Part #14 mIRC; Alexanders chat logs for Feb. 22, 2004: Alexander was a friend of John Titor


Time Travel Professor
Part #14 mIRC; Alexanders chat logs for Feb. 22, 2004: Alexander was a friend of John Titor

mIRC Feb. 22, 2004; Alexanders chat thanks to KPAX
Posted by: Professor Opmmur
Session Start: February 22, 07:20, 2004
Session Ident: #TimeTravellersInn

[07:20] * Guest85658 has joined #AlexanderTTonline
[07:21] <Cyberbomb> bin laden is "surrounded" and is being tracked by satalight
[07:21] <Cyberbomb> hello guest
[07:21] <mrmagic526> oh whatever.
[07:21] <mrmagic526> he's already in custodyh
[07:21] <mrmagic526> that's such bs]
[07:21] <Cyberbomb> yeah, he will probably get away again
[07:21] <Cyberbomb> its must be fustrating for u alex, your nick always comes up as guest
[07:22] <Guest85658> get away? again?
[07:22] <Cyberbomb> ;P
[07:22] <mrmagic526> bs. he's in custody and will be shown just in time for the Elections
[07:22] * Guest85658 is now known as AlexanderTT
[07:22] <AlexanderTT> crap got caught again

[07:22] <catman1> Hey Alex
[07:22] <mrmagic526> either that or he's dead from Kidney failure and we'll pull him out of a freezer just in time for the election
[07:22] <mrmagic526> hi alex
[07:22] <Cyberbomb> haa haa haa
[07:22] <AlexanderTT> nice theory mrmagic526
[07:23] <AlexanderTT> i wouldnt call him in custody
[07:23] <Cyberbomb> this is what we were talking bout alex
[07:23] <AlexanderTT> wrong term
[07:23] <catman1> Right before the election "Hey we got Osama...hooray for GWB!!!!
[07:23] <mrmagic526> He needs kidney dialysis (spelled that wrong). In caves he can't get that. He's working with the Bush's so I know what you are saying
[07:24] <mrmagic526> so it's not in custody but he's in partnership
[07:24] * SnowFireWatches sets mode: +v AlexanderTT
[07:24] <AlexanderTT> are you sure the link works, it wont open
[07:24] <SnowFireWatches> good morning alex
[07:24] <f0reigner> hey all
[07:24] <mrmagic526> didn't open for me either
[07:24] <catman1> link wont opne her also
[07:24] <catman1> here
[07:24] <Cyberbomb> ...
[07:24] <Cyberbomb> wtf, the site just went down
[07:24] * MadIce sets mode: -v AlexanderTT
[07:24] * MadIce sets mode: +o AlexanderTT
[07:24] <AlexanderTT> way to go Cyberbomb. haa haa haa
[07:25] <Cyberbomb> really...
[07:25] <AlexanderTT> you got a website shut down . haa haa haa
[07:25] <Cyberbomb> haa haa haa
[07:25] <mrmagic526> so alex you with me then on the fact that the bush's and bin laden family are really way to tight as friends?
[07:25] <catman1> noe you did it
[07:25] <MadIce> Morning Alex
[07:25] <AlexanderTT> well not real tight, but co-operative with each other
[07:25] <Cyberbomb> hey alex, have u read the forums, kpax seems to think your phoenix now ;P
[07:26] <catman1> HMMMMM
[07:26] <SnowFireWatches> I think herescinded that remark
[07:26] <AlexanderTT> and lets just say, osama was pissed at the bush family for awhile, witvh was part of a plan
[07:26] <mrmagic526> true. I mean Daddy Bush was haveing breakfast with Bin Laden's Brother in Washinton DC the morning of 9/11
[07:26] <AlexanderTT> im pheonix?
[07:26] <AlexanderTT> i'll take that as a compliment
[07:26] <catman1> maybe Flagstaff
[07:26] <SnowFireWatches> haa haa haa - of course you are not
[07:27] <SnowFireWatches> oops - well then dont take what i said as a slam :)
[07:27] <Cyberbomb> here u go alex
[07:27] <mrmagic526> Then all the bin laden's and Saudi royalty got private flights out of the country courtesy of the government during the no fly time after 9/11
[07:27] <Jorune> Feb 20th Logs Now available -
[07:28] <catman1> Anything new Alex?? Divergence still a problem??
[07:30] <Cyberbomb> feel free to express your confusion bout kpax alex =D
[07:30] <AlexanderTT> ummm, wheres it say that?
[07:30] <AlexanderTT> the pheonix is me part
[07:30] <Cyberbomb> may I pm u alex?
[07:31] * GearBrains has joined #AlexanderTTonline
[07:31] <Cyberbomb> hey gear =D
[07:31] <GearBrains> hey cycber
[07:31] * MadIce sets mode: +o GearBrains
[07:31] <Cyberbomb> haa haa haa, im not a cucumber ;P
[07:32] <f0reigner> hey alex i got a question for you today -> what is the speed of c (light speed) in your time and how did it evolved ?
[07:32] <mrmagic526> I am a meat popsicle (know what movie that's from?)
[07:32] * GearBrains is still hungover-sorry
[07:32] <Cyberbomb> haa haa haa
[07:32] <SnowFireWatches> poor GB
[07:33] <Jorune> hungover on what, gear?
[07:33] <GearBrains> wine!
[07:33] <AlexanderTT> ok I saw it
[07:33] <Cyberbomb> k =D
[07:33] <AlexanderTT> im laughing right now though
[07:33] <AlexanderTT> KPAX is really funny lately
[07:34] <Cyberbomb> I think we are all laughing at kpax ;P
[07:34] <AlexanderTT> f0reigner, C as you know it is a constant, however we learned that the speed of light varies due to how strong of gravity it is moving through
[07:34] <MadIce> Whatever thoughts we have about KPAX is cool, but he is not here to defend himself.
[07:35] <Cyberbomb> true =D
[07:35] <AlexanderTT> i dont know why pheonix is receiving hostilities
[07:35] <SnowFireWatches> it is a sad state of affairs
[07:35] <SnowFireWatches> hopefully it will resolve
[07:36] <AlexanderTT> you could not get much out of me by badgering me, so you turned onto pheonix? where is the logic in that
[07:36] <AlexanderTT> no offense to those not involved
[07:36] * ZiggyStarchild has joined #AlexanderTTonline
[07:36] <SnowFireWatches> debunking the moderator of the forum is the new passtime - sadly
[07:36] <Cyberbomb> hey ziggy =D
[07:37] <catman1> Im an old hippie I not allowed to fight!!!
[07:37] <ZiggyStarchild> hello!
[07:37] * SnowFireWatches sets mode: +v Jorune
[07:37] <AlexanderTT> I just remembered I need to take care of something real quick , I will return in about 20 minutes
[07:37] <SnowFireWatches> hi zig
[07:37] * AlexanderTT has quit IRC (Quit: )


Time Travel Professor
mIRC Feb. 22, 2004; Alexanders chat thanks to KPAX
Posted by: Professor Opmmur
Session Start: February 22, 07:20, 2004
Session Ident: #TimeTravellersInn

[07:55] * Guest85658 has joined #AlexanderTTonline
[07:55] * Guest85658 is now known as WarmMuffins
[07:55] <f0reigner> haa haa haa
[07:55] <f0reigner> alex muffins where u're somethin real quick ?
[07:55] * WarmMuffins is eating Wamr Muffins
[07:56] <f0reigner> obviously

[07:56] * WarmMuffins is now known as AlexanderTT
[07:56] <AlexanderTT> even I got a sense of humor

[07:56] <AlexanderTT> so anything interesting while I was gone?
[07:57] <Edge25> not really
[07:57] <AlexanderTT> and does anyone have any theories about the post I made that I wanted removed?
[07:57] <Edge25> which post?
[07:57] * Jorune sets mode: +o AlexanderTT
[07:57] <SnowFireWatches> that is exctly what everyone else says when they come in the room alex
[07:57] <AlexanderTT> really?
[07:57] <Cyberbomb> the log edge
[07:58] <AlexanderTT> I thought someone would have figured it out by now, but I guess not, thats a load off of my mind too
[07:58] <SnowFireWatches> the one where you gave a big clue to TT?
[07:58] <AlexanderTT> no, a big clue to making microsingularities
[07:58] <catman1> If someone would have figured it out..then what???
[07:59] <AlexanderTT> in fact one more sentence and I would have given it away
[07:59] <SnowFireWatches> yes ok
[07:59] <AlexanderTT> my divergence would have probably increased significantly
[07:59] <catman1> We would call CERN and telll them!!
[07:59] <Edge25> i still don't have a clue what you're talking about. anyone got a link?
[07:59] <SnowFireWatches> its in one of the logs
[07:59] <AlexanderTT> i hope theres no link
[08:00] <SnowFireWatches> it is there alex
[08:00] <Edge25> the log Jorune just posted?
[08:00] <SnowFireWatches> not sure and i am not going to go do a search while alex is here
[08:00] <Edge25> ok
[08:01] <SnowFireWatches> what exctly would happen if our time figure out TT before yourtime?
[08:01] <AlexanderTT> well you wouldnt be able to TT, your computers cant handle the calculations, but you could end up destroying yourselves or at best making Kerr blackholes succsessfully
[08:01] <Edge25> I'm surprised you're still keeping this up Alex, what with Titor being practically debunked and all...
[08:02] <SnowFireWatches> edge searchthe logs for "volume"
[08:02] <AlexanderTT> explain Edge25
[08:02] * GearBrains is now known as GearBrainsAway
[08:02] <Edge25>;t=001081;p=8
[08:02] <Edge25> ok, Snow. will do
[08:03] <SnowFireWatches> or "delete"
[08:03] <SnowFireWatches> it is around that area
[08:04] <mrmagic526> Debunked depends on you're point of view. People seem to have a hard time believing that technology can change. Several try to base everything off current tech. However 36 years ago my cell phone would have blown people away.
[08:04] <SnowFireWatches> A;ex you mentioned before that S Hawkings changes his mind about time travel - when does he do that?
[08:04] <mrmagic526> Knowledge and what we accept as truth continues to change
[08:05] <mrmagic526> Remember once the Earth was flat. If you said otherwise you were thought of as insane
[08:05] <Edge25> yeah but mrmagic - people seem to have tracked down the person(s) behind the Titor story
[08:05] <AlexanderTT> ok Edge25, first of all what are they talking about there, and second, I thought the JT foundation was found out as a fraud
[08:05] <Jorune> 2/22 Logs now available -
[08:06] * GearBrainsAway is now known as GearBrains
[08:06] <Edge25> Alex - Rick Donaldson seems to have tracked down the person(s) behind the Titor story
[08:06] <SnowFireWatches> It is a thread that everyone who wants to prove youout as a fake are clinging to alex, so far it is not quite successful
[08:06] <SnowFireWatches> the theory is if JT falls you do too
[08:07] <Edge25> if JT is debunked that automatically means Alex is too - you cannot debate that
[08:07] <MadIce> It's not a theory, because Alex said JT is part of his past.
[08:07] <mrmagic526> it doesn't seem to prove anything
[08:07] <SnowFireWatches> so far the have maybe proven that jtfoundation, jt fan and the book and the audio are connected
[08:08] <Edge25> they also say that they have tracked down 'Titor'
[08:08] <mrmagic526> well that doesn't surprise me. Someone decided to make money off of the JT story. So what this is america. No one copyrighted the story just the evidence
[08:08] <catman1> (AlexanderTT): yes, thanatos1, but can you remove volume and keep mass
[08:08] <mrmagic526> Well let them prove that
[08:08] <SnowFireWatches> yes let them now can we move on?
[08:09] <Edge25> ok
[08:09] <mrmagic526> They may say they've tracked Titor down but let's see that proof as well
[08:09] <catman1> (AlexanderTT): the stronger the gravity curvature, the stronger the curvature of time, a clock would slow down appraoching a black hole
[08:09] <Edge25> agreed - i think proof will soon be made available
[08:09] <Edge25> and then Alex will be forced into admitting he's a hoax
[08:09] <SnowFireWatches> ty edge25
[08:09] <mrmagic526> Well just like the courts are supposed to be. Innocent until Proven guilty (supposed to be like that)
[08:10] <catman1> I think I posted what Alex is talking about!!
[08:10] <SnowFireWatches> yes catman you did
[08:10] <catman1> ok
[08:10] <SnowFireWatches> edge those are the comments alex was referring to above
[08:10] <Edge25> yes, i've read them in the logs - interesting
[08:10] <Cyberbomb> don't we all just love "bash alex" coversations ;P
[08:11] <catman1> Im not bashing him..just pointing out his statement
[08:11] <Edge25> Alex - UK is set to emply 1000 more M15 spies. Is this relevant at all in the upcoming conflicts?
[08:11] <AlexanderTT> so let me get this straight, if they were to track down a greedy person who was behind making money off of John, then they would call him John and say case closed?
[08:12] <mrmagic526> well I say proof would be the find of his time machine and other things. Not circumstantial evidence
[08:12] <ZiggyStarchild> Yeah people make money off of other people all the time. It proves nothing.
[08:12] <MadIce> It's not as simple as that. The JT Foundation will not be the proof, Alex.
[08:12] <AlexanderTT> especially since, John cannot defend himself
[08:12] <mrmagic526> exaclty that's america
[08:12] <Edge25> maybe, but i think they have private info. of the John who posted in 2000 - if that matcheds with the person they're tracking down - I'd say they'd have a lot of evidence to suggest he is JT
[08:12] <AlexanderTT> he is open to be taken advantage fo like that
[08:13] <SnowFireWatches> most of us want muchmore than they are providing alex -
[08:13] <Edge25> Alex - UK is set to emply 1000 more M15 spies. Is this relevant at all in the upcoming conflicts?
[08:13] <AlexanderTT> well, there will be no strong evidence to prove that a certain person was John
[08:13] <AlexanderTT> that is impossible
[08:13] <SnowFireWatches> Your assessment of the thread so far is correct
[08:13] <SnowFireWatches> they only expose a money making scheme so far
[08:13] <MadIce> Think about this: If he is a hoax then you and him have taken advantage of your fans.
[08:13] <AlexanderTT> not that I am aware of Edge25, but then again I dont know what you mean by relevant
[08:13] <Edge25> ok, lets not talk about that thread for now - i'm sure things'll start to pick up soon though
[08:14] <mrmagic526> the only thing I see would prove it is to find the time machine in the photo's sitting in his garage.
[08:14] <Edge25> exactly mrmagic - they think they know the location of the 'time machine'
[08:14] <AlexanderTT> haa haa haa, in his garage
[08:14] * AlexanderTT wonders if someone is outside right now taking pictures of his
[08:15] <AlexanderTT> haa haa haa
[08:15] <ZiggyStarchild> Yes mrmagic i agree. But if he's got any brains he would have dismantled it by now. If he's a hoax i mean.
[08:15] <AlexanderTT> i think someone will try to duplicate it , visually, then post pictures and claim they found it
[08:15] <mrmagic526> true
[08:15] <Edge25> Alex - do you think KPAX has really reported you to the feds?
[08:15] <AlexanderTT> when did he say he reported me to the feds?
[08:16] <mrmagic526> but circumstantial evidence I won't accept for me to believe it, it would have to be able to pass in a court of law. (real court not some of what we have now)
[08:16] <AlexanderTT> show url
[08:16] <Edge25> 2 days ago i think
[08:16] <SnowFireWatches> the day he interogated you
[08:16] <Edge25> i don't think he was serious
[08:16] <Edge25> but i cannot be sure
[08:16] <AlexanderTT> url
[08:16] <SnowFireWatches> i have a copy of his supposed letter to them
[08:16] <AlexanderTT> url
[08:16] <Cyberbomb> yeah, kpax claims he reported u, sumone find teh logs
[08:16] <MadIce> Alex didn't give ANY evidence. So I can safely assume Alex is a hoax until proven otherwise.
[08:17] <AlexanderTT> I hope you assume that MadIce, especially with feds now possible involved
[08:17] <ZiggyStarchild>
[08:17] <AlexanderTT> i hope they assume that too
[08:17] <MadIce> They should be involved.
[08:17] <Edge25> at 13:32 Alex
[08:17] <AlexanderTT> ok he's lying
[08:18] <ZiggyStarchild> what makes you so sure?
[08:18] <AlexanderTT> trust me
[08:18] <AlexanderTT> he says I have two ip address's
[08:18] <AlexanderTT> he's wrong
[08:18] <Edge25> you do, and one of them is in Fort Lauderdale
[08:18] <ZiggyStarchild> You can have more than one IP. I do to
[08:18] <Cyberbomb> (KPAX): i ahve sent the 2 ISP addresses to the feds
[08:18] <AlexanderTT> howcome, everytime someone says they trace my ip, its in a different spot?
[08:19] <Cyberbomb>
[08:19] <SnowFireWatches> haa haa haa good question - its because they arent as slick as they think they are
[08:19] <Edge25> i know that he had 2 IP adresses of you Alex, one was Fort Lauderdale and the other was Alabama i think
[08:19] <AlexanderTT> now I would actually be worried if someone actually said, "I traced it to Alabama"
[08:19] <Cyberbomb> your CS friend might hav made it so that u bounce your connections while connecting to the internet
[08:19] <ZiggyStarchild> You can use a proxy and it'll show your 1/2 way on the other side of earth
[08:20] <AlexanderTT> no he said he tracked me down in Georgia
[08:20] <AlexanderTT> wow, maybe he did
[08:20] <AlexanderTT> that would be neat
[08:20] <MadIce> It's not worth to really track you down yet. If JT goes then you go.
[08:20] <Edge25> yeah that's the one - Georgia not Alabama
[08:20] <ZiggyStarchild> Georgia is one hour dif than Alabama right?
[08:20] <AlexanderTT> and if he is proven right? and I am proven right? would you show up at my doorstep MadIce????
[08:21] <SnowFireWatches> Since we all agree that if JT falls Alex falls can we get to some questions that may have a bearing on our future?
[08:21] <AlexanderTT> my question first please
[08:21] <SnowFireWatches> which was? sorry alex?
[08:21] <AlexanderTT> and if he is proven right? and I am proven right? would you show up at my doorstep MadIce????
[08:22] <AlexanderTT> or anyone not just madice
[08:22] <Edge25> if who is proven right?
[08:22] <AlexanderTT> JT and me
[08:22] <AlexanderTT> would it then be worthy of your time to find me?
[08:22] <Edge25> no
[08:23] <Edge25> i would prepare for the future
[08:23] <SnowFireWatches> I would feel sad that we didn;t try to learn more about possible future events and how to change them while you were her. Becasue surelyif you are real and still here, they will get you if they can.
[08:23] <f0reigner> sry u're doorstep is just too far from mine ..
[08:23] <SnowFireWatches> I would not go to your - chatting would be fine.
[08:23] <Edge25> i wouldn't waste my time trecking all over Alabama
[08:23] <SnowFireWatches> to your door
[08:23] <f0reigner> exactly
[08:23] <AlexanderTT> thats a releif
[08:23] <ZiggyStarchild> No way I'm stayin in TX
[08:23] <f0reigner> showin up is just a waste of time
[08:23] <Edge25> i still don't understand why you cannot show us scans of your manual and photos of your time machine Alex - just like Titor did.
[08:23] <AlexanderTT> thats the only scenario I worry about
[08:24] <AlexanderTT> who says I havent?
[08:24] <Edge25> you have photos of your time machine?
[08:24] <AlexanderTT> i have photos of several C404's not mine though
[08:24] <AlexanderTT> its in the manual
[08:25] <AlexanderTT> but I plan on taking photos of mine
[08:25] <Edge25> why could you not post them online?
[08:25] <AlexanderTT> who says I haven't?
[08:25] <Cyberbomb> he don't have scanner ;P
[08:25] <Cyberbomb> =o
[08:25] <ZiggyStarchild> I would like you to do it today
[08:25] <ZiggyStarchild> If you have please provide the link
[08:25] <Edge25> have you posted photos of a time machine online?
[08:26] <AlexanderTT> I have shared, what you and KPAX would call "proof" with 2 people, they will not be returning here again or the forum
[08:26] <SnowFireWatches> now that is interesting
[08:26] <Edge25> who were they? and why will they not return?
[08:26] <SnowFireWatches> why wont they be returning?
[08:26] <catman1> I would not show up at your doorstep!!! Your a cool guy true or false!!!
[08:26] <AlexanderTT> they wish to speak to me privately now, the proof conversation just destracts from what I want to say
[08:26] <Edge25> they're online now?
[08:26] <AlexanderTT> I am speaking to one right now
[08:27] <SnowFireWatches> i can understand that
[08:27] <AlexanderTT> but no, on my request they will not disclose the pictures
[08:27] <AlexanderTT> but you will see them
[08:27] <ZiggyStarchild> What would it hurt?
[08:27] <Edge25> John Titor posted pictures of his time machine online for potentially millions to see - why could you not do the same?
[08:27] <ZiggyStarchild> Yes he did.
[08:28] <AlexanderTT> well lets see ZiggyStarchild. didnt I just here something about feds??
[08:28] <SnowFireWatches> the posting of those pics did not make JT anymore believed
[08:28] <SnowFireWatches> so why would it change you guysmind about alex?
[08:28] * vlady has joined #AlexanderTTOnline
[08:28] <vlady> hi everyone
[08:28] * SnowFireWatches sets mode: +v vlady
[08:28] <SnowFireWatches> hi vlady
[08:28] <GearBrains> hi vlad
[08:28] <AlexanderTT> i think you want pictures, just to try and debunk them
[08:28] <Edge25> if you posted them online - first of all 95% of people would still think its a load of BS, and secondly if you're worried about the feds - they didn't track Titor down did they?
[08:28] <Cyberbomb> hey v =D
[08:29] <catman1> Alex is it possible for you to be true and JT false???
[08:29] <ZiggyStarchild> Last I knew about the law TT has not been made illegal yet.
[08:29] * algol_aida has joined #alexanderttonline
[08:29] <Edge25> why would the feds want to track you down anyway?
[08:29] <ZiggyStarchild> Are you doing something else illegal Alex?
[08:29] <Edge25> what would they have to gain?
[08:29] <SnowFireWatches> haa haa haa catman1
[08:29] <ZiggyStarchild> I'm not trying to badger really. Just want to know.
[08:29] <ZiggyStarchild> If you haven't done anything against the law than why worry?


