jorune> just u?
[10:40] <cerial> hows u ?
[10:40] <Shaun__> me?

[10:40] <Shaun__> and you?
[10:41] * GearBrains sets mode: +o Opmmur
[10:42] <Opmmur> Thank You OP'ing me
[10:42] <GearBrains> you are most welcome prof
[10:42] <Shaun__> reading some logs
[10:43] <cerial> Opmmur .. did u recieve thos pages from alex yet ?
[10:44] <GearBrains> opmmur will be back shortly
[10:45] <cerial>

[10:48] <GearBrains> Jorune how do i identify to chanserv?
[10:49] <GearBrains> found it
[10:52] * GearBrains has quit IRC (Quit: testing logon)
[10:53] * GearBrains has joined #AlexanderTTonline
[10:54] * GearBrains has quit IRC (Quit: try again)
[10:54] * Locolicious has joined #AlexanderTTonline
[10:55] * GearBrains has joined #AlexanderTTonline
[10:55] * Locolicious has left #AlexanderTTonline
[10:55] <GearBrains> Jorune i need help
[10:57] <cerial> whats up GearBrains ?
[10:57] <cerial> i may be able to offer some help !
[10:59] <GearBrains> i sure get opped on arrival but i dont know how
[11:00] <GearBrains> to id to nickserv
[11:00] <cerial> ... do /nickserv identify password
[11:04] <GearBrains> sets mode +r ?
[11:05] <cerial> yep
[11:05] <GearBrains> now what?
[11:05] <cerial> rejoin now !
[11:05] * GearBrains has left #AlexanderTTonline
[11:05] * GearBrains has joined #AlexanderTTonline
[11:05] * ChanServ sets mode: +o GearBrains
[11:06] <GearBrains> thank you cerial
[11:06] <cerial> no probs mate

[11:07] <GearBrains> brb
[11:12] <Jorune> sry back
[11:12] <cerial> wb Jorune
[11:13] <Jorune> something weird on a DNS server
[11:13] <cerial> huh ?
[11:13] <Jorune> nothing just work
[11:13] <cerial> ah
[11:14] <cerial> bbiab
[11:14] * cerial has quit IRC (Quit: Peace and Protection 4.22)
[11:14] * Jovial_Ki has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[11:15] * Shaun__ has quit IRC (Quit: )
[11:23] <Jorune> how does lickserv work?
[11:28] <Jorune> alex is on the other cahn
[11:28] <Jorune> chan
[11:29] * LynneSny has joined #AlexanderTTonline
[11:35] * Guest85658 has joined #AlexanderTTonline
[11:36] <GearBrains> hi alex
[11:36] <Guest85658> interesting the moderators look very familier
[11:36] * Guest85658 laughs
[11:36] <GearBrains> couldnt register the other site
[11:36] * jondz has joined #alexanderTTonline
[11:37] <GearBrains> this is so it wont go down when no one is here
[11:37] * Guest85658 is now known as AlexanderTT
[11:37] * GearBrains sets mode: +o AlexanderTT
[11:37] <AlexanderTT> makes sense
[11:37] <LynneSny> Hi AlexanderTT
[11:37] * DWOMT has joined #AlexanderTTonline
[11:37] * MadIce sets mode: +b *!*@
[11:37] * DWOMT was kicked by MadIce (*!*@ is banned (Bye))
[11:37] <AlexanderTT> has there been any interesting posts on the forum?
[11:38] <AlexanderTT> why kick dwomt ?
[11:38] <GearBrains> madice?
[11:38] <GearBrains> must be in his bot program?
[11:38] <MadIce> Sorry
[11:38] <AlexanderTT> please un ban him
[11:38] * MadIce sets mode: -b *!*@
[11:38] <AlexanderTT> he is no harm to anyone here
[11:39] * DWOMT has joined #AlexanderTTonline
[11:39] * MadIce sets mode: +b *!*@
[11:39] * DWOMT was kicked by MadIce (*!*@ is banned (Bye))
[11:39] <Jorune> I asked him to come back
[11:39] <Jorune> haa haa haa
[11:39] <Jorune> ok
[11:39] <AlexanderTT> the only ones I have ever been scared of was those claiming to be government officials
[11:39] * MadIce has left #AlexanderTTonline
[11:40] * Jorune sets mode: -b *!*@
[11:40] * DWOMT has joined #AlexanderTTonline
[11:40] <AlexanderTT> so anything interesting on the forums?
[11:40] * MadIce has joined #AlexanderTTonline
[11:40] * ChanServ sets mode: +o MadIce
[11:40] <DWOMT> col thanks
[11:40] <Jorune> there we go
[11:41] <DWOMT> col=cool
[11:41] <GearBrains> havent read all the forum posts yet
[11:41] <DWOMT> is this the official room now?
[11:41] <MadIce> Sorry, DWOMT. You were still on my bloacklist. I have removed you.
[11:41] <Jorune> new channel all bans forgiven
[11:41] <DWOMT> thanks MadIce
[11:41] <MadIce> That's why I left the channel

[11:42] <LynneSny> Just sittin' back listening to Alex's wisdom
[11:42] <AlexanderTT> just make sure everyone knows where to come and ask me what they want to
[11:42] <DWOMT> i'll add this room to my favorites list..i gotta get to work before I am later..i'll catch you guys later this evening..take it easy
[11:42] <DWOMT> later=late
[11:42] <AlexanderTT> wisdom? no i have little of that
[11:42] <AlexanderTT> just memories
[11:42] <GearBrains> i have been trying to spread the word around about the new channel
[11:42] <LynneSny> You do give hope
[11:42] * DWOMT has quit IRC (Quit: )
[11:42] * Jorune sets mode: +s
[11:43] <AlexanderTT> i used a registration name and code stored in my GPS , I hope it lasts
[11:43] * Catman1 has joined #AlexanderTTonline
[11:43] * Jorune changes topic to 'AlexanderTT new Podium'
[11:43] <GearBrains> thanks Jorune you the best
[11:44] <Catman1> hello I see there's another room now!!
[11:44] <GearBrains> even registered with dalnet

[11:44] <Jorune> GearBrains had a snafu with the other room... it's being abandond
[11:44] <Catman1> ok I see
[11:44] * GearBrains hangs head in shame
[11:45] <MadIce> hehe
[11:47] <AlexanderTT> excuse me for a monet if I am silent just looking through the forum
[11:47] <MadIce> No worries. I was updating my blog

[11:50] * Catman1 has quit IRC (
[11:50] * Jorune changes topic to 'AlexanderTT's new Podium - #AlexanderTTSpeaks room defunct'
[11:50] * MadIce changes topic to 'AlexanderTT new Podium'
[11:50] <Jorune> haa haa haa
[11:50] <Jorune> madice has topic protection script
[11:50] <MadIce> Unlocked

[11:50] <Jorune> let me change with chanserv
[11:51] * MadIce changes topic to 'AlexanderTT's new Podium - #AlexanderTTSpeaks room defunct'
[11:51] <MadIce> Sorry
[11:51] <Jorune> np
[11:51] <Jorune> what commands can be used with lickserv?
[11:52] <MadIce> !help
[11:52] <LickServ> MadIce: Enter or /MSG !Spoken <nick>, !Echo, !Echo <#Sender>, !LickServ Help, !Admin Help, !Tease Help, !Quote Help, !Fact Help, !Murphy Help or !Info Help.
[11:52] <Jorune> k
[11:52] <MadIce> !spoke AlexanderTT
[11:52] <MadIce> !spoken AlexanderTT
[11:52] <LickServ> MadIce: AlexanderTT spoke 5 minutes and 31 seconds ago in #AlexanderTTonline: excuse me for a monet if I am silent just looking through the forum
[11:52] <Jorune> nice
[11:53] * catman1 has joined #AlexanderTTonline
[11:53] <MadIce> You can also message the bot
[11:53] <MadIce> If you like it then I clear the database.
[11:53] <catman1> lost the server had to get a different one
[11:53] <Edge25> why would you wanna do that? 'hey bot, how are you today?' haa haa haa
[11:53] <Jorune> I like it... perfect
[11:53] <MadIce> Currently this one is used on another server.
[11:54] <Jorune> did you write the bot, mad?
[11:54] <MadIce> Well, it is being used for skinners. So the info may need to be cleared. Just as the quotes.
[11:56] <MadIce> Same goes for the tease command. You may not like the language.