Time Travel Professor
mIRC Feb. 22, 2004; Alexanders chat thanks to KPAX
Posted by: Professor Opmmur
Session Start: February 22, 07:20, 2004
Session Ident: #TimeTravellersInn

[08:30] <SnowFireWatches> hmmm I can thinkof several reason why the feds would want Alex
[08:30] <AlexanderTT> catman1, all things are possible, but your JT sounds excatly like my friend, and he would have had to at least know someone like me in order to get that information
[08:30] <catman1> Alex what about your divergence problem????
[08:30] <AlexanderTT> it is holding
[08:30] * SnowFireWatches sets mode: +v algol_aida
[08:30] <AlexanderTT> but I am worried about a potential mis-reading
[08:30] <Cyberbomb> hey algol =D
[08:30] <catman1> explain
[08:31] <algol_aida> hello
[08:31] <AlexanderTT> VGL malfunction
[08:31] <catman1> then your stuck here?????
[08:31] <vlady> reallY? -> divergence holding?
[08:31] <AlexanderTT> if the VGL is wrong then who knows how far away from home I am
[08:31] <Edge25> Alex - could you not just put the photos on Jorune's website even for 1 minute then take them off straight away to ensure they don't get in the wrong hands?
[08:31] <AlexanderTT> well, its holding within normal paramaters
[08:31] <vlady> that's not possible Edge
[08:31] <Edge25> why not?
[08:31] <catman1> how far away can you get???
[08:31] <vlady> even i could copy those photos instanty
[08:32] <vlady> and if i can anyone can
[08:32] <AlexanderTT> Edge25, actually made a good point
[08:32] <AlexanderTT> also a good point vlady
[08:32] <Edge25> but i would TRUST that no-one on here would do anything with those photos
[08:32] <catman1> does that mean people you knew are not there or just the situations are different??
[08:33] <AlexanderTT> catman1, explain question
[08:33] <vlady> trust no one
[08:33] <AlexanderTT> we dont vlady
[08:33] <catman1> if you went back with the divergence off???
[08:33] <SnowFireWatches> I wouldnt trust anyone on here to not do something edge25 - you are nutz! :)
[08:33] <vlady> Folks has anomalies debunked JT 100% yet?
[08:33] * GearBrains doesn't trust himself much less any one else!
[08:33] <AlexanderTT> well, if it was 20% or more, then there is a good chance that I would not recognize anything when I returned history would be completely different
[08:34] <ZiggyStarchild> hehe Gear. You go boy!
[08:34] <vlady> haa haa haa Gear
[08:34] <SnowFireWatches> If Alex relented and sent youpictures edge25- just to you - are you saying you wouldn't share them at least one other person?
[08:34] <catman1> would it be 20% off 5 years from now or all the way back??
[08:34] <catman1> could you take it in small steps??
[08:34] <vlady> what kind of pictures are we talking about anyway?
[08:34] <AlexanderTT> that question takes a lot longer to explain then I want to try and explain
[08:35] <catman1> ex: 2007-2015-2030 etc
[08:35] <AlexanderTT> but I will try if everyone will bear with me
[08:35] <MadIce> If you're VGL is broken down then you are in real trouble. The machine will be found sooner or later. You may even want to change history now. Then we are in troube.

[08:35] <vlady> Of course
[08:35] * MadIce laughs
[08:35] <vlady> lolol
[08:35] <SnowFireWatches> maybe this then alex - if you go back with a high divirgence to you go back to a wrong time or a wrong surroundings?
[08:35] <Edge25> Snow - I would keep the pictures totally private if Alex requested BUT if Alex were to send me the pics and gave me permission to show other people I would do so at my own risk
[08:36] <AlexanderTT> good point MadIce, how do you know that I am not marooned and I am trying to change this world to look like my home?
[08:36] <SnowFireWatches> ty for answering edge25
[08:36] * AlexanderTT laughs evil'y
[08:36] <AlexanderTT> muhaha
[08:36] <catman1> it needs changing
[08:36] <vlady> that's eerie... i was actually thinking of that evil laugh... you're not psychic are you Alex? haa haa haa
[08:37] <AlexanderTT> not that I know of
[08:37] <AlexanderTT> muhaha
[08:37] <AlexanderTT> haa haa haa
[08:37] <SnowFireWatches> haa haa haa
[08:37] <AlexanderTT> or maybe I am working for your government and I am trying to find potential rebels and then send a task force to kill there family
[08:37] <MadIce> May the Butterfly Effect protect you all. I'll be back later.

[08:37] <Edge25> just to rewind a minute or two Alex <<<<<<< how often did the 2 people you've sent the 'proof' to visit these forums (TTInn, AlexOnline etc)?
[08:38] <AlexanderTT> actually I dont know that Edge25
[08:38] <ZiggyStarchild> With all due respect to people other than Americans, I still think this is the best country on Earth.
[08:38] <Edge25> ha!
[08:38] <AlexanderTT> however in each case, they would always talk to me through yahoo messenger
[08:39] <AlexanderTT> but they both expressed seeing my posts in the forum
[08:39] <Edge25> and how can you be sure that you can trust these 2 people?
[08:39] <catman1> Only thing I know if and when you leave we will be without amy conversation..stay around I think we all need you here for one reason or another!!!
[08:39] <AlexanderTT> I cant
[08:39] <AlexanderTT> but they have acted more trusting than anyone else I have met, except maybe pheonix
[08:40] <SnowFireWatches> there's a clue
[08:40] <SnowFireWatches> phoenix isnt won of them :-(
[08:40] <SnowFireWatches> one
[08:40] <AlexanderTT> he may be, in time
[08:40] <Edge25> maybe one of them was KPAX and the photos messed with his head so much they turned him CRAZY!! mwhahahaha

[08:40] <vlady> lolol
[08:40] <AlexanderTT> muhaha
[08:40] <ZiggyStarchild> Yes KPAX told me Alex sent him proof.
[08:40] <AlexanderTT> maybe that was my intention
[08:41] <vlady> ?
[08:41] <Edge25> i'm guessing one of them is Gavin the forum admin
[08:41] <AlexanderTT> ZiggyStarchild, did he really?
[08:41] <ZiggyStarchild> But he won't share it even now since he promised he wouldn't
[08:41] <ZiggyStarchild> Yes he did
[08:41] <catman1> Opmmur seems to be your friend!!!
[08:41] <AlexanderTT> well, I dont remember doing that
[08:41] <AlexanderTT> but ok
[08:41] <SnowFireWatches> "k" said the proof was something said in PM -
[08:41] <ZiggyStarchild> That's just what he told me
[08:41] <vlady> yeah thats what i thought
[08:41] <ZiggyStarchild> No K emailed me and told me that
[08:42] <SnowFireWatches> interesting
[08:42] <vlady> very
[08:42] <AlexanderTT> so, KPAX has proof from me, and so now he runs around calling me a liar, I am so hopelessly confused
[08:42] <ZiggyStarchild> But he would not share it with me
[08:42] <ZiggyStarchild> OK he told me to ask you what the proof was
[08:42] <vlady> it must be something you said specifically and interpreted differently
[08:42] <AlexanderTT> i dont think KPAX thinks I am a liar, I believe he is trying to pressure me into doing something
[08:42] <vlady> that always happens here
[08:43] <SnowFireWatches> Alex - you could do a lot for this room by just telling us did you or did younot send KPAX anything as proof?
[08:43] <vlady> he categorically states that you are and it all seems to eventaute from your discussion about 'sound' weapons
[08:43] <AlexanderTT> which was sorly misinterpretated by all who was discussing at the time
[08:44] <AlexanderTT> that happens often
[08:44] <vlady> exactly... misinterpretation.
[08:44] <ZiggyStarchild> I think so too. What the heck did you do to p*** him off so bad?
[08:44] <AlexanderTT> i wish it did not
[08:44] <vlady> English isnt always straight forward, even for us who have command of ut
[08:44] <vlady> it
[08:44] <vlady> haa haa haa
[08:44] <SnowFireWatches> No - the people who read the logs see what actually happened and agree it was unfortunate
[08:45] <SnowFireWatches> for the most part
[08:45] <Edge25> Alex - do you think John Titor was foolish to post photos and scans of his time machine and manual on the net for all to see?
[08:45] <vlady> Good question
[08:45] <AlexanderTT> dont know, I said sound was used against us in the war, and he went HA!! kick/ban, and then stated that there is such a thing as a sound weapon and said THERES PROOF HE'S LIYING, I was sooo confused
[08:45] <catman1> Is the govt trying to debunk JT and you?????
[08:45] * GearBrains likes being left in the dark - just at Mushroom!
[08:45] <SnowFireWatches> haa haa haa - three yers later and people re still combing libraries trying to matchit
[08:46] <AlexanderTT> I think JT was very foolish and he fell into the "I want proof" trap
[08:46] <Edge25> but it didn't hurt him did it?
[08:46] <AlexanderTT> I myself did also , so I am not perfect
[08:46] <vlady> i dont accept photos or scans... anyone can manufacture those.
[08:46] <Edge25> no-body 'tracked him down' because of what he did
[08:46] <AlexanderTT> dont know Edge25, it might have on some worldlines, think about it
[08:46] <vlady> formulas and testable concepts
[08:46] <SnowFireWatches> yeah - i want to take a ride in your car alex
[08:47] <AlexanderTT> formulas?
[08:47] <SnowFireWatches> just me you and the immortal
[08:47] <SnowFireWatches> (I need some face cream)
[08:47] <vlady> TT formulas or other formulas.. for products or whatever, for example that cures a disease
[08:47] <vlady> of takes out wrinkles!
[08:48] <SnowFireWatches> haa haa haa
[08:48] <Edge25> yeah or tablets that prevent a hang over?
[08:48] <GearBrains>