[11:59] <LynneSny> KPax sounds like an angry young man. Just read the logs from his chats.


Time Travel Professor
Jun 11, 2004
mIRC Feb. 18, 2004; Alexanders chat thanks to KPAX
Posted by: Professor Opmmur
Session Start: February 18, 20:21, 2004
Session Ident: #TimeTravellersInn

[12:00] <Edge25> i've never had a problem before with KPAX...Hitman's the one you wanna watch out for

[12:01] * algol_aida has joined #alexanderttonline
[12:02] * Jorune just read Opmmur's post at forum.
[12:03] <Edge25> which post's that Jorune??
[12:03] <Jorune> I don't have the entire log from #AlexanderTTSpeaks. I only had what KPAX sent and authorized to post.
[12:03] <Jorune>
[12:03] <Jorune> last post
[12:03] * Cyberbomb has joined #alexanderttonline
[12:04] <Cyberbomb> hi all +D
[12:04] <Cyberbomb> =D
[12:04] <GearBrains> jorune i will send the first 5.5 hrs if you want
[12:04] <GearBrains> on the now defunct channel
[12:04] <Jorune> GearBrains, ya send it. Opmmur posted the log to his site. It has manditory login to even read anything... so most ppl won't have access.
[12:04] <Edge25> so...opmmur thinks Alex is 95% sure Alex is real. care to summarise why you think that opmmur?
[12:05] <Cyberbomb> haa haa haa, kpax was 100% sure and baned him from his room =P
[12:05] <Edge25> yeah haa haa haa
[12:05] <Jorune> Cyberbomb, true
[12:05] <LynneSny> Has KPAX been banned from this room?
[12:05] <Jorune> that was less than a week ago
[12:05] <Jorune> LynneSny, no
[12:05] <Cyberbomb> if alex is a fake, he has some damn nice stamina =D
[12:06] <Jorune> no bans in this room currently
[12:06] <LynneSny> Is he a sysop in this room, jorune?
[12:06] <Jorune> LynneSny, no
[12:06] <LynneSny> Thanks.
[12:06] * cerial has joined #AlexanderTTonline
[12:06] <Cyberbomb> kpax is a great guy, but hes very..... touchy
[12:06] <cerial> evening folks

[12:06] <algol_aida> hello ceri
[12:07] <Cyberbomb> hey cerial =D
[12:07] <LynneSny> Hey cerial
[12:07] <cerial>

[12:07] <LynneSny> I see said the blind woman.
[12:07] <LynneSny>

[12:07] <Jorune> Let it be stated, that nobody is questioning KPAX's character. After all, it was his room.
[12:07] <cerial> indeed
[12:07] * Cyberbomb is now known as Cyberbomb`CS
[12:08] <Cyberbomb`CS> heh, time to play cs =D
[12:08] <cerial> heya there alex

[12:08] <cerial> -a !
[12:08] <LynneSny> I was not questioning KPAX's character, I just done want to see Alex banned again.
[12:08] <Jorune> LynneSny, I know.
[12:09] <LynneSny> I feer if we ban him again he might not come back.
[12:09] <LynneSny> feer = fear
[12:09] <algol_aida> feer is quite ok spelling
[12:09] <cerial> is alex away at the mo ?
[12:09] <Edge25> cerial - he's reading posts at
[12:09] <LynneSny> yes cerial
[12:09] <Jorune> cerial, yes he is reading/posting at the forum. Said he would return shortly
[12:09] <LynneSny> sorry milk n' cerial
[12:09] <cerial> coolio

[12:10] * cerial is now known as cornpop
[12:10] <Edge25> this post to be precise > (not that i'm stalking him or anything)

[12:10] <cornpop> ;P
[12:10] * evil-dna has joined #AlexanderTTonline
[12:10] <evil-dna> good
[12:10] * cornpop is now known as cerial
[12:10] <evil-dna> question i have for time-traveller
[12:10] <Edge25> evil-dna: Alex is away for a few minutes but will be back shortly
[12:11] <evil-dna> would you agree to tell me the lottery numbers in private and not tell anyone else? i live in france. we have something called "euromillion" each friday also together with spain and uk
[12:11] <Edge25> why would he know the lottery numbers?
[12:11] <evil-dna> or perhaps i could get the national lottery
[12:12] <cerial> evil-dna thats a silly question
[12:12] <LynneSny> 12 - 14 -32 -17 - 16

[12:12] <Edge25> could you tell me the lottery numbers from 30 years ago?
[12:12] <evil-dna> cuz he's from future! duh
[12:12] <Edge25> see above post
[12:12] <evil-dna> nope but i could look it up
[12:12] <evil-dna> dude
[12:12] <Edge25> he could've looked it up in his time but he didn't
[12:12] <evil-dna> ok
[12:12] <evil-dna> then he could go back then come back
[12:13] <evil-dna> did he look up anything?
[12:13] <Edge25> not as simple as that I'm afraid (otherwise we'd all be millionaires by now)

[12:13] <algol_aida> who wants to discuss the largest eV energy ever achieved through particle acceleration then
[12:13] <algol_aida> right up our alley
[12:13] <evil-dna> algol_aida: how much is it?
[12:13] <algol_aida> a lot.
[12:13] <algol_aida> it will however lead to the discovery of the microsingularities
[12:14] <algol_aida> when the LHC gets online in 2007 in CERN
[12:14] <evil-dna> who knows what it will lead to
[12:14] <evil-dna> yup
[12:14] <algol_aida> and they start colliding stuff
[12:14] <evil-dna> what energy will it have?
[12:14] <algol_aida> my rough guess is 1.45 atto-electron-volt
[12:14] <cerial> i'd agree with that

[12:14] <algol_aida> or 0.1 pico-eV
[12:15] * cerial nods like he knows what aida is talking bout
[12:15] <evil-dna> atto = ?
[12:15] <algol_aida> a prefix
[12:15] <algol_aida> look it up
[12:15] <evil-dna> i thought it was more like Gev or Tev
[12:15] <algol_aida> heh
[12:15] <evil-dna> ok
[12:15] <evil-dna> pico is 10^-12 i think
[12:16] <evil-dna> so that cant be correct
[12:16] <algol_aida> for some reason, i can't remember who defined the power of 10-series
[12:16] <algol_aida> could be SI
[12:18] <evil-dna> i thought the main goal of LHC was to look for higgs boson
[12:18] <algol_aida> it might be
[12:18] <algol_aida> it is not to look for microsingularities
[12:19] <algol_aida> one of our favourite time travellers mentioned those would be discovered by accident
[12:19] <algol_aida> together with much of modern discoveries
[12:20] * AlexanderTT is back
[12:20] <algol_aida> great
[12:21] <cerial> welcome back mate
[12:21] <AlexanderTT> who has read my conversation with that Nv guy yesterday?
[12:21] <cerial> yes
[12:21] <Edge25> i have
[12:21] <cerial> that made me laugh
[12:21] <Edge25> would did you think of it Alex?
[12:21] <algol_aida> on irc?
[12:21] <AlexanderTT> let me ask you a question
[12:22] <AlexanderTT> what is the square root?
[12:22] <AlexanderTT> apply that to technology
[12:22] <AlexanderTT> answer me now
[12:22] <AlexanderTT> im waiting
[12:22] <Edge25> square root of what?
[12:22] <AlexanderTT> excatly, this is how I felt yesterday
[12:22] <AlexanderTT> is questions were fragments
[12:22] <cerial> alex .. i'm on ur side with regard to nv
[12:22] <Edge25> did you send him scans of your manual Alex - cos that would shut him up fairly quickly
[12:23] <AlexanderTT> he would not address what knowledge I hade
[12:23] <cerial> he wounldn't listen
[12:23] <AlexanderTT> that will still be done
[12:23] <Edge25> when?
[12:23] <AlexanderTT> if you notice, the second half of the conversation I had him back against the wall, so he just started saying it was BS
[12:24] <cerial> i noticed that from the start
[12:24] <AlexanderTT> as soon as possible Edge25
[12:24] <cerial> he wouldn't give u a chance to answer
[12:24] <Edge25> what did you think of KPAX's attack on you the other day, Alex?
[12:24] <AlexanderTT> it seemed as though he was copy and pasting
[12:24] <catman1> It was a bash Alex night!!
[12:24] <Opmmur> Hi Alexander Good morning I posted all your mIRC logs from last night and after comment on the Time Travel Theory Forum
[12:24] <AlexanderTT> i think ther is some secret motivation behing KPAX right now
[12:25] <cerial> u think ?
[12:25] <AlexanderTT> thank you opmmur
[12:25] <Opmmur> I believe Alexander is the person he claims to be because; if you review the information posted by Alexander is not a scientist but soldier and he with head to head with a man that has 2 PhD's and 3 MBA's electronic and physics. Also I believe the scientist was trying to proof Alexander a fake and could not do the job!!
[12:25] * HardCash has joined #alexanderTTonline
[12:25] <AlexanderTT> i think it was an attempt to pressure me into saying something
[12:25] <HardCash> hi everyone
[12:25] <Edge25> thanks opmmur
[12:25] <HardCash> hello Alex
[12:25] <cerial> indeed alex
[12:25] <HardCash> finally we meet