[08:48] <vlady> OH YEAH!!!
[08:48] <SnowFireWatches> charcoal will do that
[08:48] <ZiggyStarchild> They have that now edge
[08:48] <Edge25> they do??
[08:48] <vlady> not for my hangover
[08:48] <AlexanderTT> M h =C o to the third/ 2pieGP o to the second
[08:48] <vlady> ooo
[08:48] <ZiggyStarchild> Not sure what they're called. Take two before and two after
[08:49] <AlexanderTT> that is how to calculate the mass of a singularity
[08:49] <ZiggyStarchild> If you're not too drunk to remember to take the last two!
[08:49] <Edge25> haa haa haa
[08:49] <catman1> How close is CERN with the info???
[08:49] <vlady> wow.. can anyone interpret this?
[08:49] <vlady> what is the 'o'?
[08:50] <ZiggyStarchild> No really they sell them over the radio
[08:50] <algol_aida> alex: why is "time stamping" neccesary?
[08:50] <Edge25> Alex - don't you think that by posting info. like that you're putting yourself at risk just as much as if you were to 'do a Titor' and scan photos?
[08:50] <vlady> someone get Opmmur?,,, can he interpret that formula?
[08:51] <vlady> or anyone else?
[08:51] <Edge25> i might email it to CERN just for the hell of it
[08:51] <SnowFireWatches> it will be in the logs
[08:52] <AlexanderTT> ok, let me explain, M h is the mass, the variable C o isthe circumference of your orbit, P o is the period of orbit, G is gravitational constanent, 1.327 x 10 to the 11th power kilos to the 3rd per second to the 2nd per solar mass
[08:52] <AlexanderTT> no Edge25
[08:53] <Edge25> no what?
[08:53] <AlexanderTT> no I am not worried
[08:53] <Edge25> ok, so if i emailed that to CERN you wouldn't be worried?
[08:54] <AlexanderTT> no I wouldnt
[08:54] <vlady> this decision has created another worldline.... yes?
[08:54] <SnowFireWatches> Why does it seem like you WANT to worryA;ex, edge?
[08:54] <ZiggyStarchild> i hope you do Edge. I would like to see their answer.
[08:54] <AlexanderTT> I know what there anser would be
[08:54] <ZiggyStarchild> bated breath. . .
[08:55] <vlady> .....
[08:55] <SnowFireWatches> I thnk they would laugh to his face while working on it in private
[08:55] <AlexanderTT> no, they would send a reply stating something like this....
[08:55] <AlexanderTT> that formula you sent us is in fact correct, now that we an calculate mass , now what?
[08:56] * GearBrains laughs*
[08:56] <SnowFireWatches> haa haa haa
[08:56] <AlexanderTT> what was the point of that?
[08:56] <AlexanderTT> you are wasting our time
[08:56] <AlexanderTT> haa haa haa
[08:56] <AlexanderTT> just one piece does not make a pie
[08:56] <vlady> well... no, but it means that if they didnt have that formula now... then it must have come from the Future. hence validating you and JT
[08:57] <vlady> ?
[08:57] <AlexanderTT> they most likely do have that formula
[08:57] <Edge25> i'll email them anyway...nothing to lose
[08:57] <AlexanderTT> or they are very close to it already
[08:57] <vlady> wait edge,
[08:57] <vlady> why dont you ask them if they can measure the mass of a singularity first
[08:57] <vlady> if they say no... then....
[08:57] <AlexanderTT> good point Edge25
[08:58] <AlexanderTT> i mean vlady
[08:58] <AlexanderTT> sorry
[08:58] <AlexanderTT> good point vlady
[08:58] <vlady> thanks alex
[08:58] <Edge25> ok, i'll try that
[08:58] <Edge25> thanks vlday
[08:59] <AlexanderTT> but they do not know of singularities as a singular man-made concept yet, so ask if they can calculate the mass of a natural black hole
[08:59] <vlady> now this is a most productive chat!!!
[08:59] <GearBrains>

[08:59] <vlady> is that something they will laugh at.. i mean at the question?
[08:59] <vlady> sorry that reads funny:
[08:59] <vlady> i mean if edge were to ask that...
[08:59] <vlady> would he seem foolish?


Time Travel Professor
mIRC Feb. 22, 2004; Alexanders chat thanks to KPAX
Posted by: Professor Opmmur
Session Start: February 22, 07:20, 2004
Session Ident: #TimeTravellersInn

[09:00] <AlexanderTT> no they would more than likely say yes, and e-mail that formula back to him
[09:00] <vlady> oh ok
[09:00] <AlexanderTT> but that would be funny to me
[09:00] <AlexanderTT> the look on Edge25, face that is
[09:00] <Edge25> i will try it anyway, as i said: nothing to lose
[09:00] <AlexanderTT> ok Edge25, have fun
[09:00] <vlady> ok.. so we presently don't know what a Kerr Black hole is yet?
[09:01] <vlady> i mean how to make one
[09:01] <AlexanderTT> no you have a theory of them, but no working mathmatical model yet
[09:01] <AlexanderTT> and you can not make them
[09:02] <vlady> one thing that i keep coming over in other forums Alex, is the phrase 'you cannot turn off a black hole'. what are your comments to that?
[09:02] <vlady> i think they were talking about your C404
[09:03] <AlexanderTT> well i ctually would not like to comment on that
[09:03] * SkAtchison has joined #AlexanderTTonline
[09:03] <AlexanderTT> but what they are saying is true to a point
[09:03] <vlady> cool. fair enough
[09:03] <Cyberbomb> hey ska =D
[09:04] <AlexanderTT> please excuse me for a second, I will be right back(maybe post another equation)
[09:04] <Cyberbomb> w00t
[09:04] <SkAtchison> Greetings Cyberbomb
[09:04] <vlady> no probs Alex
[09:05] * GearBrains still trying to google physics site ! haa haa haa
[09:06] * SnowFireWatches sets mode: +v algol_aida
[09:06] * SnowFireWatches sets mode: +v SkAtchison
[09:07] <vlady> yey GB
[09:07] <SkAtchison> A most interesting read, I was hoping to encounter Pheonix and thank Phoenix for the welcom to the TimeTravelForum. I'm assuming Pheonix is not available at the moment
[09:07] * GearBrains should of stayed awake in physics 101!
[09:08] <Cyberbomb> haa haa haa
[09:08] <Edge25> email sent
[09:08] <AlexanderTT> i dont think that was in physics 101, haa haa haa
[09:08] <SkAtchison> Math is the truest language of the universe

[09:08] <vlady> Vlady should have enrolled to a phsyics class
[09:08] <vlady> !
[09:08] <GearBrains> haa haa haa
[09:08] <vlady> bloody computers... they were far more interesting
[09:08] <vlady>

[09:09] <vlady> who would have know... IRC!!!!
[09:09] <vlady> known
[09:09] <AlexanderTT> whats wrong with irc?
[09:09] <Edge25> how cool would it be if i phoned them up...
[09:09] <AlexanderTT> do it Edge25
[09:09] <Edge25> or...if Alex phoned them (CERN)
[09:09] <SkAtchison> Rather simple form of communication, wouldn't you agree Alexandar
[09:09] <Edge25> if you are a time traveller press 4
[09:10] <AlexanderTT> everything has its beginnings SkAtchison
[09:10] <AlexanderTT> 4 <obviously
[09:10] <Edge25> ah, they're only open Monday-Friday
[09:10] <SkAtchison> True still rather in it's infancy I suppose
[09:11] <AlexanderTT> well, SkAtchison, the phone is still used in my time, however there are no phone companies, it is broadcasted over the internet
[09:11] <SnowFireWatches> SkA - are you claiming to be a TTer?
[09:11] <SkAtchison> Interesting though that form of communication originally designed to bring people together would push them farther apart
[09:11] <AlexanderTT> I agree to that, SkAtchison
[09:12] * vlady has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[09:12] <Jorune> AlexanderTT- Does the United States Interstate Road System still exist?
[09:12] <SkAtchison> A interesting notion SnowFireWatches to say the least
[09:12] <AlexanderTT> umm, well I would say yes
[09:13] <AlexanderTT> not used as much and some of it has been removed
[09:13] <SnowFireWatches> Is it still maintained ?
[09:13] * vlady has joined #AlexanderTTOnline
[09:13] <SnowFireWatches> wb vlady
[09:13] <AlexanderTT> well, to some extent
[09:13] * SnowFireWatches sets mode: +v vlady
[09:13] <AlexanderTT> cars are not used as often anymore
[09:13] <SkAtchison> As I understand this You say you are from a place and time that is beyond the place and time of the gentelman know as John Titor?
[09:14] <AlexanderTT> we dont need 6 lane roads etc..
[09:14] <SkAtchison> Is this correct Alexander?
[09:14] <Edge25> gotta go everyone
[09:14] <Edge25> see you later
[09:14] * Edge25 has quit IRC (Quit: )
[09:14] <ZiggyStarchild> bye edge
[09:14] <vlady> good luck Edge...
[09:14] <Jorune> AlexanderTT- how does commerce move goods. The Interstate system is used heavily in our day for this purpose.
[09:14] <AlexanderTT> SkAtchison, i am from a worldline similar to his, and I knew him in that worldline
[09:15] <SkAtchison> Ah ... a rather active time from what I have read
[09:15] <AlexanderTT> Jorune, trucks still exsist of course, but trains are used a lot more, not to mention a LOT less goods are transported. community provides for itself
[09:15] <Jorune> 2/22 Logs now available -
[09:16] <SnowFireWatches> ty jorune - the keeper of the flame :)
[09:16] <algol_aida> got it
[09:16] <algol_aida> The Leading Design Hazard Site on the Net
[09:16] <algol_aida> mass of a black hole
[09:16] <Jorune> 2/21 Logs now available -
[09:16] <SnowFireWatches> is a black hole the same as a microsingularity?
[09:17] <AlexanderTT> yes to you
[09:17] <AlexanderTT> but lets not complicate the issue yet, I havent even begun to explain the difference in event horizons
[09:18] <SnowFireWatches> are you going to do so now ?
[09:19] <SkAtchison> I don't wish to interfer in an ongoing question, however, I do have one of my own.
[09:19] <AlexanderTT> well I hadnt planned on it
[09:19] <AlexanderTT> sure SkAtchison
[09:19] <vlady> well done folks
[09:20] <SkAtchison> Your purpose, as you see it from your point of view, not as explained to you or refrenced from this place and time. More simply put what do you believe your purpose to be.
[09:20] <AlexanderTT> oh that is a b as in boy , now that I look at it again
[09:20] <Jorune> AlexanderTT- can you comment on a news item with the headline "Pentagon Tells Bush:
[09:20] <Jorune> Climate Change Will
[09:20] <Jorune> Destroy Us
[09:21] <AlexanderTT> SkAtchison, my pupose in life or my purpose here?
[09:21] <AlexanderTT> Jorune, is everyone still expecting the global storm ? that is supposed to destroy all life on the planet
[09:21] <AlexanderTT> it doesnt happen
[09:22] <AlexanderTT> or are they referencing to something else ?
[09:22] <Cyberbomb> ice age
[09:22] <SkAtchison> Either or both as both are usually intertwined as one does not usually do something or enter into any agreement that seems to violate their own personal code of ethics, unless of course that activity empowers or benefits them in some way.
[09:22] <Jorune> "Climate change over the next 20 years could result in a global catastrophe costing millions of lives in wars and natural disasters" - from article
[09:23] <Cyberbomb> forune is refering to this Secret Report will humiliate Bush!, page 1
[09:23] <SnowFireWatches> HMMM Art bell & strieber are going to love that article jorune
[09:23] <Cyberbomb> and this
[09:23] <AlexanderTT> SkAtchison, are you a lawyer? also, I have several purposes here, the first is to record as much information about this period before the war as possible, the second is to secure a highly resourceful person to take back to my home, also personally, I wish to find a wife, if God wishes to grant me that
[09:24] <Jorune> Pentagon: Climate Change Could Rip Civilization to Shreds -
[09:24] <SnowFireWatches> you are looking for a woman to go back with you?
[09:24] <Jorune> "Secret report warns of rioting and nuclear war · Britain will be 'Siberian' in less than 20 years · Threat to the world is greater than terrorism
[09:24] * vlady has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[09:24] * vlady has joined #AlexanderTTOnline
[09:25] <vlady> grrrr
[09:25] <AlexanderTT> i have a question about that info
[09:25] * Jorune sets mode: +v vlady
[09:25] <SnowFireWatches> that is interesting jorune, credible?
[09:25] <vlady> what did i miss?
[09:25] <Jorune> been making the news rounds for about a week
[09:25] <vlady> kool
[09:25] <Jorune> nothing on major cable news, though... that I know of
[09:25] <SnowFireWatches> nothing you cant pick up by listening to us now
[09:25] <AlexanderTT> what if, nature was not balanced and the earth was heading to such a dramatic change of weather, and then what if a nuclear war actually prevented it, it would them seem that everything happens for a reason
[09:26] <AlexanderTT> not that I know that for a fact, just a curious thought that I just had
[09:26] <SnowFireWatches> hmmm millions opr billions? what a trade off
[09:26] <SkAtchison> No I am not a lawyer, that particular chosen venue would defy logic. How can one claim to defend truth then defend that which they know to be untrue. Rather confusing.

[09:27] <AlexanderTT> well I see your point there SkAtchison
[09:27] <AlexanderTT> but with courts come lawyers
[09:28] <mrmagic526> and most of our government is made up of lawyers. That thought just makes me want to run screaming
[09:28] <AlexanderTT> what is supposed to make these climate changes?
[09:28] <SkAtchison> It would be rather a bit easier if folks were simply not deceptive. Ah well all things change.

[09:28] <mrmagic526> I missed that conversation
[09:29] <AlexanderTT> i agree SkAtchison. i miss my home, we do not worry over trivial matters like those here do
[09:29] <AlexanderTT> but we are also honest with each other


Time Travel Professor
mIRC Feb. 22, 2004; Alexanders chat thanks to KPAX
Posted by: Professor Opmmur
Session Start: February 22, 07:20, 2004
Session Ident: #TimeTravellersInn

[09:30] <SkAtchison> I find morality to be the most interesting concept of all.
[09:30] <ZiggyStarchild> Well I hate to leave but gotta go to rehearsel.
[09:30] <mrmagic526> well if global warming keeps up I've read that the gulf stream will vanish thus taking a large source of warmth from England.
[09:30] <ZiggyStarchild> Bye ya'll
[09:30] <GearBrains> bye ziggy!
[09:30] * ZiggyStarchild has quit IRC (Quit: )
[09:30] <AlexanderTT> global warming?
[09:31] <AlexanderTT> you still believe in that?
[09:31] <mrmagic526> I don't I believe it's a cycle caused by the sun
[09:31] <AlexanderTT> or maybe the earths orbit is olliptical?!?!
[09:31] <AlexanderTT> maybe?!?
[09:32] <AlexanderTT> i think thats the right word, olliptical
[09:32] <SnowFireWatches> alex what are the chances of you returning to a worldline where your actions in this line are known and recorded?
[09:32] <Jorune> Global Climate changes are on the minds of the people more and more these days.
[09:32] <AlexanderTT> about 7 in 10 I would say
[09:32] <SnowFireWatches> i mean in the line your return to
[09:32] <Jorune> changes and variations in the sun also seem to afect climate not only on this planet but other planets in the solar system
[09:33] <SnowFireWatches> so when you get home there will be stories of youfrom thepast?
[09:33] <AlexanderTT> actually about 1 in 10 now that I think about it
[09:33] <AlexanderTT> the internet was mostly destroyed
[09:33] <SnowFireWatches> or could be
[09:33] <vlady> really!
[09:33] <SnowFireWatches> yes but we still tell stories word of mouthtoo
[09:33] <SnowFireWatches> my hubby nd i discuss this all the time
[09:34] <SnowFireWatches> sons overhears
[09:34] <SnowFireWatches> (laughs his butt off but . . . )
[09:34] <AlexanderTT> well, then I am hopefull
[09:35] <SnowFireWatches> hopeful of what? that you will be remembered by the elderly when you return to your time? :))
[09:35] * Thelper has joined #AlexanderTTOnline
[09:35] <AlexanderTT> I do not seek fame though
[09:35] <Cyberbomb> hey thelper =D
[09:35] <Thelper> hi
[09:35] * Jorune sets mode: +v Thelper
[09:35] <AlexanderTT> I think it would be neat, to have some record of my posts here
[09:35] * SnowFireWatches sets mode: +v Thelper
[09:35] <AlexanderTT> it would show that changing the past is somewhat possible
[09:35] <Thelper> thought they already did?
[09:35] <AlexanderTT> even if you cant change your past
[09:36] <AlexanderTT> i meant in 2039 thelper
[09:36] <SkAtchison> Fami is rather a ghostly thing, it generally has no worth except what others place on it. Behind it all is simply a person doing the same as others.
[09:36] <Thelper> brosi is from this worldine
[09:36] <Thelper> boris
[09:36] <Thelper> you cant travel forward in time on same worldine but u can go backwards
[09:36] <SkAtchison> I found boris to be an interesting read as well.
[09:37] <Thelper> boris is real he already proven it to me
[09:37] <AlexanderTT> well, we cannot travel our own time line as of yet
[09:37] <Thelper> he a msn friend mine
[09:37] <vlady> Alex... when i was speaking earlier about 'turning off black holes'... you can turn your 'artificial' microsingularity by turning off your machine!? is this correct?
[09:37] <AlexanderTT> no and yes vlady
[09:37] <AlexanderTT> you cannot turn off a black hole
[09:38] <Thelper> your traveling inter dimentional through time on 3rd dimention but you have go through 4th to do it
[09:38] <AlexanderTT> but you can cease its existence
[09:38] <SkAtchison> Wouldn't that require a waste of energy? Why not simply mantain it?
[09:38] <Guui> In this time of war and such... what happens to the criminals? "You're free.. go out and enjoy the last hour before the world goes `*kaboom*´!"
[09:38] <AlexanderTT> you can actually gain some energy from it evaporating
[09:38] <Thelper> I dont think u can turn it of
[09:38] <vlady> for a non-physicist/science person... i think i'm holding up alright, let me tell ya!
[09:38] <vlady> whew!
[09:38] <vlady> haa haa haa
[09:39] <Thelper> did you go through 4th dimention to get to this timelines 3rd dimention?
[09:39] <Thelper> alex
[09:39] <Guui> 4th dimension is time.. so that would be pretty obvious.