[12:26] <AlexanderTT> hello hard cash
[12:26] <catman1> Get any sleep Alex?
[12:26] <evil-dna> where can i read those interviews?
[12:26] <HardCash> how you doin?
[12:26] <evil-dna> and evidence and stuff?
[12:26] <evil-dna> are you famous man?
[12:26] <evil-dna> like on tv... the guy from the future
[12:26] <AlexanderTT> I do hope you want to be confrontational, that was rather fun yesterday, yet insulting to me also
[12:27] * Payton123456 has joined #AlexanderTTonline
[12:27] <HardCash> Alright, how are we going to ask questions?
[12:27] <HardCash> take turns?
[12:27] <AlexanderTT> just ask away
[12:27] <HardCash> what are the advances in transportation?
[12:27] <Edge25> evil-dna: no and no
[12:28] <catman1> Are there still major airports???
[12:28] <AlexanderTT> we have high speed trains and yes of course airports, also teleprotation is now recieving SERIOUS attention
[12:28] <evil-dna> when did you come from and when did you arrive?
[12:29] <AlexanderTT> and cars are still around of course
[12:29] * cerial has quit IRC (Killed ( Collision))
[12:29] <LynneSny> How do you geta car if there is no money, Alex?
[12:29] * fatboy has joined #AlexanderTTonline
[12:29] <HardCash> evil. please refer to the forum..its is all under his thread
[12:29] <evil-dna> where?
[12:29] <Edge25> Account Active!
[12:29] <catman1> how long did cars have to stop being made during the conflict??


Time Travel Professor
Jun 11, 2004
mIRC Feb. 18, 2004; Alexanders chat thanks to KPAX
Posted by: Professor Opmmur
Session Start: February 18, 20:21, 2004
Session Ident: #TimeTravellersInn

[12:30] <AlexanderTT> LynneSny, why would it be hard to use a car everybody owns?
[12:30] <LynneSny> Oh, thanks.
[12:30] <AlexanderTT> i dont think they were catman1
[12:30] <HardCash> Alex, as far as video confrencing goes..had it been improved..or is it still lagged like it is today?
[12:30] * fatboy is now known as cerial
[12:30] <catman1> ok thats good
[12:30] <AlexanderTT> video confrencing?
[12:31] <HardCash> video conference
[12:31] <HardCash> such as web-cam
[12:31] <AlexanderTT> explain
[12:31] <catman1> If your on late again Ill catch you then...I work midnights!!
[12:31] <AlexanderTT> oh, being able to see the person you are talking to?
[12:31] <Cyberbomb`CS> webcam can sometimes be laggy, like one image 1 second and u move and the new image arrives 3 sec later
[12:31] <HardCash> instead of telecommunications, video communication..where two people can have aface to face conversation in "real-time"
[12:31] <MadIce> Just like IRC, but with voice and live video.
[12:32] <AlexanderTT> we have that now in real-time,so to speak but it is not widely used
[12:32] <HardCash> yep, thats what i mean
[12:32] <HardCash> really?
[12:32] <AlexanderTT> yes, our computers and internet far surpase yours in capability
[12:32] <HardCash> do you recall any of the brands of products that support video communication?
[12:32] <MadIce> It's standard here in MS messenger. All you need is a webcam.
[12:33] <AlexanderTT> yes HardCash, I do
[12:33] <AlexanderTT> looking to invest?
[12:33] <cerial> haa haa haa
[12:33] <evil-dna> ok give us the brands
[12:33] <cerial> money seeking freaks !
[12:33] <HardCash> haa haa haa, no...
[12:33] <cerial> ;P
[12:33] <Edge25> hey Alex, changing the subject >>>> what happens to Saddam Hussain?
[12:34] <HardCash> my uncle is in the process of producing a video communications products trough fiber optics
[12:34] <AlexanderTT> what do you think happens?
[12:34] <HardCash> and i wanted to see if you were familiar with the brand
[12:34] <cerial> an accident ?
[12:34] <Edge25> i think he'll be executed
[12:34] * JCER has joined #alexanderttonline
[12:34] <Edge25> found guilty by the Iraqi courts and executed
[12:34] <JCER> hello everyone
[12:34] <AlexanderTT> HardCash, that is not the future of fiber optics
[12:34] <Edge25> am i right or horribly wrong?
[12:34] <HardCash> eXOS?
[12:35] <AlexanderTT> are you so sure that such a "famous" person will be executed?
[12:35] <AlexanderTT> why kill him when you can reveil your trophy
[12:35] <HardCash> i believe the best punishment is for him to spend the rest of his life in solitary
[12:35] <Edge25> good point, but...whilst he's still alive is there not always a chance someone could be plotting to free him
[12:35] <cerial> becuase hes more a danger to the US alive than dead !
[12:36] <AlexanderTT> free him?
[12:36] <cerial> he can tell who armed him ..
[12:36] <LynneSny> I would think that Saddam will somehow die before he can be placed on trial.
[12:36] * MadIce sets mode: +vvvvvv algol_aida catman1 cerial Cyberbomb`CS Edge25 evil-dna
[12:36] * MadIce sets mode: +vvvvvv HardCash JCER jondz LickServ LynneSny Payton123456
[12:36] <AlexanderTT> very good point LynneSny
[12:36] <Edge25> if terrorists can fly 2 planes into New York buildings I'm sure they can organise a plan to try and free Saddam
[12:36] <AlexanderTT> did MadIce, have a heart attack or something?
[12:37] <cerial> alex .. how long does the nukelar war last btw ?
[12:37] <LynneSny> We are legal now, woo hoo
[12:37] <AlexanderTT> a few months
[12:37] <MadIce> You wish, Alex

[12:37] <cerial> john said 15 days
[12:37] <AlexanderTT> just wondering what +vvvvvvvvv is
[12:37] <evil-dna> btw your website is broken
[12:37] <Cyberbomb`CS> heh, voicing everyone
[12:38] <Edge25> a glitch in the matrix Alex???
[12:38] <AlexanderTT> 15 days between US and russia
[12:38] <AlexanderTT> you misread
[12:38] <Edge25> ahhhh, I see
[12:38] <cerial> ah
[12:38] <HardCash> Alex, what impact did the war have on the people of your generation? Was it for the better? Why?
[12:38] <cerial> i understand ...
[12:38] <cerial>

[12:38] <AlexanderTT> and ithink it was more like 14 days
[12:38] <AlexanderTT> or 13
[12:38] <AlexanderTT> something like that
[12:38] <cerial> cool beans

[12:39] <Edge25> are you interested in any kind of sport Alex?
[12:39] <AlexanderTT> HardCash, we celebrated for a very short time, and then realizing what we had done, we mourned for a very long time
[12:39] <HardCash> Alex, what did you take with you in your machine when you departed from your time?
[12:39] <HardCash> i see...
[12:39] <AlexanderTT> personal and required items
[12:40] <HardCash> what were the required items?
[12:40] <AlexanderTT> field pack weapon of my choice
[12:40] <AlexanderTT> manuel etc...
[12:40] <HardCash> newspaper?
[12:40] <HardCash> magazine?
[12:40] <AlexanderTT> haa haa haa
[12:40] <AlexanderTT> the most sought after "evidence"
[12:40] <cerial> hehe
[12:40] <HardCash> manual!!
[12:40] * H1t|M4n has joined #AlexanderTTonline
[12:40] <HardCash> manual of the machine?
[12:40] <cerial> heya H1t|M4n