[09:39] <AlexanderTT> yes, I would say that statement is correct, thelper, but you are traveling in the 4th right now also
[09:39] <Thelper> I know that
[09:40] <Thelper> not way I was saying you did thou
[09:40] <AlexanderTT> i left the restraints of the 4th , so-to-speak
[09:40] <Thelper> you actually went into
[09:40] <Thelper> the timestrem
[09:40] <Thelper> stream
[09:40] <AlexanderTT> no
[09:40] <AlexanderTT> just changed lanes
[09:40] <Thelper> you would of, yes you would have to
[09:40] <SkAtchison> I was of the impression that dimesional existenance was already a well established theory, am I incorrect?
[09:40] <Thelper> to do it
[09:40] <Thelper> 5th dimention when u die
[09:40] <Thelper> go there
[09:41] <AlexanderTT> i dont know SkAtchison. I think they call them parralel universes or something like that
[09:41] <SkAtchison> Interesting
[09:41] <Thelper> astral projection technique of traveling briefly in it
[09:41] <vlady> so TT as Alex has mentioned is like Sliders then?
[09:41] <AlexanderTT> I have yet to see that show
[09:41] <vlady> With a controllable divergence
[09:41] <Guui> Kind of yeah
[09:41] * Jorune sets mode: +m
[09:42] <SkAtchison> Sliders was an rather interesting morality play.
[09:42] <Thelper> yes btu also any world can think of exsists
[09:42] <Thelper> so the idea is
[09:42] <Thelper> yes
[09:42] <Thelper> sliders
[09:42] <Thelper> like that
[09:42] <AlexanderTT> from what I hear about it, it is what we do, but we do not jump "blindly" it is controlled
[09:42] <vlady> ?
[09:42] <Thelper> nice technology
[09:42] <Thelper> hmm
[09:42] <Thelper> 2039
[09:42] <AlexanderTT> and we aim to hit worldlines with different calender relation to our own
[09:42] <Thelper> has this?
[09:43] <Thelper> how can advance so quickly?
[09:43] <AlexanderTT> yes thelper
[09:43] <Thelper> or it done in secret now?
[09:43] <AlexanderTT> its very elementary to us by now
[09:43] <AlexanderTT> we are working on warp travel as the next step
[09:43] <Guui> dear Watson
[09:43] * vlady has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[09:43] <AlexanderTT> in an effort to colonize the univers
[09:43] <Thelper> alexander do u know of cryokinesis
[09:44] <SkAtchison> I fmy memory serves me correctly several forms of technology used not more than 30 years old use in the larger governments were actually designed and and created 30 to 40 years prior
[09:44] <AlexanderTT> is that were you freeze yourself hoping to be thawed out later?
[09:44] <Guui> cryo-what?
[09:44] <Cyberbomb> don't even try to understand guui =P
[09:44] <Cyberbomb> I don't feel like explaining it ;P
[09:44] <Thelper> no alexander it is psi power
[09:44] <AlexanderTT> oh , no
[09:44] * vlady has joined #AlexanderTTOnline
[09:44] <SkAtchison> The SR-71 comes to mind(original designed by the Germans during ww2)
[09:44] * Jorune sets mode: +v vlady
[09:44] <Cyberbomb> that cryogenics alex ;P
[09:44] <Thelper> of turning hydrogen and oxygen in the air to water
[09:45] <Thelper> and ppl in this time can do it already
[09:45] <Thelper> at small lvl
[09:45] <AlexanderTT> yes we can make molecules, however it is very time consuming
[09:45] <Thelper> no i mean
[09:45] <Thelper> you do it with your mind
[09:45] <AlexanderTT> oh, no
[09:45] <AlexanderTT> not that I know of
[09:46] <Thelper> you combine the molecules to make water
[09:46] <AlexanderTT> but sounds interesting
[09:46] <Thelper> can even make ice
[09:46] <Thelper> ill give u link
[09:46] <Thelper> of how to do it
[09:46] <SkAtchison> Interesting that the concept of the secret is so ingrained. Doesn't this usually cause fear which in turn causes distrusts which generally leads to destruction. Rather a depressing circle in my mind.
[09:46] <Thelper> it simple but just need practice
[09:46] <Guui> You freeze yourself solid using "brainpower"?
[09:46] <Thelper> you might want talk it back to your time
[09:46] <Cyberbomb> alex, don't quote me on this but I remember u stating that in your time people are much more spiritual, can u elaborate in which area of spiritalism??
[09:46] <Thelper> let ppl experiment better
[09:46] <AlexanderTT> SkAtchison, this peticular worldline at the present, is very very confusing
[09:46] <Guui> I think that was Thelper
[09:47] <Thelper> alex do you know of telekinesis
[09:47] <AlexanderTT> Cyberbomb, we are more religious
[09:47] <AlexanderTT> i know of the theory however never seen it
[09:47] <AlexanderTT> be right back
[09:47] <Thelper> it true
[09:48] <Thelper> it funny to find site containing how to do basics and they would work if put time in haa haa haa
[09:48] <Thelper> but if u want it ill give ya link give to yoru time scienist let see them explain it haa haa haa
[09:48] <Guui> Oh no.... the future will be filled with flowerpower hippies and religious fanatics.... there went logic.. out the window.
[09:49] <Thelper> guui nah more like psi abilitys and spiritual
[09:49] <Thelper> ive seen ruins on mars when astraling, and boris just told me today before even mentioned it there knowledge found on mars
[09:49] <Thelper> which helps us
[09:49] <Thelper> from our acient ancesotors
[09:49] <Thelper> ancestors
[09:49] <SkAtchison> Am I to assume that the concept of the wordline means that Alexander from his frame of reference is not from this particular reality, but somehow seperate from this reality and therefore his actions here do not directly affect the reality he percieves from his frame of reference?
[09:49] <Guui> ruins... on mars? You mean from a civilization?
[09:50] <Thelper> yes guui
[09:50] <Thelper> I do mean this
[09:50] <Thelper> i should be found when we explore it more
[09:50] <Guui> Man... whatever you're smoking, I want it.

[09:50] <SnowFireWatches> yes ska - he actually here in younger version also - living in a hme with his younger self
[09:50] <Thelper> not joking
[09:50] <Cyberbomb> hes not joing guui ;P
[09:50] <Cyberbomb> joking*
[09:51] <Thelper> cyber can astral also
[09:51] <SkAtchison> Much in the same the John Titor individual explained from his frame of reference
[09:51] <Thelper> ask him dont believe me
[09:51] <Thelper> anyone could if bother learn how
[09:51] <Guui> There aint no way there could have been life on mars and there would be any remains of it to this date
[09:51] <Thelper> hmm guui
[09:51] <Thelper> u forgeting we only know last 4000yrs
[09:51] <Thelper> max
[09:51] <Thelper> what was before that since earth been around
[09:51] <Thelper> for like billions?
[09:51] <AlexanderTT> Guui, your wrong
[09:52] <vlady> i can understand the concept of Sliders travel if time remains as a passing constant... but the projection to another worldline on another timeline meanse we are going throug the 4D or in the 4d taking the 3D with us? someone explain?
[09:52] <AlexanderTT> we actually have theories in my time that humans came from mars
[09:52] <Guui> So we are going to find stuff 3-4 billion years old, is that what you mean?
[09:52] <Thelper> could be guui
[09:52] <AlexanderTT> well, we havent found it yer
[09:52] <Thelper> but very old
[09:52] <Thelper> older than u think
[09:52] <AlexanderTT> but we think its possible
[09:52] <Thelper> it acient knowledge lost
[09:52] <Thelper> also
[09:53] <Thelper> once they figure it out, watch the idea magicks come back
[09:53] <Thelper> in window of science
[09:53] <SkAtchison> From my understanding the Martian atmosphere was destroyed rather a short period of time ago even in refrence to the supposed beginning existenance of man.
[09:53] <Cyberbomb> the 3 demensions are length, width, and height, the forth is time, the fieth is eternity
[09:53] <SnowFireWatches> alex do you know if your time records that anything was found on mars this current mission?
[09:53] <Thelper> yep cyber
[09:53] <Thelper> 5th is were we go when die
[09:53] <Thelper> and astral
[09:53] <Cyberbomb> we have all first 3 dememsions here right now =P
[09:53] <AlexanderTT> no SnowFireWatches, we have only found remains of organic material
[09:54] <AlexanderTT> now that I think about it, I think you have found that already also
[09:54] <Thelper> his time is only 40 yrs
[09:54] <Thelper> snow it more like another 400yrs
[09:54] <SnowFireWatches> decayed organic material?
[09:54] <Thelper> before they find it
[09:54] <SnowFireWatches> fossils?
[09:54] <AlexanderTT> no more like fossilized organic material
[09:55] <AlexanderTT> petrified, I think
[09:55] <SnowFireWatches> k
[09:55] <Cyberbomb> =o , oil on mars ;P
[09:55] <Thelper> alex the 9/11 in your time
[09:55] <Thelper> was it the government or terrorist?
[09:55] <SkAtchison> There is a difference?
[09:56] <Thelper> haa haa haa
[09:56] <Cyberbomb> haa haa haa
[09:56] * ZiggyStarchild has joined #AlexanderTTonline
[09:56] <Cyberbomb> hey ziggy =D
[09:56] <catman1> He Alex...I know George Noory...Want to go on Coast to Coast nationwide talk show!!!
[09:56] * SnowFireWatches sets mode: +v ZiggyStarchild
[09:56] <SnowFireWatches> yeah!
[09:56] <SnowFireWatches> do it alex
[09:56] <AlexanderTT> no
[09:56] <catman1> NO????
[09:56] <ZiggyStarchild> Got a little bit more time
[09:56] <Thelper> then government
[09:56] <SkAtchison> Don't goverenments usually control from a distance in some form or fashion, through terror of punishment if you do not comply?
[09:56] <Cyberbomb> haa haa haa
[09:56] <Guui> Was in the kitchen.. OK, back to mars again... In world that had just been scared by nuclear war, what do we use to get to mars with?
[09:56] <AlexanderTT> i do not seek fame
[09:57] <catman1> but your messag would get out!!
[09:57] <Thelper> guui not everythign would be destroyed
[09:57] <AlexanderTT> would I not have to compromise my position and maybe more, in order to be on the show?
[09:57] <Thelper> you forgeting alot technologys
[09:57] <Guui> So simple rockets?
[09:57] <Thelper> are hidden in bunkers
[09:57] <Thelper> deep in the ground etc
[09:57] <SnowFireWatches> not necessarily alex
[09:57] <catman1> I dont think so...I can talk to George on the phone tomorrow monring
[09:58] <SkAtchison> Do you have no personal protection Alex?
[09:58] <Thelper> thwy trhink hw nuta
[09:58] <Thelper> and govermewnt
[09:58] <Thelper> would definely
[09:58] <AlexanderTT> if I can be given security, I might consider it
[09:58] <Thelper> silence him
[09:58] <SnowFireWatches> just a couple microsingularities
[09:58] <AlexanderTT> i have protection SkAtchison
[09:58] <catman1> It would probably not air for about 3 weeks!!!!
[09:58] <Thelper> ale
[09:58] <Thelper> alex
[09:58] <SkAtchison> Ah your protection is limited firearms, to abrupt a question
[09:59] <Thelper> 911 who did it your time terrorist or governments?
[09:59] <AlexanderTT> what excatly would be required of me on a "talk show" ?
[09:59] <Guui> The impact Alex does to this timeline is very small.. since he is only contacting a few of us.. if he went on TV and said that nuclear war was coming, giving names, dates etc, then it would be a humangous impact on the time line..

[09:59] <AlexanderTT> i agree Guui
[09:59] <Thelper> that couod make the war come
[09:59] <catman1> Tell your story first then answer question for the listeners...the show lasts about 4 hours!!
[09:59] <SnowFireWatches> you can listen to the show on the radio and decide if you want to talk to George
[09:59] <Thelper> so idf be careful
[09:59] <Thelper> with that


Time Travel Professor
mIRC Feb. 22, 2004; Alexanders chat thanks to KPAX
Posted by: Professor Opmmur
Session Start: February 22, 07:20, 2004
Session Ident: #TimeTravellersInn

[10:00] <Thelper> as he isnt 100% sure
[10:00] <Thelper> it be in your life time
[10:00] <SkAtchison> Then that would be fate Guii as I understand the concept.
[10:00] <SnowFireWatches> He is decent sounding man - who not treat you like a fruitcake
[10:00] <AlexanderTT> actually I would get a good laugh out of being treated like a fruitcake
[10:00] <SkAtchison> From what I understand fate is not a well recieved concept
[10:00] <Thelper> I for one need this war to come
[10:00] <Thelper> if it dont we would end up
[10:01] <catman1> George would maybe want to talk to you within a week of the show over the phone or by e-mail!!!
[10:01] <Thelper> killing ourselfs of
[10:01] <Thelper> like some other worldlines have
[10:01] <AlexanderTT> was John offered to be on a show?
[10:01] <Guui> I don't beleive in fate. Nothing has been predetermined.. well uh.. ok, it depends once again how you look at time.. but no great entity has dictated my life. I'm on controll of my own life (to some degree anyway).
[10:01] <Guui> *afk - kitchen*
[10:01] <SnowFireWatches> Remember - John did it in SOME timeline :)
[10:01] <Thelper> karma does guui
[10:01] <SkAtchison> Physical death is an inevitable end, why would someone fear it?
[10:01] <catman1> The John T thing is strange he was on the show I beleive
[10:01] <Thelper> karma does infulence your life
[10:02] <AlexanderTT> wait!! he was on the show:?
[10:02] <Thelper> no
[10:02] <Thelper> he wasnt
[10:02] <SkAtchison> Thelper explain Karma
[10:02] <AlexanderTT> that doesnt sound like the John I knew
[10:02] <Thelper> someone else took the credit
[10:02] <Thelper> its not
[10:02] <Cyberbomb> in some time line he could of been ;p
[10:02] <Thelper> also it after he said he gone
[10:02] <Thelper> the guy did it
[10:02] <SnowFireWatches> it was called the ART BELL SHOW - Coat to Coast
[10:02] <Thelper> made it into joke
[10:02] <catman1> I understand that Art Bell retired shortly after the JT thing
[10:02] <Cyberbomb> haa haa haa, karma, do something good, good things happen, do bad, bad things happen etc
[10:03] <catman1> ther was something there that must have scared Art Bell
[10:03] <AlexanderTT> would I be required to answer questions for the whole 4 hours?
[10:03] <Thelper> hence this
[10:03] <Thelper> war yrs of bad through world
[10:03] <Thelper> and karma cleasing us
[10:03] <SnowFireWatches> It depends on your conversation skills
[10:03] <catman1> no....just 1 hour I beleive
[10:03] <AlexanderTT> who's art bell?
[10:03] <SnowFireWatches> if you caryy the conversation questions arent necessary
[10:04] <catman1> Had the show first then retired now he is back on the weekends
[10:04] <Thelper> alex could just send recorded
[10:04] <Guui> *idling - eating*

[10:04] <Thelper> his story?
[10:04] <AlexanderTT> what is the point of this show?
[10:04] <Thelper> wouldnt it be safer?
[10:04] <Thelper> record him telling story
[10:04] <Thelper> btw alex
[10:04] <catman1> Get your message across what do you want people to know or do
[10:05] <SnowFireWatches> to expose people to the "other sides" of things
[10:05] <Thelper> if your time having trouble finding water
[10:05] <Thelper> cryokinesis
[10:05] <Thelper> would help you here link
[10:05] <catman1> Tell of what is coming try to make a difference
[10:05] <AlexanderTT> well I would enjoy answering questions , but I am concerened about security isses and potential harm to me or my family
[10:05] <Thelper>
[10:05] <SnowFireWatches> to give a voice to people media wont hear or report
[10:05] <Thelper> specially if u slander governement
[10:05] <Thelper> they would be there quick smart silence ya
[10:06] <mrmagic526> right because the media is government controlled so it would be hard
[10:06] <Thelper> yep
[10:06] <catman1> John Lear (son of the man who invented the lear jet) is one there from time to time stating he worked on Ufo's at Area 51...and he is always worried about the govt
[10:06] <SkAtchison> Cleansing, I've heard the refrence, explain.
[10:06] <SnowFireWatches> it is an entertainment venue - but taken seriously by many people depending on the topic
[10:07] <SkAtchison> Alexander from your frame of refrence thre still exist the idea of good and bad?
[10:07] <Thelper> cleansing is like a change in way a world working like a society getting a boot up the ass
[10:07] <AlexanderTT> well, my topic is of the utmost serious
[10:07] <Thelper> hence the ww3
[10:07] <AlexanderTT> yes SkAtchison, yin and yang
[10:07] <Thelper> alot ppl will care mroe about living than now and mroe about having food or place sleep
[10:07] <SkAtchison> You believe you deserve to be punished as a race thelper?
[10:07] <Thelper> when it not available at shops
[10:07] <catman1> then it needs to be told to millions of people!~!!
[10:07] <Thelper> all negativity yes
[10:07] <Thelper> it has to happen
[10:08] <SkAtchison> Interesting
[10:08] <Guui> Karma means that if you should do horrible things, you will be punished for this in a surposed next life. - The thing is... you are suffering hardships and such and might even die early because of the bad karma you have.. even tho there is no way for you to know what you did before you're still punished...
[10:08] <mrmagic526> I wish we could have the change without the death and war but in order for people to wake up to what's really important in life suffering needs to happen. It always has been that way
[10:08] <Thelper> think this way if it dont
[10:08] <Thelper> it would eventually
[10:08] <catman1> Im also a ham radio operator and so is Art Bell
[10:08] <Thelper> and more u developed things kill self
[10:08] <Thelper> worse it be
[10:08] <Thelper> even made destroying earth
[10:08] <Thelper> it best have it now
[10:08] <AlexanderTT> has anyone ever thought about this?
[10:09] <SnowFireWatches> Art Bell has a serious interest in Time Travel
[10:09] <Thelper> also guui it effects your life now
[10:09] <Thelper> as well
[10:09] <SnowFireWatches> Heck so does George
[10:09] <AlexanderTT> every country goes through a rebellion eventually. your first one in the US was repressed
[10:09] <Thelper> but yes
[10:09] <Thelper> it does work like that
[10:09] <SkAtchison> I find that to be the most intersting concept of all that one must suffer to advance.
[10:09] <vlady> wait everyone queit... Alex go on
[10:10] <SnowFireWatches> first one? repressed? alex? the first civil war?
[10:10] <AlexanderTT> I was just trying to make a point and start conversation
[10:10] <mrmagic526> I've read that they really estimate a democracy to last around 200 years. at that point corruption and greed set in. Then it's time to start over.
[10:10] <AlexanderTT> yes the first one
[10:10] <Thelper> its learning from experience "suffering in this case"
[10:10] <AlexanderTT> it was stopped
[10:10] * OmegaKnight has joined #AlexanderTTonline
[10:10] <catman1> I would have to have a way to contact Alex other than this way though!!
[10:10] <Cyberbomb> hey omega =D
[10:10] <SnowFireWatches> It was "lost" isn't that what a southern boy means to say?
[10:10] <vlady> not being american... what was the 1st one againg about... independence?
[10:10] <mrmagic526> when was the first one? you talking about the civil war?
[10:11] <AlexanderTT> catman1, what do you need?
[10:11] <catman1> Probably a good e-mail address!!!
[10:11] <Thelper> yankees vs conved?
[10:11] <Thelper> wasnt it?
[10:11] <SkAtchison> Would you consider youself a pariah in this place and time Alexander?
[10:11] <vlady> no
[10:11] <vlady> i thought it was US and English
[10:11] <catman1> Where hundreds are not listening in!!!
[10:11] <AlexanderTT> no it was about leaving the corrupt dictatorship of a Government and making there own country, and it didnt happen, it was stopped
[10:11] <SnowFireWatches> that was war for independence
[10:12] <AlexanderTT> pariah?
[10:12] <mrmagic526> that civil war cost the lives of more americans than any war combined. The english one wasn't a civil war.
[10:12] <Cyberbomb> int that a fish ;P
[10:12] * Jorune sets mode: +v OmegaKnight
[10:12] <mrmagic526> I guess the media burried that one
[10:13] <vlady> well.. that sounds like symantics... the war was on american soil.. the 'Rebels' fought for independence.. that is civil is it not?
[10:13] <mrmagic526> I know a couple of states say that if we go to martial law have passed bills in the state congress to leave the nation and start off on own
[10:13] <vlady> ok... according to alex , my question is irrelevant anyway... when did this 'hidden' civil war occur?
[10:13] <SnowFireWatches> vlady the war with the english is called the war for independence - the war between north and south was called the civil war
[10:13] <AlexanderTT> but how can you do that mrmagic526, if troops occupy your cities?
[10:13] <catman1> There is something on Coast to Coast with George Noory called "fast blast" a quick e-mail...if I did that and told him who I was...I would get a reply on the spot!!
[10:13] <SnowFireWatches> that is what i was trying to tell you
[10:13] <AlexanderTT> it wasnt hidden vlady, I was speaking of the first one
[10:14] <mrmagic526> I know alex. I read that and I figured there would be no way for them to leave
[10:14] <Thelper> the war already started it just not plane obviosu
[10:14] <vlady> Sorry Alex..
[10:14] <Thelper> but signs are there
[10:14] <SkAtchison> from your frame of reference Alexander it would be one who can only watch that which is inevitable occur but can do nothing to change it.
[10:14] <vlady> I meant the first one!

[10:14] <SnowFireWatches> ok so did alex?
[10:15] <SnowFireWatches> im am now officially confused?
[10:15] <AlexanderTT> yes SkAtchison, I do feel like I am screaming and nobody hears me
[10:15] <Thelper> alexander you time have water problems?
[10:15] <AlexanderTT> but nature will correct itself here, and most of these people will wonder what happened for years
[10:15] <catman1> Hey Alex what does another candidate "Nader" do make it easier for Bush to win without a lot of trouble!!!
[10:15] <mrmagic526> Well i've understood what you are talking about. However I don't want to go into it here since I offend people when I get religious
[10:15] <vlady> haa haa haa..n iheard somoething about this today
[10:15] <AlexanderTT> huh catman1?
[10:16] <catman1> Also CNN breaking news says the capital of Haitii is being attacked now!!!
[10:16] <vlady> there's another candidate called Nader
[10:16] <SkAtchison> That is true of any place and time Alexander do not most parents attempt to save their children only to see them make the same mistakes ... more than likely the ingrained belief in Karma that thelper spoke of.
[10:16] <catman1> Ralph Nader is now running for president also
[10:16] <AlexanderTT> agreed SkAtchison
[10:16] <mrmagic526> I wish I had a tv at work. I'd like to see this haiti stuff
[10:17] <AlexanderTT> ralp nader, why does that sound familier?
[10:17] <SkAtchison> Religion offends people mrmagic?
[10:17] <catman1> Green Party
[10:17] <Thelper> ive known about that for while
[10:17] <Thelper> u only found that out?
[10:17] <SnowFireWatches> do you watchthe news these days alex?
[10:17] <AlexanderTT> oh yeah, I remember reading about that
[10:17] <vlady> WAIT EVERYONE...
[10:17] <AlexanderTT> sometimes I watch C-span
[10:17] <mrmagic526> well people got all riled up last time i brought up religion
[10:17] <SkAtchison> Why should the belif structure of another individual offend another?
[10:17] <vlady> i just looked up CNN and found somehting else
[10:18] <mrmagic526> so who's rebeling in haiti?
[10:18] <SkAtchison> Don't you believe in what you believe in regardless of what others think? Why should that offend?
[10:18] <Guui> ....Yes vlady?
[10:18] <vlady> a prediction was made about a helicopter being shot down involving workers in mideast.. cant remember if Afghan or Bagdad but there is a report there now
[10:19] <SnowFireWatches> It is not the belief structure that offends - it is the pushing of that belief structure to the exclsuion of other pints of view thatoffends
[10:19] <Guui> hm
[10:19] <vlady> someone will need to go through the logs of the TT Kid with funny slang English
[10:19] <mrmagic526> Skatchison it's just that the argument is not against my beliefs it was the fact that most seemed to not believe in anything
[10:19] <Cyberbomb> because people always want to be right ska, if you say something that contredicts what somebody else believes that threatens them and their egos, and we all know how egos can flare
[10:19] <SkAtchison> How could achomplish pushing a belief structure on someone should they choose not to?
[10:19] <vlady> i remember it cos i vocally mentioned that predction to a workmaate 3-4 days ago
[10:20] <vlady> can someone verifyt this please?
[10:20] <SkAtchison> Would not you be right for yourself?
[10:20] <mrmagic526> What I'm saying about the correction that Alex is talking about has happened before. Once if you believe in Noah's flood. Another when Christ came to the America's after his resurection. The wicked were destroyed by earthquakes.
[10:20] <SnowFireWatches> but that has happened already before - what make predicting it would happen again andything more than a likely guess?
[10:20] <catman1> Got your message Alex and I can get that also!!
[10:21] <AlexanderTT> good catman1
[10:21] <Thelper> i beleive weather well get worse
[10:21] <Thelper> also
[10:21] <SkAtchison> How can another contradict what you belive to be true unless your structure of belief is not part of your being?
[10:21] <vlady> no there was a more specific descpripton of it, as opposed to 'copter shot down'
[10:21] <Guui> Oh yeah.. Noahs flood... I just love that story... Only Noahs family was allowed to survive.. everyone else was drowned... even infants and small kids.

[10:21] <Thelper> huh
[10:21] <SnowFireWatches> k that wouldintersting if you could find it in the logs vlady
[10:21] <SkAtchison> If it does doesn't that mean that you yourself do not actually follow that system of belief?
[10:21] <Thelper> u havtn read it have u gui
[10:22] <catman1> Im silly how do I answer those Snow
[10:22] <Thelper> 2 each species male female
[10:22] <mrmagic526> understood. they didn't attack my beliefs at all it was just that they didn't want me to talk about religion of any type. However I believe religion is tied hand in hand with the future alex and John Titor speak of
[10:22] <Guui> Yeah... My mom and dad was very religious once.
[10:22] <Cyberbomb> people need a reason to live and because they cant be strong for themselve, they need religion
[10:22] <Thelper> alex gone?
[10:23] <Thelper> some religion is true
[10:23] <SkAtchison> Very confusing
[10:23] <Thelper> but they mess things up
[10:23] <Cyberbomb> ill se for myself some day
[10:23] <Thelper> u already know some of it if u astral cyber
[10:23] <Thelper> m sure u came incontact with divines?
[10:23] <SnowFireWatches> catman click on the blinky thing at the top with ny name - if you already ahve just type in command line like you do here
[10:23] <Cyberbomb> yes, but I do not see god in astral nor feel him
[10:23] <SkAtchison> How can one not be strong for themselves, they are themselves and thus know what it is to be themselves
[10:24] <Guui> Damn.. astral cybering? That sounds kinky..

[10:24] <mrmagic526> Thelper the stuff you believe that you've mentioned to me already is very similar to what my church teaches. many members of my church don't see the teachings but even Joseph Smith had once written about an experience "Whether in the body or out I cannot tell"
[10:24] <Cyberbomb> u can do ANYTHING in astral that u can do here
[10:24] <Cyberbomb> =D
[10:24] <SkAtchison> You are only limited by that which you limit yourself with.
[10:24] <Guui> ....I thought I could do more.

[10:25] <Guui> Like /godmode and /impulse 101 and stuff
[10:25] <Cyberbomb> u can do far much more then u can do here in astral, u can fly, teleport etc =D
[10:25] <SnowFireWatches> see how itgoes - suddenly we are talking religion and not TT
[10:25] <Thelper> where did alex go
[10:25] <mrmagic526> see what I'm saying some people get all offended when we start religion
[10:25] <Thelper> cyber u learning the psi now?
[10:25] <SnowFireWatches> and alex who we all want to speak with is silent
[10:25] <Cyberbomb> thats cous many ppl believe in religion in teh futur!!
[10:25] <Thelper> your phsysic powerS?
[10:25] <Guui> He went over there... To read that magazine. *points*
[10:26] <SkAtchison> SnowFireWatches do you believe the concept of science is in some fashion disconnected from the refrence you call religion?
[10:26] <Cyberbomb> I havent gooten a chance to thelper, life is nice and busy ;P
[10:26] <SnowFireWatches> i believe they bothlead to the same truth
[10:26] <Thelper> some science helps prove yeah
[10:26] <Thelper> but alot science is preventing learning
[10:26] <Thelper> due to so call not possible
[10:26] <Thelper> rule etc
[10:26] <SnowFireWatches> one by faith the other by test
[10:27] <Guui> And a lot of religion creates wars and backwards thinking.
[10:27] <SkAtchison> Limitations placed only by those that fear what they call an ultimate truth.
[10:27] <Thelper> TK is indeed possible by everyone
[10:27] <Thelper> it just knowing it can be done is trick
[10:27] <Guui> Science rawks!

[10:27] <SnowFireWatches> there is only one ultimate truth
[10:27] <catman1> My e-mail is messed up
[10:27] <Thelper> when we die
[10:27] <Thelper> we find out more
[10:27] <SnowFireWatches> so all seekers of the truth are headed in the same direction whether they think soornot
[10:28] <mrmagic526> there are many that don't cause backward thinking. I agree that most do.
[10:28] <Thelper> you can head futher thou
[10:28] <Thelper> snow
[10:28] <Thelper> if u advance in this lifetimes u can go to 6th dimention
[10:28] <Thelper> instead 5th
[10:28] <Thelper> etc
[10:28] <catman1>
[10:28] <Guui> 6th?
[10:28] <SnowFireWatches> there is no "further" than ultiamte truth is there?
[10:29] <Guui> Thelper: please explain the 6th dimension
[10:29] <Thelper> its where divines are
[10:29] <Thelper> all these Gods
[10:29] <Thelper> are true
[10:29] <Guui> divines... ok.. 7th?
[10:29] <Thelper> just known
[10:29] <SnowFireWatches> ack
[10:29] <Thelper> by what they did in that time
[10:29] <Thelper> etc
[10:29] <SnowFireWatches> haa haa haa
[10:29] <Thelper> hence we know there names
[10:29] <SnowFireWatches> where is alex -
[10:29] <mrmagic526> ultimate truth. Depends on your point of view. Your Ultimate truth in an eternal sense is probably not all that ultimate
[10:29] <Thelper> they called divines
[10:29] <SkAtchison> That would denote there is an end, the ultimate truth (if that is your frame of refrence) is that there is no end or answer only continued learning. Why would one wish to end?