[12:41] <LynneSny> Hi Hitman
[12:41] <H1t|M4n> Hey
[12:41] <H1t|M4n> Hello
[12:41] <HardCash> alex...what would you think of photocopying a page of your manual for us?
[12:41] <HardCash> of scanning a page for us to see
[12:41] <cerial> alex .. why was the 204 manual typed up rather than ran off a printer ?
[12:41] <AlexanderTT> H1t|M4n, did you bring your friend, I hoped to have another one sided conversation again
[12:41] <cerial> haa haa haa
[12:41] <LynneSny>

[12:42] * Siirihauva has joined #AlexanderTTonline
[12:42] <AlexanderTT> its quicker to make revisions that way cerial
[12:42] <cerial>

[12:42] <evil-dna> dude.. once you got back in time, where did you go..? where do you live now?
[12:42] <cerial> What is the speed of the average computer in the future?
[12:42] <cerial> do u know ?
[12:42] <HardCash> alex, what would you think of making a photocopy of or scanning a page of your manual for us all to see?
[12:42] <AlexanderTT> you stay with family usually
[12:42] <H1t|M4n> Hes not online that i know of AlexanderTT
[12:42] <Edge25> HardCash - he is going to do that
[12:42] <cerial> or rather .. how do u calculate the speed ?
[12:42] <H1t|M4n> but i'll be sure to tell him to come back over if you want to talk some more
[12:42] <AlexanderTT> cerial, it is in the millions of terra-hertz
[12:43] <evil-dna> wow
[12:43] <evil-dna> computers must be pretty small
[12:43] <HardCash> Edge, when did he say?
[12:43] <evil-dna> like atom sized?
[12:43] <Edge25> a.s.a.p i think
[12:43] <cerial> so u still work of the ammount of calculations they make ?
[12:43] <HardCash> haa haa haa
[12:43] <AlexanderTT> we dont calculate it like you do, but i am trying to relate terra-hertz to you as a way of understanding
[12:43] <MadIce> That's slow compared to a quantum computer, Alex.
[12:44] <evil-dna> given the speed of light, the computer your talking about cant be bigger than a virus
[12:44] <cerial> thats ok .. thats the answer i wanted !
[12:44] * Opmmur sets mode: +v H1t|M4n
[12:44] <evil-dna> or even smaller
[12:44] * Looking up Siirihauva user info...
[12:44] <cerial> Computers are no longer measured by their
[12:44] <cerial> speed as mush as the number of variables (not calculations) they can handle
[12:44] <cerial> per second.
[12:44] <cerial> from john !
[12:45] <HardCash> alex, does using temperature to slow the movement of light play a part in time travel?????
[12:45] <evil-dna> hm perhaps
[12:45] <AlexanderTT> wrong MadIce, you must also factor in the fact that our computers can make thousands of computations at the same time and thinks in trinary code
[12:45] <MadIce> Besides, clock speeds are the bottle neck for modern computers.
[12:45] <Edge25> cerial - sorry for being stupid, but does that confirm or disprove what Alex just said?
[12:45] <evil-dna> AlexanderTT: what's the point of trinary code?
[12:46] <AlexanderTT> to teach a computer maybe evil-dna
[12:46] <HardCash> i think this room needs some more orginization my friends
[12:46] <AlexanderTT> instead of just yes and no
[12:46] <Edge25> ah, i just read: it confirms, right? either Alex has memerised all of Titor's posts or his is real!
[12:46] * Siirihauva has quit IRC (Quit: Lähdössä)
[12:46] <cerial> this event that u've talked about ... the accident ... will it happen soon ?
[12:46] <MadIce> No real use. It sounds cute. In the hope fuzzy logic software runs faster. No real need to use fuzzy logic hardware to run AI software.
[12:47] <AlexanderTT> who said anything about I.M.
[12:47] <AlexanderTT> I was just talking about my GPS
[12:47] <evil-dna> what's so fuzzy about a ternary system?
[12:47] <AlexanderTT> capabilities
[12:47] <HardCash> Alex...what is the life expectency in your worldline?
[12:48] <AlexanderTT> the VGL makes calculations that I nor you can even begin to understand
[12:48] * Sanddog has joined #AlexanderTTonline
[12:48] <AlexanderTT> lower than yours HardCash
[12:48] <HardCash> bummer, haa haa haa
[12:48] <Edge25> what is the birth rate?
[12:48] <AlexanderTT> much much lower
[12:48] <AlexanderTT> child birth is ver difficult
[12:49] <HardCash> ???
[12:49] <Edge25> John Titor - I don't know the exact figures but having children is radically lower than
[12:49] <Edge25> it is now.
[12:49] <Sanddog> why is that
[12:49] <cerial> really ? radiation ?
[12:49] <MadIce> Clock speeds will slowdown computing. Even in Sun's modern SPARCs parts are running without a clock.
[12:49] <HardCash> you would think of the world war 3 baby boomers
[12:49] <HardCash> you know, after the war
[12:49] <HardCash> thats is surprising to me Alex
[12:50] <AlexanderTT> MadIce, our clock cycles measure thousands of variables not one claculation like yours do now
[12:50] <evil-dna> AlexTT came back to warn us about danger of WWIII?
[12:50] <Sanddog> alexander, have any more animals gone extinct in your time
[12:50] <HardCash> what is the size of a computer's hard drive?
[12:50] <MadIce> Ours don't either, Alex. Too bad you don't have a clue how CPU's work.
[12:50] <AlexanderTT> im sure there probably are Sanddog
[12:50] <evil-dna> MadIce: hehe good point
[12:51] <AlexanderTT> i never said I did MadIce
[12:51] <AlexanderTT> does this prove me a liar?
[12:51] <AlexanderTT> im waiting for your point
[12:51] <MadIce> In that case don't say something you are not sure of.
[12:51] <Sanddog> alex - what is your area of expertise
[12:51] <HardCash> Alex, please answer me...Will you send someone from this forum a copy of your manual and when???
[12:52] <cerial> when he leaves HardCash