Time Travel Professor
mIRC Feb. 22, 2004; Alexanders chat thanks to KPAX
Posted by: Professor Opmmur
Session Start: February 22, 07:20, 2004
Session Ident: #TimeTravellersInn

[10:30] <Thelper> 7th is absolute
[10:30] <Guui> ... what about 8-11?
[10:30] <Thelper> believe it where God is
[10:30] <catman1> And snow were you trying to send me something also??
[10:30] <Thelper> the true one
[10:30] <SnowFireWatches> it doesnt matter what my "version" of truthis - the "ultimate truth" is not changed by opinion
[10:30] <Thelper> onyl goes to 7
[10:30] <catman1> I think hes trying to send me something
[10:30] <mrmagic526> thelper you need to read this book called "The urantia book"
[10:30] <Thelper> hence why number 7 seens as heavenly
[10:31] <SkAtchison> Do you widh to end at some point SnowFireWatches?
[10:31] <mrmagic526> Urantia Book | Urantia Foundation | Custodian and Publisher of The Urantia Book since 1955
[10:31] <mrmagic526> it's quite interesting and goes with what you say
[10:31] <ZiggyStarchild> Nder's on CNN
[10:31] <ZiggyStarchild> Nader
[10:32] <Guui> Ooh.. That's interesting. You see M-theory predicts 11 dimension. If you bend this a little you can get it down to 6 dimensions. 5+1+5. 1 dimension that balllances the two of them. Like particles and sparticles.
[10:32] <mrmagic526> says the name of the earth in the spirtual realm is Urantia. However it teaches of several other things as well. Quite good
[10:32] <vlady> Is Alex back yet?
[10:32] <Thelper> hmm curious money making
[10:32] <Thelper> not sure of it
[10:33] <ZiggyStarchild> Alex!!!
[10:33] <Thelper> where can I dl the adobe one
[10:33] <Thelper> like rest books
[10:33] <Thelper> i get
[10:33] <mrmagic526> thelper the whole book is online for free. The printed version is so you can read it without being on the net
[10:33] <Thelper> oh
[10:33] <mrmagic526> it's over 1000 pages
[10:33] <Thelper> wnhere?
[10:33] <mrmagic526> Urantia Book | Urantia Foundation | Custodian and Publisher of The Urantia Book since 1955
[10:33] <Guui> Are there still pr0n in the future? Or should I burn some CDs just in case?
[10:33] * vlady has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[10:33] * vlady has joined #AlexanderTTOnline
[10:34] <Thelper> so it means the earth book
[10:34] <Thelper> ?
[10:34] <Cyberbomb> there are 7 dimensions, the first is length, the second is width, the third is height, the forth is time (our current residence) and has 2 planes within it, the physical which we type in right now and etheric, etheric is all the energys that we are unable to see, the fifth is eternity, where there are 2 planes of existance and time does not exist, there is no death but only advancement, the first plane in the fifth demension is astr
[10:34] <mrmagic526> guui that's degrading other people why would you do that
[10:34] <mrmagic526> pretty much
[10:34] <mrmagic526> it's about the eternal progression of the human race even after death
[10:34] <mrmagic526> explains the nature of the universe
[10:34] <ZiggyStarchild> pron? isn't that a type of shrimp? (Prawn)
[10:34] <Cyberbomb> the second plane in the fifth demension is mental, where all knowledge resides
[10:34] <Thelper> yes magic
[10:34] <Thelper> that is true
[10:34] <Thelper> we have a true purpose
[10:34] <Thelper> than this life
[10:35] <Guui> mrmagic526: I just waited to see a responce. ignore it.

[10:35] <mrmagic526> ahh
[10:35] <mrmagic526> lunch break is over back to work
[10:36] <Thelper> the energys can be used thou cuberbomb you know this yourself

[10:36] <Guui> Cyberbomb: Have you studied or checked up a little on physics and the M-theory?
[10:36] <Cyberbomb> then we get to the sixth demension electric, and the 2 planes that reside in it causal and buddhic, this demension is completly unknown to my knowledge, then the last demension is the spirit where everything and anything is one
[10:36] <Cyberbomb> no I havent guui
[10:36] <Thelper> 7th is where god is absolute
[10:36] <Thelper> cyber
[10:36] <Cyberbomb> care to brief me =D
[10:36] <Guui> I sugest you do that.

[10:36] <Thelper> no one I know of has reached it yet
[10:37] <Thelper> ppl lucky to get to 6ths
[10:37] <Cyberbomb> haa haa haa thelper, if some reached there how could they tell u of it =D
[10:37] <Thelper> for brief time
[10:37] <Thelper> true
[10:37] <Thelper> but it would be at end of 108 cycles
[10:37] <SnowFireWatches> so as it breaksdown backwards we are all but portions of the 7th as well as every other singles seen and unseen thing
[10:37] <ZiggyStarchild> God is always absolute
[10:37] <Thelper> i bet
[10:37] <Thelper> yep
[10:37] <catman1> Alex try me at
[10:37] <Guui> M-theory is a unification of the 4 known forces... radiation, gravity, electro magnetic and that 4th one which name I never remembe rin english for some obscure reason.
[10:38] <SnowFireWatches> in yourlanguage then it is what guui?
[10:38] <Cyberbomb> hey alex, feel free to join in any time =D
[10:38] <Guui> Wait I'll look it up instead.
[10:38] <Guui> been bothering me.

[10:38] <Cyberbomb> heh
[10:39] * SnowFireWatches sets mode: +v vlady
[10:39] <Thelper> they dont know the other forces do they like pyhsic energys thou
[10:40] <Cyberbomb> hmmm, u guys talk about 12 deminsions, gimme a sec, i need to find something that will help me explain this better
[10:40] <Thelper> which can be sued to create telepathy and telekinesis, cryokinesis, pyrokinesis, etc
[10:40] <SnowFireWatches> probably part of the electric one thelper
[10:40] <vlady> tx snow
[10:40] <SnowFireWatches> sorry vlady
[10:40] <SnowFireWatches> i couldntsee you
[10:41] <Thelper> it do with our mind
[10:41] <Thelper> and focusing it
[10:41] <Thelper> part your brain so yeah proabbly
[10:41] <Thelper> electric
[10:41] <Thelper> well can generate lighting
[10:41] <Thelper> also
[10:41] <Cyberbomb> the 12 dimensions refers to the sub planes within the 7 dimensions =D
[10:41] <Thelper> but that would take so much energy and practise
[10:42] <SkAtchison> Is Alexander no longer present?
[10:42] <vlady> AFK
[10:42] <vlady> brb
[10:42] <Thelper> alex time is short on water no
[10:42] <ZiggyStarchild> Alex!!!
[10:42] <Thelper> so if I show him cryokinesis he can create water out the air
[10:42] <Thelper> to drink
[10:42] * vlady has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[10:43] * vlady has joined #AlexanderTTOnline
[10:43] <Cyberbomb> alex is probable talking to cat about the radio show
[10:43] <Cyberbomb> w/b v =D
[10:43] <Thelper> k
[10:43] <Thelper> cyber im glad u knowe what im talkign about
[10:43] <Thelper> you experienced it
[10:43] <Thelper> so got no doubts
[10:43] * SnowFireWatches sets mode: +v vlady
[10:43] <OmegaKnight> isn't cryokinesis freezing of water?
[10:43] <Thelper> but same way can create water
[10:43] <Thelper> yes you can create ice
[10:43] <Thelper> our nothing or create it from water
[10:44] <Guui> OK there is no special name for it, it seems. In english it's just refered to as the "strong nuclear force"
[10:44] <Thelper> using ya mind
[10:44] <OmegaKnight> ic
[10:44] <vlady> brb
[10:45] <ZiggyStarchild> k vlad
[10:45] <Thelper> method of creating ice is slowing down the molucules once you created it to water it start to freeze it, same way making fireballs is speed them up till they grow hot, thou it has potentional to be little dangerous the fire as it atoms you are working with
[10:45] <Thelper> dont want to accidently split one now do you
[10:45] <Thelper> haa haa haa
[10:47] <Guui> No not 12 dimensions. There are just 11 (but 6 if you just see the last 5 as dimensions to ballance out the first 5 ones... loose theory and highly philosophical one).
[10:47] <Thelper> and yes nuclear reaction to high lvl energys experimenting is indeed possible so i wouldnt try anything so advanced such yet
[10:47] <Thelper> acients had this knowledge u read storys of citys been destoryed for no reason wiped out?
[10:47] <Thelper> but the dark ages had no nukes no?
[10:48] <Guui> fire and catapults do some nice work.
[10:48] <Thelper> no legitly huge explosion
[10:48] <SnowFireWatches> there is evidence that india had a nuclear exlposion about 10000 years ago
[10:48] <Thelper> destroying the city
[10:48] <Sanddog> whaaaaaaaaaat
[10:48] <Sanddog> link?
[10:48] <Thelper> yes that is what im talking about snow
[10:48] <SnowFireWatches> k gimme time
[10:48] * Jorune sets mode: -m
[10:48] <Guui> Meteor crash
[10:49] <Thelper> technology sint onyl way split atoms
[10:49] <catman1> Alex are you back here???
[10:49] <Thelper> magick is a type science really you working with molucules etc atoms all that
[10:49] <Thelper> energys are different
[10:50] <ZiggyStarchild> Hindu Calendar-
[10:51] <Guui> OK, can someone copy and paste the proof?
[10:51] <Thelper> what link that site?
[10:51] <catman1> I think Alex is afraid that CTC may try and track him down!!
[10:51] <Guui> I don't feel like reading all that
[10:51] <ZiggyStarchild> Says there were nuclear weapons in the past
[10:51] <Guui> Who's CTC and why would he/she/they/it track him down?
[10:51] <ZiggyStarchild> You have to read the whole thing
[10:52] <AlexanderTT> CTC?
[10:52] <catman1> Coast to Coast
[10:52] <Thelper> alex
[10:52] <AlexanderTT> oh
[10:52] <Thelper> you should learn cryokinesis
[10:52] <Sanddog> hmm
[10:52] <Thelper> so you dont have water problems
[10:52] <catman1> Alex
[10:53] <Guui> I'll just take your word for it.... But 10K years ago we waged wars with rocks, bows and arrows against one another.

[10:53] <SnowFireWatches> so how did it go is alex going to try to appear on C2C catman?
[10:53] <ZiggyStarchild> This was far before that
[10:53] <Thelper> hence where did nuclear waeapon power come from guui
[10:53] <Sanddog> what does this have to do with nuclear blasts
[10:53] <catman1> Im not sure did not get an answer
[10:53] <Thelper> but acient magick practises i call it magick as u know it as that from storys
[10:53] <SnowFireWatches> from alex?
[10:53] <Guui> Meteor crash
[10:54] <Thelper> they know if meteor
[10:54] <Thelper> crash guui
[10:54] <Guui> Some religious fanatics description of a god and what he says and stuff is not proof.
[10:54] <Thelper> hence why snow said proof
[10:54] <catman1> from ALex....there would be no problem with George Noory..Ive known him for 8 years
[10:54] <Thelper> that not proof snow was getting im sure
[10:54] <AlexanderTT> actually thelper.a meteor crash would leave radiation which thousands of years from then could appear like a nuclear explosion
[10:54] <SnowFireWatches> There is an article somewhere about ancient nuclear explosion in India - I will find it later it is nap time for me - need to rest my eyes a little
[10:54] <Thelper> alexanderTT I know for fact
[10:55] <Guui> OK SFW
[10:55] <Thelper> humans can split items with advanced abilitys
[10:55] <SkAtchison> Something along the lines of the TUNGUSKA
[10:55] <AlexanderTT> from alex?
[10:55] <Thelper> wihtout technology
[10:55] <SkAtchison> blast of 1909
[10:55] <AlexanderTT> catman1, I didnt say that
[10:55] <catman1> did not say what???
[10:55] <Thelper> im willnig to teach u cryokinesis Alex so you can make water in your time
[10:55] <Thelper> should help
[10:55] <Thelper> you said water sarce?
[10:55] <ZiggyStarchild> You don't think that was an astoroid SkAtchison?
[10:55] <AlexanderTT> you said from alex, like I said it
[10:55] <SkAtchison> Which I believe was attributted to the same thing
[10:56] <AlexanderTT> i dont think it was a meteor either
[10:56] <catman1> No I guess the words just got switched around..I said I did not get an answer from you one way or another
[10:56] <AlexanderTT> oh i see
[10:56] <Thelper> atoms
[10:56] <Thelper> i mean atoms no items
[10:57] <Thelper> alex u want to learn cryokinesis ?
[10:57] <Thelper> your time having water problems still?
[10:58] * vlady has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[10:58] * vlady has joined #AlexanderTTOnline
[10:58] <SkAtchison> I do not know Ziggy
[10:58] <ZiggyStarchild> thx
[10:59] * GearBrains sets mode: +v vlady
[10:59] <ZiggyStarchild> Truly I felt a BIG meteor (asteroid)
[10:59] <SkAtchison> I believe there are many theories on the subject
[10:59] <Guui> BIG meteor? You mean qa comet?
[10:59] <Guui> a*
[10:59] <Thelper> alex check your pms
[10:59] <AlexanderTT> i believe it was natural fussion


Time Travel Professor
mIRC Feb. 22, 2004; Alexanders chat thanks to KPAX
Posted by: Professor Opmmur
Session Start: February 22, 07:20, 2004
Session Ident: #TimeTravellersInn

[11:00] <ZiggyStarchild> No way smaller than a comet
[11:00] <vlady> oh welcome back Alex
[11:00] <Guui> hehe

[11:00] <vlady> haa haa haa
[11:00] <AlexanderTT> so any good posts on the forums lately
[11:00] <vlady> maybe

[11:00] <vlady> Alex, does MoveOn.Org mean anything to your 'history'?
[11:01] <SkAtchison> I believe some theories also state the possibilty of an erant and unstable singularity.
[11:01] <ZiggyStarchild> Natural fussion?
[11:01] <catman1> Alex did you just want to put a "hold" on the Coast to Coast thing until you think about it and decide???
[11:01] <SkAtchison> As I understand it there are many theories on the subject
[11:02] <mrmagic526> is a flash in the pan. The mainstream media has killed their credibility
[11:03] <vlady> Also, does 25 Feb mean anything?
[11:03] <Guui> Alex: Could you tell me how the worm hole/black hole is created?
[11:03] <mrmagic526> Plus they choose the worst commercial for the advertizing. They should have used the kids who pretended to be president
[11:03] <Thelper> haa haa haa
[11:04] <AlexanderTT> so why the silence everyone?
[11:04] * vlady has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[11:04] * vlady has joined #AlexanderTTOnline
[11:04] <mrmagic526> I'm at work so depends on how busy i am
[11:04] <Thelper> alex read pm
[11:04] <ZiggyStarchild> silence? We're all running our mouths
[11:04] <Guui> Alex: Could you tell me how the worm hole/black hole is created?
[11:04] <catman1> did you read my question?
[11:04] <AlexanderTT> I could Guui
[11:04] <AlexanderTT> and I almost did by accident
[11:04] <vlady> i got disconnected again
[11:04] <Guui> Nice, I'm all ear... eyes.
[11:04] <vlady> grrr
[11:05] <Cyberbomb> ph33r teh b0ld 7x7
[11:05] <SkAtchison> That would be a very interesting configuration Guii
[11:05] <AlexanderTT> ZiggyStarchild, you have never heard of natural fussion?
[11:05] <Guui> :]
[11:05] <vlady> Alex, does 25 Feb mean anything to you?
[11:05] <ZiggyStarchild> Yes I have. Yes didn't see were it related. Thought you didn't know technical stuff Alexander
[11:05] <catman1> Alex have you any idea where the other 11 that came with you"7of 12" are??
[11:05] <AlexanderTT> there is also natural fission
[11:06] <Guui> Alex: What.. you can't tell us the basic theory behind how you create and are able to contain a black hole?
[11:06] <AlexanderTT> i know where one of them is catman1
[11:06] <catman1> can they help your divergence problem
[11:06] <AlexanderTT> I can tell you basics yes, but I will not give a how-to
[11:06] <Guui> No of course not.
[11:06] <AlexanderTT> that is yet to be seen catman1
[11:07] <catman1> oh ok
[11:07] <AlexanderTT> we are not from the same worldline
[11:07] <AlexanderTT> so mathmetically it will be hard
[11:07] <AlexanderTT> but we are trained to solve such a problem
[11:07] <catman1> are you estimating where they are do you have contact??
[11:08] <SkAtchison> Alexander am I to assume that alterations in this frame of reference can in some fashion have an effect in your frame of reference/
[11:09] * CyberbombAFK has joined #alexanderttonline
[11:09] <CyberbombAFK> nazi dalnet disconnects
[11:09] <SkAtchison> That or so rule set which demands that one not discuss that which might alter a defferent frame of reference
[11:10] * JCER has joined #alexanderttonline
[11:10] <OmegaKnight> JCER!
[11:10] <CyberbombAFK> hey kcer =D
[11:10] <JCER> YO
[11:10] <JCER> omega
[11:10] <JCER> im sending you the review now
[11:11] <JCER> i got the pics 2 but i have to edit out my tool bar so theyll follow
[11:11] * foreigner has joined #alexanderttonline
[11:12] <CyberbombAFK> hey for =D
[11:12] * foreigner is now known as Guest74534
[11:13] <CyberbombAFK> u damn nazi dalnet gimme mah nick back
[11:13] <OmegaKnight> Wait... two Cyberbombs
[11:13] <Guui> crash the first one
[11:13] <ZiggyStarchild> K rehearsel is imminent. Must leave. Save logs for me.
[11:14] <CyberbombAFK> how
[11:14] <ZiggyStarchild> Bye
[11:14] <GearBrains> bye ziggy
[11:14] * Cyberbomb has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[11:14] <CyberbombAFK> l8r ziggy
[11:14] <Guui> Like that
[11:14] * guest1232837 has joined #AlexanderTTonline
[11:14] <CyberbombAFK> but how did u do that =P
[11:14] <ZiggyStarchild> Vye Gear
[11:14] <Guui> nvm..