[12:52] <AlexanderTT> yes HardCash
[12:52] <AlexanderTT> and much more
[12:52] <HardCash> thanks cerial
[12:52] <HardCash> but why when you leave?
[12:52] <AlexanderTT> why now?
[12:52] <AlexanderTT> what good would it do?
[12:52] <LynneSny> He does not wish to be dissected by the CIA
[12:52] <Edge25> woah woah woah - how about we try an implement some sort of rule where people take turns to ask q's?
[12:52] <HardCash> sorry if im acting hasty haa haa haa
[12:53] <cerial> haa haa haa Edge25
[12:53] <HardCash> why now? because, assuming you are a fake, we will have beleieved you for that much longer
[12:53] <HardCash> see my point?
[12:53] <Edge25> it's getting too hectic to read!
[12:53] * Opmmur sets mode: +v Sanddog
[12:53] <HardCash> so my question to you, Alex, is WHY NOT now?
[12:54] <AlexanderTT> HardCash, believing I am a fake or not does not matter right now
[12:54] <H1t|M4n> AlexanderTT i'm back for a sec
[12:54] <HardCash> i understand
[12:54] <AlexanderTT> you will believe it the way you wish
[12:54] <HardCash> but saving lives should matter to you
[12:54] <AlexanderTT> saving lives?
[12:55] <AlexanderTT> and how should I do that?
[12:55] <HardCash> and you aren't going to convert disbelievers into believers..just because you offer them your word
[12:55] <HardCash> yes, you can help prepare us and warn us
[12:55] <AlexanderTT> even after my information is posted there will be plenty who call it fake
[12:55] <Edge25> Alex, there has been a bit of controversy lately about cloning human embryos. what is the future of cloning?
[12:55] <H1t|M4n> you said before you're And i'm Qouting you here AlexanderTT: H1t|M4n, did you bring your friend, I hoped to have another one sided conversation again
[12:55] <AlexanderTT> who said I wanted to convert them?
[12:55] <Opmmur> HardCash I believe Alexander is the person he claims to be because; if you review the information posted by Alexander is not a scientist but soldier and he with head to head with a man that has 2 PhD's and 3 MBA's electronic and physics. Also I believe the scientist was trying to proof Alexander a fake and could not do the job!!
[12:56] <H1t|M4n> You seemed to have taken offense to some of the questions he was asking ?
[12:56] <AlexanderTT> H1t|M4n, he asked incomplete questions
[12:56] <H1t|M4n> You know why i asked him into the channel AlexanderTT
[12:56] <HardCash> opmmur, bring that across me again please
[12:56] <AlexanderTT> he pulled words out of a hat and expected me to fal into a trap
[12:57] <HardCash> a scientist was trying to prove him fake on what basis?
[12:57] <AlexanderTT> non HardCash
[12:57] <AlexanderTT> he would not address anything I wanted to address
[12:57] <HardCash> oh, duh
[12:57] <HardCash> nevermind, i see
[12:57] <AlexanderTT> just called it BS everytime I started talking
[12:57] <MadIce> He made one thing clear: The energy problem.
[12:58] <H1t|M4n> Well thats between you and him AlexanderTT,but i brought him into the channel because of his background .
[12:58] <AlexanderTT> no problem, as I pointed out
[12:58] <Edge25> Alex, there has been a bit of controversy lately about cloning human embryos. what is the future of cloning?
[12:58] <HardCash> Alex, please understand my position...I would like to believe you are real..but am naturally skeptical until I see proof
[12:58] * scififan28 has joined #AlexanderTTonline
[12:58] <AlexanderTT> so would you bring me in to a channel to ask questions of a doctor? or lawyer?
[12:58] <MadIce> No. You claimed to have a hydrogen cell with a virtual unlimited capacity.
[12:58] <HardCash> and upon seeing proof I will know the future events and will be able to warn my family and friends
[12:59] <AlexanderTT> no MadIce, I didnt
[12:59] <H1t|M4n> So you're saying you take offense to me asking him to come into the channel AlexanderTT
[12:59] <AlexanderTT> the organic battery provides the charge needed to start the C404
[12:59] <Sanddog> ok alexander... for the past few decades things have been invented that hardly anyone could have foreseen: The internet, the CD, the microwave oven, the ubiquity of computers... What devices are there in 40 years that we can't even begin to imagine in our time now?
[12:59] <AlexanderTT> no H1t|M4n, not at all , I take offense to how I was treated
[12:59] <MadIce> Of course you didn't. Even if it is black on white you will deny the amount of energy needed for the machine to operate.
[12:59] <HardCash> good question SandDog
[12:59] <H1t|M4n> i think you forgot that when I was over in the other channel i gave you every curtesty in the world,I treated you as a guest in the channel i even gave you ops .


Time Travel Professor
Jun 11, 2004
mIRC Feb. 18, 2004; Alexanders chat thanks to KPAX
Posted by: Professor Opmmur
Session Start: February 18, 20:21, 2004
Session Ident: #TimeTravellersInn

[13:00] <AlexanderTT> then why have you turned around so quickly H1t|M4n?
[13:00] <H1t|M4n> I brought him in because of his knowledge on physics
[13:00] <AlexanderTT> which I have little knowledge of
[13:00] * catman1 has left #AlexanderTTonline
[13:01] <H1t|M4n> AlexanderTT Let me get something straight with you
[13:01] <H1t|M4n> I have never been a believer,I will believe when i see what we might want to call hard facts .
[13:01] <AlexanderTT> C404 Sanddog, haa haa haa
[13:01] <Sanddog> ha besides that
[13:01] <AlexanderTT> then wait for your facts H1t|M4n
[13:01] <Edge25> Alex - i've just thought of an original question to ask (i think)...what was the latest joke being told just before you left your time?
[13:01] <H1t|M4n> I will wait in vein then ?
[13:02] <H1t|M4n> Is that what you're saying ?
[13:02] <HardCash> haa haa haa, wait in vein??
[13:02] <AlexanderTT> no
[13:02] <HardCash> what the..
[13:02] <LynneSny> Arn't we all waiting, not in vain tho?
[13:02] <AlexanderTT> I am saying you will have to wait for it, and no matter what you say it will not change my mind
[13:02] <Edge25> cheer Hitman up Alex and tell him a joke 2039 style
[13:02] <H1t|M4n> HardCash i'm glad you think its funny
[13:03] <HardCash> ok HITMAN, im glad your glad for me
[13:03] <HardCash> moving on...
[13:03] <AlexanderTT> haa haa haa
[13:03] <LynneSny> Alex, do you have access to any medications, in your time?
[13:03] <AlexanderTT> double negative sentence wasnt that HardCash
[13:04] <H1t|M4n> Let me say this AlexanderTT i'm not as gulible as everyone else who wants to believe everything you have to say,i have yet to be impressed
[13:04] <HardCash> hehe
[13:04] <AlexanderTT> i am on a dietary supplement
[13:04] <Edge25> seriously Alex, what is your favourite joke from your time?
[13:04] <HardCash> Alex.. will may 1st be of any importance to us?
[13:04] <LynneSny> Antibiotics, and such?
[13:04] <AlexanderTT> i do know some jokes
[13:04] * Opmmur sets mode: +v scififan28
[13:04] <AlexanderTT> and I have favorites
[13:04] <Edge25> can you type them here?
[13:04] <AlexanderTT> sure
[13:05] <AlexanderTT> heard about the boy going hunting?
[13:05] <HardCash> how irrelevant...
[13:05] <HardCash> haa haa haa..but interesting i guess
[13:05] <cerial> nope ..
[13:05] <Edge25>, what about the boy going hunting!?
[13:05] <AlexanderTT> a boy begged his father for a BB gun for christmas one year and after begging long enough his father said ok...
[13:05] <H1t|M4n> i'm done yall have a good day
[13:06] * H1t|M4n has left #AlexanderTTonline
[13:06] <cerial> night mate

[13:06] <AlexanderTT> christmas came and the boy loved his new BB gun and begged his father to take him hunting for deer
[13:06] <AlexanderTT> ..
[13:06] <cerial> ..
[13:06] <AlexanderTT> his father tried to explain that a BB gun could not kill a deer...
[13:06] <HardCash> ..
[13:06] <Edge25> there better be a good punch line

[13:07] <AlexanderTT> but after much aurgument he decided to take the boy anyway...
[13:07] * GearBrains has quit IRC (Quit: Behave yourselves-ok?)
[13:07] <Edge25> ........
[13:07] <AlexanderTT> he put the boy in a tree stand and told him to just wait and shoot a deer, and he would leave and for him to shout out to him if he had any problems...
[13:08] <AlexanderTT> so the father left...
[13:08] <AlexanderTT> after about an hour he heard his son shouting , I GOT ONE I KILLED A DEER
[13:08] <cerial> ..
[13:08] <AlexanderTT> his father returned, and to his suprise he saw a dead deer laying next to a smal stream of water..
[13:09] <AlexanderTT> he asked his son , "how did you kill that deer with that BB gun?"
[13:09] <AlexanderTT> his son said..
[13:10] * Guui has joined #AlexanderTTonline
[13:10] <AlexanderTT> well he bent over to take a drink of water and I shot him in the balls and he went *hu gasp*
[13:10] <AlexanderTT> choked on the water and died
[13:10] <HardCash> haa haa haa
[13:10] <cerial> da dum.............thiiiisssssh
[13:10] <LynneSny>

[13:10] <Edge25> haha
[13:10] <cerial> haa haa haa
[13:11] <Sanddog> can't say i've ever HERD that one :x
[13:11] <HardCash> not bad..not bad
[13:11] <AlexanderTT> its probably funnier in person
[13:11] <HardCash> alex
[13:11] <cerial> hehe
[13:11] <HardCash> new orleans
[13:11] <HardCash> nuclear weapons?
[13:11] <Edge25> some of you may have found that question irrelevant but i think it would be hard to just make up a joke no-one had heard of if Alex is faking
[13:11] <AlexanderTT> under water
[13:11] <HardCash> NO WAY
[13:11] <cerial> new orleans underwater ?
[13:11] <HardCash> are you serious?
[13:11] <AlexanderTT> yes
[13:11] <HardCash> natural causes?
[13:12] <AlexanderTT> no power failure, pumps stopped
[13:12] <HardCash> during the war I assume?
[13:12] <AlexanderTT> yes, a tactic by the government I might ad, and blamed on us
[13:12] <HardCash> doe sthat mean there is no longer a trade port located where new orleans is..ermm or was
[13:13] <HardCash> interesting..
[13:13] <Sanddog> alex... about that technology question?
[13:13] <AlexanderTT> no there is still ports but the new ..erm umm... new orleans is farthur northward
[13:13] <HardCash> Alex, if you are fake you are very creative and intelligent to have made all this up ;o)
[13:13] <HardCash> ahh, ok
[13:14] <Guui> Anyone that could provide with a buffer log and send to get me up to speed?
[13:14] <cerial> alex... the war in the UK/europe .. whats the kick off date ?
[13:14] <cerial> how long i got over here ?
[13:14] <HardCash> most commonly used weapon suring the war?
[13:14] <AlexanderTT> wont tell exact dates cerial , you know that
[13:14] <Sanddog> it's called new new orleans?
[13:14] <Edge25> can you give us a year Alex?
[13:14] <cerial> i know that mate. . i ment a rough year !
[13:15] <Edge25> where are you from cerial?
[13:15] <cerial> ireland
[13:15] <AlexanderTT> around 2008
[13:15] <cerial> and we don't get nuked !!!
[13:15] <cerial> woopwoop

[13:15] <Edge25> yeah...but you're Irish

[13:15] <Edge25> Newcastle, England for me
[13:15] <Sanddog> it's called new new orleans?
[13:15] <AlexanderTT> irish= good drinking buddy
[13:16] <AlexanderTT> haa haa haa
[13:16] <Edge25> does England get nuked Alex?
[13:16] <cerial> haa haa haa
[13:16] <HardCash> Sorry if I forget, but you were authorized to time travel by who Alex???
[13:16] <AlexanderTT> the chinese in england get nuked
[13:16] <Guui> Time travel.... this is rich.
[13:16] <Edge25> the chinese in London? or all over england?
[13:16] <AlexanderTT> the people of the America and Russia authorizes TT
[13:16] <Guui> So explain the basic fundamentals of time travel.
[13:17] <cerial> they invade the UK right ?
[13:17] <Edge25> WHAT!!!
[13:17] <Edge25> haa haa haa
[13:17] <Edge25> i thought we were safe
[13:17] <HardCash> Alex, can you give us a list of the rules you have to abide by when on a TT mission??
[13:17] <AlexanderTT> oh a new commer, please alow me to address Guui
[13:17] * Opmmur sets mode: +v Guui
[13:17] <Sanddog> ***********************it's called new new orleans?
[13:17] <AlexanderTT> on one rule HardCash
[13:18] <AlexanderTT> only one*
[13:18] <HardCash> what is it?
[13:18] <AlexanderTT> complete objectives using all means neccasary
[13:18] <Edge25> don't spill coke?
[13:18] <HardCash> what are your objectives?
[13:18] <AlexanderTT> Guui, you wish to question me?
[13:18] <HardCash> if you don't mind me asking, that is
[13:19] <Sanddog> am i on ignore or what
[13:19] <AlexanderTT> i have told of my objectives before HardCash
[13:19] <Edge25> no
[13:19] <AlexanderTT> no Sanddog, i was trying to make a joke
[13:19] <HardCash> oh...
[13:20] <HardCash> what is wrong with the people of this generation??
[13:20] <AlexanderTT> Guui? questions you wish to know? dont be afriad
[13:20] <Sanddog> what's the new port called
[13:20] <HardCash> in your opinion
[13:20] <Guui> Well I was provided with an url so I am checking it right now.
[13:20] <AlexanderTT> ok
[13:20] <AlexanderTT> be right back
[13:20] <cerial> brb too

[13:23] <HardCash> hey all...we need to think of some really good questions to ask
[13:24] <LynneSny> Hopefully non-confruntational questions.
[13:24] <Sanddog> he never answered mine...
[13:24] <Edge25> i thought my joke question was rather good

[13:24] <Sanddog> the joke one was good
[13:24] <cerial> indeed Edge25

[13:24] <HardCash> haa haa haa..joke wasnt bad either
[13:24] <Sanddog> ***ok alexander... for the past few decades things have been invented that hardly anyone could have foreseen: The internet, the CD, the microwave oven, the ubiquity of computers... What devices are there in 40 years that we can't even begin to imagine in our time now?
[13:24] <Edge25> is anyone here a member at if so, what email adresses aren't banned?
[13:24] <Sanddog> he never answered that one
[13:25] <HardCash> but i am more interested in his authenticity than his opinions
[13:25] <MadIce> I am a member. But I don't understand what you mean, Edge25
[13:26] <Sanddog> well if he's telling a joke from the future , none of us would have heard it
[13:26] <Edge25> i've been trying to register but it keeps saying: Sorry, you have attempted to register with an email address that has been banned. Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions.
[13:26] <AlexanderTT> back , sorry had to TS
[13:26] <Edge25> i've tried registering with yahoo, aol and hotmail accounts but no luck
[13:27] <Sanddog> hey alex can you answer the technology question
[13:27] <AlexanderTT> Sanddog, I will address your question
[13:27] <Edge25> i'm sure i heard somewhere that you had to have some obscure email adress to be able to register
[13:27] * Cyberbomb`CS is now known as Cyberbomb
[13:27] <AlexanderTT> take for instance, my GPS the battery is about the size of your wrist watch yet it will power it for at least the next ten years
[13:28] <AlexanderTT> this battery is made of organic material
[13:28] <AlexanderTT> that will be invented during the war
[13:28] <Cyberbomb> batterys that size can hold that much energy... how much battery life do laptops??
[13:29] <AlexanderTT> based on the nells in a nervous system, a bacteria now creates energy and can contain energy for us
[13:29] <AlexanderTT> no need for laptops
[13:29] <AlexanderTT> they are all about the size of your cell phone
[13:29] <Cyberbomb> plz don't tell me everything is a tablet pc in the future =P
[13:29] <Cyberbomb> ohhh


Time Travel Professor
Jun 11, 2004
mIRC Feb. 18, 2004; Alexanders chat thanks to KPAX
Posted by: Professor Opmmur
Session Start: February 18, 20:21, 2004
Session Ident: #TimeTravellersInn