[11:14] * vlady has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[11:14] * f0reigner has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[11:14] * ZiggyStarchild has quit IRC (Quit: )
[11:15] <CyberbombAFK> haa haa haa, why are u using that nick again alex
[11:15] <guest1232837> im having problems with mirc
[11:15] <Guui> You basically just send a lot of text to a nick that doesn't actually have a host connected to it.
[11:15] <CyberbombAFK> someone give me +m plz, it won't let me change my nick till i get it
[11:15] <CyberbombAFK> +v I mean
[11:15] <guest1232837> I cant get my AlexanderTT nick someone else is using it, it said
[11:15] <Guui> When the server can't pass it on it starts growling at the nick and drops it faster.

[11:15] * GearBrains sets mode: +v CyberbombAFK
[11:15] <Thelper> Alex in your time 911
[11:15] <CyberbombAFK> thx gear
[11:15] <Thelper> who did it
[11:16] <Thelper> was it goverment or terrorist
[11:16] <CyberbombAFK> #alexanderthegreattt Cannot change nickname while banned or moderated on channel
[11:16] <CyberbombAFK> -
[11:16] <guest1232837> I wonder who is parading around with my name?
[11:16] <CyberbombAFK> wtf..
[11:16] * vlady has joined #AlexanderTTOnline
[11:16] <CyberbombAFK> let me change my damn damn it mirc
[11:16] <SkAtchison> Alexander am I to assume that alterations in this frame of reference can in some fashion have an effect in your frame of reference/
[11:16] <CyberbombAFK> omg im stupid
[11:16] * CyberbombAFK is now known as Cyberbomb
[11:17] * guest1232837 is now known as AlexanderTG
[11:17] <SkAtchison> Or a rule set exists which demands that one not discuss that which might alter a defferent frame of reference
[11:17] <Thelper> where alex go
[11:17] <catman1> tg
[11:17] <Cyberbomb> alex having mirc probs
[11:17] <Thelper> i c
[11:17] <Thelper> alex about 9/11
[11:17] <AlexanderTG> SkAtchison, it is slighty more complicated than that
[11:17] <Thelper> who was it
[11:17] <Thelper> u must know
[11:17] <catman1> whats the tg
[11:18] <AlexanderTG> someone is using the name AlexanderTT on mirc, I wonder why
[11:18] <SkAtchison> can it be explained without violating your rule set/
[11:18] <GearBrains> want it gone?
[11:18] <Thelper> nah it just not reconised
[11:18] <catman1> oh great!!!
[11:18] <Thelper> it
[11:18] <AlexanderTG> yes
[11:18] <Thelper> wait let me check
[11:18] <AlexanderTG> but it just takes awhile
[11:18] * GearBrains sets mode: -o AlexanderTT
[11:19] <Cyberbomb> guest1232837 is Alexander@ * Alexander
[11:19] <Cyberbomb> guest1232837 on #AlexanderTTonline
[11:19] <Cyberbomb> guest1232837 using Free-Mail, Nachrichten &amp; Unterhaltung - Startseite - Arcor Magazin - Arcor Online Services
[11:19] <Cyberbomb> guest1232837 End of /WHOIS list.
[11:19] <AlexanderTG> I have tried to explain it before, but nobody seems to understand
[11:19] <Cyberbomb> AlexanderTT is ~ttraveler@ * Alexander
[11:19] <Cyberbomb> AlexanderTT on @#AlexanderTTonline
[11:19] <Cyberbomb> AlexanderTT using Client Server
[11:19] <Cyberbomb> AlexanderTT End of /WHOIS list.
[11:19] * GearBrains sets mode: +o AlexanderTG
[11:19] <Cyberbomb> anyone see a certain difference
[11:19] <Guui> AlexanderTG: Explain what?
[11:19] <AlexanderTG> someone is using my name here?
[11:19] <SnowFireWatches> explain it CB
[11:19] <JCER> alexander wats goin on?
[11:19] <AlexanderTG> in this room?
[11:20] <Guui> How you create the black hole?
[11:20] <Cyberbomb> the names snow
[11:20] <AlexanderTG> I am so confused
[11:20] <Cyberbomb> guest1232837 is Alexander@ * Alexander
[11:20] <Cyberbomb> AlexanderTT is ~ttraveler@ * Alexander
[11:20] <AlexanderTG> what the?
[11:20] <Thelper> who is who
[11:20] <SnowFireWatches> so they both look like alex
[11:20] <Thelper> ok onyl alex knows this
[11:20] <Thelper> who did 9/11 alex
[11:20] <Thelper> u should know this
[11:21] <OmegaKnight> They have the same IP...
[11:21] <SnowFireWatches> yes
[11:21] * AlexanderTT has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[11:21] <Guui> This channel is probably seriously lagged right now
[11:21] <SkAtchison> I believe from what I've read from definitions in help, that would be referred to as a ghost
[11:21] [Guui:#AlexanderTTonline PING]
[11:21] <SnowFireWatches> there we alex now switch to your nick
[11:21] * AlexanderTG is now known as AlexanderTT
[11:21] * DWOMT has joined #AlexanderTTonline
[11:21] <Guui> Guess it wasnt
[11:21] <AlexanderTT> oh ok
[11:21] <OmegaKnight> Heheh
[11:21] <Thelper> alex
[11:21] <AlexanderTT> that was weird
[11:21] <Thelper> 9/11 who did it?
[11:22] <Thelper> terrorist or us governement
[11:22] <GearBrains> sorry alex i tried to fix it quicker!the name thing
[11:22] * SnowFireWatches sets mode: +v Guest74534
[11:22] <AlexanderTT> neither thelper
[11:22] <DWOMT> Alex you were right! Ralph Nader is running for president!..We're all DOOMED!
[11:22] * SnowFireWatches sets mode: +v DWOMT
[11:22] <Thelper> who was it then
[11:22] * SnowFireWatches sets mode: +v JCER
[11:22] <Thelper> they are onyl suspects
[11:22] <SkAtchison> As stated before Alexander this system of communication is still in it's infancy.
[11:22] * SnowFireWatches sets mode: +v vlady
[11:22] <Guui> AlexanderTT: Could you, please, explain how you create the black hole now!?
[11:22] <AlexanderTT> yes it is very , "not reliable"
[11:22] <JCER> how do u spell Sincerly
[11:22] <JCER> ?
[11:23] <Cyberbomb> sincerely
[11:23] <Guui> like you just did
[11:23] <Thelper> alex who did the 9/11
[11:23] <Thelper> even I dont know this
[11:23] <AlexanderTT> and allow you to be able to call CERN and let them know Guui?
[11:23] <Guui> Oh yeah.. forgot an extra "e"
[11:23] <Thelper> im sure cern give couple million
[11:23] <Thelper> for that info
[11:23] <Thelper> haa haa haa
[11:23] <Thelper> best keep ya self
[11:23] <Thelper> alex
[11:23] * Guest74534 is now known as f0reigner
[11:23] <Guui> Alex: No for that I would need exact information. I just want basic info.
[11:23] <SnowFireWatches> alex it appears you are avoiding Thelper question: <Thelper> alex who did the 9/11 ARe you?
[11:24] <Guui> Thelpers Q can wait.. I asked first.

[11:24] <AlexanderTT> you remove the volume
[11:24] <Thelper> i asked it like 30mins ago
[11:24] * vlady has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[11:24] <AlexanderTT> it is harder to answer thelper than what you think
[11:24] * vlady has joined #AlexanderTTOnline
[11:24] <Guui> Time is relative. ;]
[11:24] <SnowFireWatches> not really he has asked no less than a dozen times starting frm when he first came in the room
[11:24] <Thelper> well msg me
[11:24] <Thelper> the answer if u dont want everyone knowing
[11:25] <SnowFireWatches> why is it harder alex?
[11:25] <DWOMT> because he doesn't know
[11:25] <AlexanderTT> it wasnt one person or organization
[11:25] <AlexanderTT> but it started with the CIA
[11:25] <SnowFireWatches> he wants to know if it was the US gov't behind it or other outside terrorists.
[11:25] <JCER> Alexander, where are the other tts i believe you are one of many is there any in canada at the moment?
[11:25] <Thelper> so was the sorta governement?
[11:26] <AlexanderTT> it was an original idea by your government
[11:26] <SnowFireWatches> CIA operates outside the influence of the government and that makes sense to me
[11:26] * vlady has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[11:27] <Thelper> but governement still has little influence
[11:27] <SnowFireWatches> so is this brought out by the media anytime soon alex?
[11:27] <AlexanderTT> why attack yourself to cause a war, when you can pay someone to do it
[11:27] <Thelper> noticed the bottom plane
[11:27] <Thelper> what is that extra part on it
[11:27] * vlady has joined #AlexanderTTOnline
[11:27] <AlexanderTT> no SnowFireWatches. however beware of "new evidence" or "information" regarding 911
[11:28] <Cyberbomb> not a good day eh v ;P
[11:28] <Thelper> you mean dont believe it
[11:28] <SnowFireWatches> can you be more specific alex?
[11:28] <Thelper> if the 9/11 was indeed
[11:28] <AlexanderTT> Fingers will be pointed
[11:28] <Thelper> something consircy then it would
[11:29] * Edge25 has joined #AlexanderTTOnline
[11:29] <vlady> no!!!!!!!!
[11:29] <Thelper> be civil war for sure
[11:29] <vlady> haa haa haa..dang irv
[11:29] <Thelper> ppl would not except own government CIA or w/e killing them
[11:29] <Edge25> woah - 2 hrs later and Alex is still on.
[11:29] * SnowFireWatches sets mode: +v vlady
[11:29] <mrmagic526> too much points to our government either doing it on being partners in it
[11:29] <Edge25> hi everyone btw
[11:29] <SnowFireWatches> hi edge
[11:29] <Cyberbomb> hey edge =D
[11:29] <GearBrains> hey edge
[11:29] <vlady> hey edge
[11:29] <AlexanderTT> well except for that time when I cowardly ran away from a question, haa haa haa
[11:29] <AlexanderTT> haa haa haa
[11:29] <AlexanderTT> haa haa haa


Time Travel Professor
mIRC Feb. 22, 2004; Alexanders chat thanks to KPAX
Posted by: Professor Opmmur
Session Start: February 22, 07:20, 2004
Session Ident: #TimeTravellersInn

[11:30] <SnowFireWatches> alex - so even if the fingers point at the CIA I should beware the info?
[11:30] <Thelper> alex you dont know who was beihind it then?
[11:30] <Thelper> totallty?
[11:30] <vlady> did u post that email to CERN?
[11:30] <Edge25> so...what kind of things have you been talking about. anyone care to provide a brief summary?
[11:30] <Edge25> yes I did vlady
[11:30] <SnowFireWatches> mo
[11:30] <AlexanderTT> the information wil not lead to the CIA it will try to spur more warfare aginst terrorism, do you understand?
[11:30] <SnowFireWatches> haa haa haa -been gone too long
[11:30] <LynneSny> hi all
[11:30] <Thelper> yeah I do
[11:30] <SnowFireWatches> ok
[11:30] <SnowFireWatches> thank you alex
[11:30] <Thelper> but I asked did u know who it was
[11:31] <Thelper> not predictions
[11:31] <vlady> LYNNE!
[11:31] <JCER> isnt thelper a tt?
[11:31] <mrmagic526> in otherwords more lies
[11:31] <AlexanderTT> it is true that it was actually done by al-quada, members, thelper
[11:31] <Edge25> yes JCER...well, when i say yes, I mean he is claiming to be a tt
[11:31] <JCER> whats his story?
[11:31] <JCER> wat time?
[11:31] <SnowFireWatches> alex do the USA use it attack SA?
[11:31] <catman1> Alex did you get my 2 e-mail addresses??
[11:31] <SnowFireWatches> saudis?
[11:31] <SnowFireWatches> or try to?
[11:32] <Thelper> thanks alex
[11:32] <Thelper> it was CIa funded it then
[11:32] <Edge25> JCER - he's from 4000 or something and astrally projected here, something like that anyway
[11:32] <AlexanderTT> yes catman1, do you have messenger for yahoo yet?
[11:32] <JCER> WAT?
[11:32] <vlady> haa haa haa
[11:32] <catman1> I have to downlaod it I guess!!
[11:33] <SnowFireWatches> yes - its easy catman
[11:33] <AlexanderTT> well you wished to speak privately
[11:33] <catman1> ok
[11:33] <Edge25> why not msn messenger?
[11:33] <SnowFireWatches> yahoo messenger go to
[11:33] <Guui> OK... Did you finish talking about 9/11 now?
[11:33] <mrmagic526> they even have a java beta they are using at yahoo if you don't want to download it.
[11:33] <vlady> MicroMonster!!! Edge
[11:33] <mrmagic526> 9/11
[11:33] <vlady> haa haa haa
[11:33] <SnowFireWatches> i didnt
[11:33] <mrmagic526> 9/11
[11:33] <mrmagic526> y9/11
[11:33] <mrmagic526> haa haa haa
[11:34] <AlexanderTT> wait a minute, was my formula shown to be right or wrong? I forgot
[11:34] <Thelper> Boris I believe 100% alex im not sure on, as didnt even believe technology could time travelt this early, but boris knows so much and backs claims with proper knowledge as I had deep talking of cryokinesis with him
[11:34] <SnowFireWatches> I am trying to get specifics regarding the new info
[11:34] <Thelper> and he knows of it
[11:34] <AlexanderTT> someone posted a link
[11:34] <Thelper> he calls his ability sonickinesis
[11:34] <SnowFireWatches> Who is the new info geared to attack?
[11:34] <AlexanderTT> I forgot
[11:34] <Guui> Well finish it so Alex can explain the basic theory of making a black hole and being able to contain it in such a small space without being sucked in...
[11:34] <mrmagic526> alex what is the next country the USA invades.....
[11:34] <Guui> Who cares!!
[11:35] <Thelper> wait sec
[11:35] <vlady> haa haa haa at Guui!
[11:35] <SnowFireWatches> alex - you forgot who it is geared to descredit?
[11:35] <Thelper> magic is making good point
[11:35] <Edge25> you would care if you lived in the country i suppose
[11:35] <Thelper> that would make many believe u
[11:35] <AlexanderTT> the opposite will happen mrmagic526
[11:35] <mrmagic526> we are invaded?
[11:35] <Thelper> interesting haa haa haa
[11:35] <vlady> i think taht's what he's been saying all along
[11:35] <algol_aida> The Leading Design Hazard Site on the Net
[11:35] <AlexanderTT> no we pull our support out of a country and allow them to be attacked
[11:35] <algol_aida> the black hole mass URL
[11:36] <Sanddog> we're invaded BEFORE we invade anyone else?
[11:36] <algol_aida> looks like the same
[11:36] <SnowFireWatches> <AlexanderTT> no we pull our support out of a country and allow them to be attacked - by whom
[11:36] <JCER> Alexander
[11:36] <vlady> aaah... now that is new!
[11:36] <Guui> algol_aida: Seen it
[11:36] <JCER> did u name yourself Alexander because in the movie the time machine the main charecters name is Alexander
[11:36] <AlexanderTT> Guui, you have seen the formula to calculate the mass of a black hole?
[11:37] <Guui> Yes
[11:37] <AlexanderTT> what movie?
[11:37] <Edge25> apparently Alexander the Great is his idol JCER
[11:37] <JCER> o
[11:37] <LynneSny> The Time Machine
[11:37] <catman1> I just dowloaded yahgoo msgr
[11:37] <JCER> The time machine
[11:37] <AlexanderTT> like the book, or different?
[11:37] <SnowFireWatches> and registered a name ?
[11:37] <JCER> like the book i think
[11:37] <catman1> ILl have to go look?
[11:37] <Thelper> alex u xclaimed about free masons
[11:37] <Thelper> hmm
[11:37] <vlady> its meant to be for kids
[11:37] <Thelper> what there role in all this?
[11:38] <SnowFireWatches> if you tell alex how you are registered he can add you
[11:38] <LynneSny> This news story is just what Alex and JT have been telling us
[11:38] <Thelper> I know USa dollar has there symbols but what is free mason role/
[11:38] <AlexanderTT> Guui, have you seen the formula to calculate the circumference of an event horizon?
[11:38] <LynneSny> Now the Pentagon Tells Bush: Climate Change Will Destroy Us
[11:38] <JCER> i g2
[11:38] <Thelper> u not mentioned them since
[11:38] <JCER> later
[11:38] <Edge25> Thelper - being from the future, would you not know all this?
[11:38] * JCER has quit IRC (Quit: )
[11:38] <Guui> AlexanderTT: Nope
[11:38] <catman1> I already had a yahoo account and I just put that and my password in...was that right
[11:39] <AlexanderTT> want me to post it?
[11:39] <AlexanderTT> i dont know if you have it in your time yet or not
[11:39] <GearBrains> go ahead and post it alexander
[11:39] <Guui> Sure post it
[11:39] <Edge25> post what? sorry i'm having trouble keeping up!
[11:40] <GearBrains> event horizon formula
[11:40] <catman1> I have the little Yahoo thing in the bar down by the clock
[11:40] <SnowFireWatches> so all youneed to do is get alex to add youto his friends and then you can chat about coast to coast!
[11:40] <AlexanderTT> C b = 4pieGM b / c to the second power
[11:40] <GearBrains> thank u
[11:40] <Edge25> oh right
[11:40] <Guui> Oh, I like pie. :]
[11:40] <SnowFireWatches> Lynne - yes - Jorune brought that to out attention this morning -
[11:40] <SnowFireWatches> alex was here
[11:40] <LynneSny>

[11:40] <catman1> My yahoo account was midnightwx(like my e-mail) was that the right thing to enter
[11:41] <AlexanderTT> well I dont have a pie symbol on the keyboard
[11:41] <SnowFireWatches> yes
[11:41] <catman1> when I right click ther are several options send instant message etc
[11:41] <SnowFireWatches> alex please add to your friends list for catman1 so we can get passed this :)
[11:42] <Guui> You mean pi? 3.14~
[11:42] <SnowFireWatches> wait
[11:42] <SnowFireWatches> i got it wrong
[11:42] <SnowFireWatches> haa haa haa
[11:42] <catman1> midnightwx
[11:42] <AlexanderTT> yes pi
[11:42] <vlady> yes thats wht he means
[11:42] <Guui> hehe
[11:42] <AlexanderTT> i was spelling it so you could all read it
[11:42] <Guui> I liked pie better tho.