[13:30] <cerial> ah right .. bio-cells !
[13:30] <AlexanderTT> also look forward to windows turning into a Graphical Commandline Interpretur
[13:30] <Guui> OK... Finished reading part of the time machine theory.
[13:30] <AlexanderTT> and then becoming compatible with all known formats
[13:30] <Cyberbomb> im sure all linux/unix users rejoice
[13:30] <cerial> haa haa haa
[13:31] <cerial> and Guui ?
[13:31] <AlexanderTT> no unix was almost a big disaster for the seconf time
[13:31] <Guui> Fact: mass can't share the same time and space. - Question: How should time travel be possible when you move into an area already filled with mass?
[13:31] <Cyberbomb> mass gets pushed away =P
[13:31] <cerial> everett theory explain this !
[13:31] <AlexanderTT> i answered that, it displaces the current mass
[13:31] <Guui> Mass in this case being "air".
[13:32] <cerial> and when alex leaves it returns to normal
[13:32] <HardCash> Alex, is there any advice you can give us of what to do during the war that JT hasn't already enlightened us on?
[13:32] <AlexanderTT> ever heard a firework go of
[13:32] <AlexanderTT> same sound when I arrive.,air is pushed aside almost instantaneously
[13:32] <AlexanderTT> boom
[13:32] <Sanddog> all those are improvements on things we already have... what is new and novel?
[13:33] <Cyberbomb> what happens to macintosh computers??
[13:33] <AlexanderTT> there is nothing new like t.v. or microwave, just better versions of stuff Sanddog, at least nothing new that is drastically changing our way of life
[13:33] <Sanddog> ah
[13:34] <Guui> OK... What about the M-theory, will it be proven? The M-theory would be like Einsteins E=MC² or Newtons gravity to their respective time.
[13:34] <AlexanderTT> they become compatible, ther is no such thing as a difference between mac and pc anymore
[13:34] <Sanddog> i guess in a way microwave ovens and cds are just improvements on things that were around 40 years ago
[13:34] <Cyberbomb> omg, mac crap comes to pc =O
[13:34] <AlexanderTT> Guui, m theory stil lexists and we currently have 6 strings
[13:34] <scififan28> nooooooooo mac os > windows
[13:34] <Guui> Uh.. 6 strings?
[13:34] <cerial> well of course scififan
[13:35] <Cyberbomb> dos > mac
[13:35] <Sanddog> huh
[13:35] <AlexanderTT> yes 6 deminsons in string theory
[13:35] <cerial> bill jus nicked it !
[13:35] <Guui> So it's down from 11 to just 6?
[13:35] <Cyberbomb> windows 1.0 beta > mac
[13:35] <MadIce> AlexanderTT: A string is not a dimension
[13:35] <AlexanderTT> but once again I am no expert in these matters
[13:35] <AlexanderTT> yes Guui, 6
[13:35] <Sanddog> :twang:
[13:35] <MadIce> AlexanderTT: There are at least 11 dimensions.
[13:36] <AlexanderTT> well 6 strings, like I said I really dont know these things
[13:36] <AlexanderTT> i did not make the C404
[13:36] <AlexanderTT> nor will I ever need to know these things
[13:36] <MadIce> If you don't know then don't talk about it.
[13:36] <Guui> Not if one of the dimensions are built like a brane to reflect the other... it would actually make sense. 5 basic dimensions and a 6th to reflect the others fooling us to think there are 11.
[13:36] <AlexanderTT> ok i'll just ignore you then everytime you want to know something outside my knowledge
[13:37] <cerial> hehe
[13:37] <Guui> It's like particles and sparticles. You can't see sparticles but they have to be there for it to balance out.
[13:37] <MadIce> It's interesting to see you fall in traps.
[13:37] * AlexanderTT is caught in a bear trap
[13:37] <AlexanderTT> ouch!
[13:38] <Cyberbomb> =P
[13:38] <cerial> alex.. whats the best way to "clean" radiated water ?
[13:38] <AlexanderTT> whos the hunter MadIce?
[13:38] <AlexanderTT> distill it , this is not boiling
[13:38] <cerial> methods ?
[13:38] <LynneSny> Can you tell us how to distill water, Alex?
[13:39] <AlexanderTT> you must evaporate it and catch the h2o only not the impurities
[13:39] <Cyberbomb> then wouldnt u boail it to evaporate it =P
[13:39] <Cyberbomb> boil*
[13:39] <AlexanderTT> that is the hard way , but yes
[13:39] <cerial> ah using a condenser
[13:40] <AlexanderTT> we need something quicker
[13:40] <Guui> But the atoms still have a higher energy level even if you do that. So they would still have radiation.
[13:40] <cerial> what did ye use ?
[13:40] <AlexanderTT> heated metal, red hot on the surface do not submerge it to make it boil
[13:40] <AlexanderTT> wrong Guui
[13:40] <Sanddog> no i believe water can only be radioactive if there is radioactive material in it
[13:41] <AlexanderTT> water does not contain radiation only the radioactive particles in it like dust
[13:41] <cerial> so pour water on the metal and catch the steam ?
[13:41] <AlexanderTT> no cerial
[13:42] <Guui> I'll leave it at that.
[13:42] <AlexanderTT> touch the red hot metal on the surface or skin of the water only do not submerge it
[13:42] <cerial> and how did u recondesnce the steam >
[13:42] <AlexanderTT> evaporate a gallon that way in minutes
[13:42] <Sanddog> that's the easy way???
[13:43] <Sanddog> how do you keep the metal red hot
[13:43] <cerial> use a electirc current ?
[13:43] <AlexanderTT> you need the water on top heated the most so it will not cool before it reaches the top
[13:43] <AlexanderTT> car batteries yes was one way
[13:43] <Guui> So, is it a bright and technologically advanced 2039 or a dusty, polluted world with civil wars (insert basic night mare future scenario here)?
[13:44] <cerial> but how did u catch the steam ?
[13:44] <HardCash> so are doe sthat mean bottled water is more expensive in your time?
[13:44] <AlexanderTT> Guui, we have vreated what you would call utopia, and I mis my home ver much
[13:44] <AlexanderTT> with a funnel looking thing cerial
[13:44] <AlexanderTT> with loops in it
[13:44] <cerial> cool

[13:45] <cerial>

[13:45] <Sanddog> have you been further in the future than 2039
[13:45] <AlexanderTT> no and I will not go
[13:45] <Sanddog> why not
[13:45] <AlexanderTT> i dont want to know how I die and others things of that nature
[13:46] <Sanddog> i would just want to see the technology
[13:46] <AlexanderTT> that information is better left alone
[13:46] <cerial> can u elaborate more on the "event" that is upcomming ?
[13:46] <AlexanderTT> yes the techology would be fascinating
[13:46] <AlexanderTT> there are more than one events verial
[13:46] <AlexanderTT> why is v next to c
[13:46] <Sanddog> if it were 2039... why not just send time travellers into the future to steal technology and make it advance 100 fold?
[13:46] <AlexanderTT> haa haa haa
[13:46] <cerial> hehe
[13:46] <HardCash> far away is an event upon which we can defin ethe rest?
[13:47] <cerial> there is still one before march 12th ?
[13:47] <AlexanderTT> what would be the point of that, Sanddog, and who says we would understand the technology anyway?
[13:47] <HardCash> an event that will give us a good idea of what's to come
[13:47] <HardCash> are we talking in a month?
[13:47] <HardCash> 2 months, a half year?
[13:47] <AlexanderTT> there is one before the election that you will all notice
[13:47] <cerial> the "accident" ??
[13:47] <Sanddog> hell , go to the future and find some blueprints for a starship, bring 'em back and build it
[13:48] <AlexanderTT> but the major event , i am waiting to see with my own eyes is after the election
[13:48] <HardCash> When is your departure Alex?
[13:48] <Sanddog> jan05 isnt it
[13:48] <AlexanderTT> once again Sanddog, who says we could build it?
[13:48] <cerial> hehe
[13:48] <cerial> like if we had plans to the 404 now ..
[13:48] <AlexanderTT> you could not make a C404 even with the "blue prints"
[13:49] <cerial> we could even make a start !
[13:49] <cerial> couldn;t !
[13:49] <Sanddog> true... true
[13:49] <HardCash> well, it was interesting but i must go
[13:49] <AlexanderTT> not without being able to create and control microsingularities
[13:49] <HardCash> see you later Alex..I hope to speak with you again
[13:49] <cerial> indeed
[13:49] <HardCash> bye everyone
[13:49] <Cyberbomb> heh, why dont u go into the future and bring a better model of a time machine back with u =P
[13:49] <AlexanderTT> energy is the obvious point brought up by MadIce, and his friend
[13:49] <Cyberbomb> l8r hard
[13:49] <cerial> cya HardCash

[13:50] <MadIce> Distillation will not remove radition.Streams and Rivers: Water from streams and rivers will be relatively free from fallout within several days after the last nuclear explosion because of dilution.
[13:50] <MadIce> If at all possible, filter such water before drinking to get rid of radioactive particles.
[13:50] * HardCash has quit IRC (Quit: )
[13:50] <MadIce> The best filtration method is to dig sediment holes or seepage basins along the side of a water source.
[13:50] <MadIce> The water will seep laterally into the hole through the intervening soil that acts as a filtering agent and removes the contaminated fallout particles that settled on the original body of water.
[13:50] <MadIce> This method can remove up to 99 percent of the radioactivity in water.
[13:50] <MadIce> You must cover the hole in some way in order to prevent further contamination.
[13:51] <AlexanderTT> nicely said MadIce, however I was never speaking of moving water
[13:51] <AlexanderTT> and this method would kill you in days
[13:51] <cerial> good to know that ..
[13:51] <cerial> maybe not !!
[13:51] <cerial> haa haa haa
[13:51] <AlexanderTT> but give it a try when the time comes, we did also and died
[13:51] <AlexanderTT> we tried charcoal powder to filter it
[13:52] <cerial> well i've got a nuke free counrty here it ya'all wanna come set up a farm with me !!!
[13:52] <scififan28> haa haa haa yes!!! can I bring my family over too haa haa haa
[13:52] <cerial> course
[13:52] <AlexanderTT> filtering is not an answer, it removes most but not all, and the little left over will add up in your body and literally melt you
[13:53] <MadIce> Standing Water: Water from lakes, pools, ponds, and other standing sources is likely to be heavily contaminated, though most of the heavier, long-lived radioactive isotopes will settle to the bottom.
[13:53] <MadIce> Use the settling technique to purify this water.
[13:53] <MadIce> First, fill a bucket or other deep container three-fourths full with contaminated water.
[13:53] <MadIce> Then take dirt from a depth of 10 or more centimeters below the ground surface and stir it into the water.
[13:53] <MadIce> Use about 2.5 centimeters of dirt for every 10 centimeters of water.
[13:53] <MadIce> Stir the water until you see most dirt particles suspended in the water. Let the mixture settle for at least 6 hours.
[13:53] <MadIce> The settling dirt particles will carry most of the suspended fallout particles to the bottom and cover them.
[13:53] <MadIce> You can then dip out the clear water. Purify this water using a filtration device.
[13:54] <AlexanderTT> ha
[13:54] <AlexanderTT> have you tried it?
[13:54] <AlexanderTT> i guess thats a no
[13:55] <AlexanderTT> how about who ever gave you that information, has he drank radioactive water?
[13:55] <AlexanderTT> i take that as a no as well
[13:55] <MadIce> What are the safest water resources, Alex?
[13:55] <AlexanderTT> remember we believed filtering woul work untill it didnt
[13:56] <AlexanderTT> water that would be contained within buildings outside a blast radiace
[13:56] <MadIce> That's it?
[13:56] <AlexanderTT> toilet, water heaters, etc...
[13:56] <AlexanderTT> safest water
[13:57] <AlexanderTT> also very deep ground water was quite safe
[13:57] <cerial> be back in about an hour folks

[13:57] <MadIce> Safest Water Sources:
[13:57] <MadIce> Water from springs, wells, or other underground sources that undergo natural filtration will be your safest source.
[13:57] <MadIce> Any water found in the pipes or containers of abandoned houses or stores will also be free from radioactive particles.
[13:57] <cerial> stay safe

[13:57] <MadIce> This water will be safe to drink, although you will have to take precautions against bacteria in the water.
[13:57] <MadIce> Snow taken from 15 or more centimeters below the surface during the fallout is also a safe source of water.
[13:58] <AlexanderTT> we didnt have snow in alabama
[13:58] * cerial has quit IRC (Quit: Peace and Protection 4.22)
[13:58] <AlexanderTT> never got to try that one
[13:58] <MadIce> What is missing here?
[13:58] <Guui> Yes/no question row: Laser guns/rifles? Advanced and intelligent AI (capable of learning trhough own experience)? Microsoft still exists? Linux? Organic or scilicone based computers? Holograms?
[13:58] <Cyberbomb> umm madice, every single snow flake is fromed around a single particle of dust... how could getting snow from deeper within be safe from fallout
[13:59] <AlexanderTT> no yes sortof yes yes yes
[13:59] <Guui> hehe, just yes or no will be enough to those. Just moderatly curious.
[13:59] <MadIce> 1 point
[13:59] <MadIce> There is something else
[13:59] <AlexanderTT> something else what? safe water? of techique?


Time Travel Professor
Jun 11, 2004
mIRC Feb. 18, 2004; Alexanders chat thanks to KPAX
Posted by: Professor Opmmur
Session Start: February 18, 20:21, 2004
Session Ident: #TimeTravellersInn

[14:00] <MadIce> In all these techniques is an addition step.
[14:00] <AlexanderTT> that was 23 years ago to me by the way
[14:00] <MadIce> additional
[14:01] <AlexanderTT> take cover from rain?
[14:01] <AlexanderTT> im lost MadIce
[14:01] <MadIce> Thanks for answering, Alex.
[14:01] <Guui> So what is one of the most revolutionizing things that we will see up to 2039?
[14:01] <AlexanderTT> was that what you were looking for?
[14:01] <AlexanderTT> worldline travel
[14:02] <MadIce> No. You are the expert. So, maybe you forgot.
[14:02] <Guui> haa haa haa.. ok well that would be time travel. But next to that.

[14:02] <AlexanderTT> i am no expert
[14:02] <AlexanderTT> never said I was
[14:02] <AlexanderTT> mobile internet
[14:02] <AlexanderTT> wireless power
[14:02] <MadIce> I would be if I had to deal with radioactivity.
[14:03] <Guui> wireless power? Like I can watch TV up in the mountains without bringing a battery and a very long power cord?
[14:03] <AlexanderTT> not as much as you think, you have others getting water for you
[14:03] <AlexanderTT> like, you can power your house without power lines
[14:03] <MadIce> You are in the army. So, I figured you would know.
[14:03] <AlexanderTT> army?
[14:04] <AlexanderTT> never said that
[14:04] <Edge25> who is the current King or Queen of England, Alex?
[14:04] <MadIce> You are not a soldier?
[14:04] <AlexanderTT> the monarchy is gone
[14:04] <Edge25> when did it go?
[14:04] <Guui> We already have mobile internet tho. I surf the web constantly with my palm pilot and cell phone.
[14:04] <MadIce> Your rank was?
[14:04] <AlexanderTT> yes I am a soldier of the people
[14:04] <AlexanderTT> no Guui, mobile hubs
[14:04] * algol_aida has left #alexanderttonline
[14:05] <Edge25> when and why did the monarchy 'go'?
[14:05] * algol_aida has joined #alexanderttonline
[14:05] <Cyberbomb> probably died =P
[14:05] <AlexanderTT> dont know excatly Edge25
[14:05] <MadIce> Did you tell you were a Major?
[14:05] <AlexanderTT> i really must be going now someone is waiting patiently to meet me today
[14:05] <MadIce> Didn't
[14:05] <AlexanderTT> i am a major right now
[14:05] <Guui> Oh yeah, the moarchy has to go. They should be in the museum, right next to the dinosaurs.
[14:06] <AlexanderTT> and yes I know it is an army rank
[14:06] <MadIce> But not in the army
[14:06] <Guui> monarchy*
[14:06] <AlexanderTT> old words and habits die hard MadIce
[14:06] <MadIce> TM machines are not in the military's hands?
[14:06] <AlexanderTT> no not in the way you are thinking
[14:06] <MadIce> Time meachines
[14:07] <MadIce> Oh
[14:07] <AlexanderTT> and our military is empowered by the people is unlike a military you have ever seen or heard of
[14:07] <MadIce> IC
[14:07] <AlexanderTT> i must go now
[14:07] <AlexanderTT> sorry to leave so soon
[14:07] <MadIce> Bye
[14:07] <Guui> But you got all the time in the world.

[14:07] <AlexanderTT> i look forward to your continuing cureousity MadIce
[14:07] <Edge25> bye Alex
[14:08] <AlexanderTT> i spell very bad, haa haa haa
[14:08] * H1t|M4n has joined #AlexanderTTonline
[14:08] <AlexanderTT> good bye everyone
[14:08] <Jorune> good bye
[14:08] * Opmmur sets mode: +v Guui
[14:08] <Guui> You could just go on typing and in the future go back in time to be on time for the meeting.
[14:08] <Edge25> see you later
[14:08] * Opmmur sets mode: +v H1t|M4n
[14:08] * Opmmur sets mode: +v algol_aida
[14:08] <AlexanderTT> dosnt work that way Guui, thats sci fi
[14:08] * AlexanderTT has quit IRC (Quit: )
[14:08] <Guui> I was making a joke.

[14:09] <Edge25> well...what did you all make of that latest installment?
[14:09] * Guui throws a trout after Alex.

[14:09] <Guui> hehe
[14:09] <H1t|M4n> haa haa haa
[14:09] <Cyberbomb> haa haa haa
[14:09] <Edge25> the joke was quite convincing I have to say, I've never heard that one before
[14:09] <H1t|M4n> That was actualy funny
[14:10] <MadIce> Distillation

[14:10] <Guui> Well the 6 dimensions in the string theory sure puts light on what I've been speculating on for the past 2 years.
[14:10] <MadIce> He mixed up strings with dimensions
[14:11] <Opmmur> I will post this Log on the Time Travel Theory Forum in about 10 minutes. Everyone is welcome to read the infomation
[14:11] <Edge25> i'm going to bed
[14:12] <Edge25> see you all later
[14:12] * Edge25 has quit IRC (Quit: )
[14:12] * jondz has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[14:12] <Guui> I would have wanted to know more about the characteristics of the 5th dimension.