[11:42] <SnowFireWatches> = catman1
[11:42] <Thelper> well that claim wrong thou that article according to JT
[11:42] <SnowFireWatches> alex^^
[11:42] <catman1> thats right
[11:43] <SnowFireWatches> or catman if you have alex yahoo account you can add him
[11:43] <Guui> OK.. C is the speed of light and also how to track time.. what are the rest?
[11:43] <DWOMT> well gotta go to work guys..see you tonight..laterz
[11:43] * DWOMT has quit IRC (Quit: )
[11:43] <Thelper> alex what do u make of this
[11:43] <Thelper> Now the Pentagon Tells Bush: Climate Change Will Destroy Us
[11:43] <vlady> hmm stab in the dark by non-science person: G is gravity, M is mass of black hole
[11:44] <algol_aida> guui: G is the grav. constant, M b is the mass
[11:44] <vlady> C is einstein constant?
[11:44] <Guui> b is mass?
[11:44] <algol_aida> M subscript b
[11:44] <algol_aida> mass of the black hole
[11:44] <AlexanderTT> G is Newtons gravitational constant 1.327 x 10 to the 11th kilo's to the third per second to the second
[11:45] <Guui> OK, b is the visable size of the black hole and M is the actuall mass of it?
[11:45] <AlexanderTT> c= speed of light 2.998 x 10 to the 5th kilo's per second
[11:45] * MadIce sets mode: +v Edge25
[11:46] <algol_aida> no, it is written M with a subscript b to indicate which object's mass it refers to
[11:46] <AlexanderTT> C b is the circumference of the event horizon
[11:46] * vlady has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[11:46] * vlady has joined #AlexanderTTOnline
[11:46] <AlexanderTT> that is waht we are calculating
[11:47] <AlexanderTT> let me post it again, maybe I messed it up
[11:47] <AlexanderTT> C b = 4piGM b /c to the second
[11:48] <AlexanderTT> is my computer malfunctioning again, or is everyone silent?
[11:48] * MadIce sets mode: +v vlady
[11:48] <Guui> Yeah have it written down now... But what do you mean "to the second"? As in time or 2nd?
[11:48] <Cyberbomb> were just listening to u
[11:48] <Cyberbomb> 4piGM, do u mean 4pieGM??
[11:48] <vlady> raised to thepower of 2 [sqyareed]
[11:48] <Guui> sqrt then or x²
[11:49] <AlexanderTT> yes squared
[11:49] <Thelper> c b = 4pigm b /c explain meaning of each letter
[11:49] <AlexanderTT> howd you post that x 2 Guui
[11:49] <vlady> yeah!!!
[11:49] <vlady> haa haa haa
[11:49] <Thelper> anscii?
[11:50] <Thelper> s`'-?k>+£
[11:50] <Guui> OK lets see how this would actually look then. C*b = 4*pi*g*m*(b/c²) right?
[11:50] <Cyberbomb> Û
[11:50] <algol_aida> more like C{b} = 4*pi*G*M{b}/(c^2)
[11:50] <vlady> yes aida!
[11:51] <vlady> The event horizon formula ive just found is:
[11:51] <Cyberbomb> ½
[11:51] <AlexanderTT> yeah algol_aida
[11:51] <Cyberbomb> =P
[11:51] <vlady> 2GM/c^2
[11:51] <algol_aida> it's hard to write math symbols in plain-text
[11:51] <AlexanderTT> yes it is
[11:51] <Guui> OK good.
[11:51] <vlady> interesting how it deviates
[11:51] <vlady> changes...
[11:51] <AlexanderTT> changes?
[11:52] <Guui> So now I have both formulas and also understand the basic theory behind them. How would this be aplyed in practice?
[11:52] <vlady> im not a science person Alex, so to me its changed by adding some other factor...???
[11:52] <Guui> I don't mean "give me numbers".
[11:52] <Guui>

[11:52] <algol_aida> let's wait for the large hadron collider to get online first
[11:52] <algol_aida> and then collide some peta-eV particles
[11:52] <MadIce> Math ASCII Notation - Mathematics at
[11:53] <MadIce> Math ASCII notations
[11:53] <algol_aida> ah great
[11:53] <vlady> good one Ice
[11:53] <Cyberbomb> nice ice =D
[11:53] <AlexanderTT> i just thought it would ammuse you Guui
[11:53] <vlady> you can be my wingman anytime!
[11:53] <Guui> OK, what I really want to know... is how you can create this black hole and not be sucked in the very second you create it.
[11:53] <MadIce> Google is your friend

[11:53] <SkAtchison> Ah math the true language of the past, present and future.

[11:54] <vlady> lollol
[11:54] <Guui> Trying to put a black hole in a capsule just seems... unwise.

[11:54] <Thelper> math important most, the basic maths
[11:54] <Edge25> guys, you do all realise that Titor has been proved a hoax don't you?
[11:54] <vlady> maybe its created already in the capsule!?
[11:54] <Thelper> 3rd dimention is maths
[11:54] <AlexanderTT> you must create another to contain the event horizon , hence two micro-singularities, that is the easiest way I can explain it Guui
[11:54] <vlady> where's the original post Edge?
[11:55] <Edge25>;t=001081;p=8
[11:55] <vlady> thanks
[11:55] <Thelper> lenght height width
[11:55] <AlexanderTT> this will be good
[11:55] <AlexanderTT> wait I read that before, it proves nothing
[11:55] <Cyberbomb> length width height ;P
[11:55] <AlexanderTT> unless I am reading the wrong part or something
[11:56] <Edge25> Titor told Pamela a key-word to remember, and this word was a secret. The Titor Foundation then comes along and tells Pamela the key word that only Titor knew.
[11:56] <Thelper> looks me ppl trying making money of JT
[11:56] <Thelper> is all
[11:57] <Edge25> looks like the whole thing was a money-making scam from the beginning
[11:57] <Thelper> y go such trouble
[11:57] <Thelper> thou
[11:57] <Thelper> sure
[11:57] <Thelper> his parent didnt tell the place
[11:57] <Thelper> it?
[11:57] <Cyberbomb> peoples lives could be at stake if titors predictions r real
[11:57] <AlexanderTT> i wonder how many people guess the key word before they go tit right?
[11:58] <Cyberbomb> haa haa haa
[11:58] <Thelper> tit?
[11:58] <LynneSny> lolaw
[11:58] <AlexanderTT> sorry got it right
[11:58] <Edge25> but this was such an obscure key-word, song or whatever that ONLY John Titor would know it
[11:58] * Jovial_Kitten has joined #alexanderttonline
[11:58] <Thelper> oh
[11:58] <Edge25> sorry Alex, the game's up
[11:58] <Cyberbomb> hey jov =D
[11:58] <Guui> Hello kitten ^^
[11:58] <AlexanderTT> no Edge25, it was a song and I know of it and what it is, so HOW MUCH OF A SECRET IS IT
[11:58] <Edge25> I would love to know your motives for doing this though??
[11:59] <SkAtchison> I would tend to believe that should a word have been chosen it would have been specifi to both individuals as it's meaning would be easily identifiable
[11:59] <Jovial_Kitten> hey guys
[11:59] <AlexanderTT> no Edge25, it was a song and I know of it and what it is, so HOW MUCH OF A SECRET IS IT
[11:59] <Edge25> email Pamela then and tell her the song
[11:59] * MadIce sets mode: +o Jovial_Kitten
[11:59] <Edge25> that would prove that you knew JT're JT yourself
[11:59] <AlexanderTT> me and pamela has talked before, and we should talk again
[11:59] <Edge25> have you told her the song?
[11:59] <AlexanderTT> no , and I will not


Time Travel Professor
mIRC Feb. 22, 2004; Alexanders chat thanks to KPAX
Posted by: Professor Opmmur
Session Start: February 22, 07:20, 2004
Session Ident: #TimeTravellersInn

[12:00] <Thelper> I dont see y JT bother with pamela
[12:00] <Edge25> why?
[12:00] <Thelper> unless she opart
[12:00] <Thelper> scam
[12:00] <Thelper> a female be alot more beleivable
[12:00] <Cyberbomb> what does the jt foundation knowing the keyword prove??
[12:00] <Thelper> if it female
[12:00] <Thelper> but still
[12:00] <AlexanderTT> because I dont want her to believe me, or care
[12:00] <Thelper> he right about one thing
[12:00] <Thelper> there war coming
[12:00] <Guui> That it wasn't that big of a secret?

[12:00] <Thelper> ifd it in next 14yrs
[12:00] <Thelper> or 40
[12:00] <Thelper> it will come
[12:00] <Edge25> that the person(s) behind John Titor have not jumped to another timeline but are here right now trying to make money via the JTF
[12:01] <Cyberbomb> I love how u refer to a female as an "it" thelper ;P
[12:01] <AlexanderTT> I dont want you to believe me either, I just want to have a nice conversation and , we can both mutaully learn from one another
[12:01] <SkAtchison> Why would a female be more believable. It was my understanding that males are logical females are emotion on a general level. Being emotional they would tend to more deceptive not less.
[12:01] <Edge25> wait, if i found Pamela's email adress for you would you not even take 1 minute of your time to email the name of the song to her?
[12:01] <AlexanderTT> good point SkAtchison
[12:02] <AlexanderTT> I know pamala's email address
[12:02] <Edge25> well...
[12:02] <AlexanderTT> you forget we have been talking
[12:02] <AlexanderTT> and our conversations are non of your business
[12:02] <Guui> We always wage wars... we... I mean you stupid humans (I'm smart I didn't even join the military and don't like violence or guns... unless it's on a computer screen and in 3d) just love to wage wars.
[12:02] <Edge25> ok, fair enough, I'll email her and ask her if you've told her the name of the song
[12:02] <Guui> :LOL:
[12:02] <Thelper> skatch cuz ppl like thinking more of can i impress her than looking into waht she saying notice she at point everything whole time
[12:02] <Thelper> ?
[12:02] <Thelper> just make observation it could be guy
[12:02] <Thelper> using female name
[12:03] * mrmagic526 has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[12:03] <AlexanderTT> i havent told her the name of the song Edge25, and I wont
[12:03] <Edge25> because you don't know it
[12:03] <Jovial_Kitten> pamela has been around since 2000..I highly doubt she's going to put up an act like that for long.
[12:03] <AlexanderTT> yes I do
[12:03] <SkAtchison> As Alexander could be female or Edge25 could be an alien from beta reticuli ... it is simple observation
[12:03] <Cyberbomb> haa haa haa
[12:03] <Edge25> well why not email it to her? prove you knew JT?
[12:03] <Thelper> jovial if it making her alot money
[12:03] <Thelper> why not?
[12:03] <Jovial_Kitten> pretending that someone's a tt is one thing...pretending to be a women when you're man is another.
[12:04] <Thelper> 3yrs acting making few hundred k
[12:04] <Thelper> it just a opinion
[12:04] <Thelper> didnt say it was truth
[12:04] <Jovial_Kitten> You can't pretend to be a women if you're a man! that is REALLY really hard.
[12:04] <AlexanderTT> it would prove nothing, it would however give her false hope and un-due emotional strain!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[12:04] <Edge25> false hope of what?
[12:04] <Cyberbomb> false hope?
[12:04] <Thelper> nah not so it easy, unless voice chat
[12:04] <AlexanderTT> dont you get it Edge25
[12:04] <Edge25> no i don't maybe you should explain
[12:05] <AlexanderTT> dont you understand the connection between JT and pamela?
[12:05] <Edge25> they were friends
[12:05] <AlexanderTT> of course they were friends
[12:05] <AlexanderTT> and?
[12:05] <SkAtchison> I believe he is indicating they are in some fashion related
[12:05] <Thelper> or same person
[12:05] * Guui suddenly sees Terminator 1 flash by in an inner vision
[12:05] <Cyberbomb> haa haa haa
[12:06] <Edge25> according to Pamela that's all they were: friends. According to her they only ever talked via the net.
[12:06] <vlady> the mother of his future wife?
[12:06] <AlexanderTT> and?
[12:06] <Thelper> hmm feeling for each other
[12:06] <Thelper> which is wierd since he not even from here
[12:06] <AlexanderTT> Edge25, if you dont know the whole story than dont start to try and explain the ending, because you cant
[12:06] <Thelper> she dont know if he real
[12:07] <Edge25> yes, she cared for him, I don't know whether the feeling was mutual or not
[12:07] <Guui> ...and they lived happy ever after.
[12:07] <MadIce> AlexanderTT: Do you know the whole story?
[12:07] <Edge25> maybe you should just spell it out for us for a change Alex instead of messing around for half an hour and then not provide a clear-cut answer
[12:08] <AlexanderTT> no if pam wants to tell you she will, not me
[12:08] <Guui> Yeah, give us the uncut version.

[12:08] <Guui> ....k
[12:08] <MadIce> Because you do not know the story, Alex. Don't claim knowledge you don't have.
[12:08] <Edge25> so, a straight answer please: why won't you prove you know John Titor by emailing the name of the song to Pamela?
[12:08] <Thelper> maybe Jt told him
[12:08] <Thelper> abit?
[12:08] <vlady> so this DOESNT prove JT was a hoax?????
[12:09] <Thelper> he did know JT
[12:09] <Thelper> for while
[12:09] <Thelper> maybe JT told him of pam and feeling of someone he never meet nor seen or new if girl or guy
[12:09] <Thelper> unless they did cam together?
[12:10] <vlady> lmao at Thelper's imagination
[12:10] <vlady> haa haa haa
[12:10] <Cyberbomb> alex, u misread what they are asking, they want to know if u know the story, not to tell them it, although thats what they all want
[12:10] <AlexanderTT> its so amazing how , everyone has been trying for so long to piece together a story and it has been destrorted so much that any little morsel of info is seen as a revalation and taken instantly to be true, as long as it involves "this was a hoax"
[12:10] <vlady> dear oh dear thelper
[12:10] <Edge25> the trouble is Alex...we've seen NOTHING to prove this story is real
[12:10] <Guui> /agree
[12:11] <AlexanderTT> or fake
[12:11] <MadIce> It is amazing that people kept the hoax so long alive when you didn't provide one piece of evidence.
[12:11] <Thelper> I can prove my claims simplar fact giving u methods to do it yourself..
[12:11] <Edge25> the evidence on the 'it's a hoax' side FAR outway the evidence for the 'it's real' side
[12:11] <AlexanderTT> so why dont you spend the time that you would be using to try and prove it a hoax with your family instead??
[12:11] <SkAtchison> If I understand the concept properly for this particular reality it is not true eitherway as Alexander would be from entirely diffrent reality.
[12:12] <AlexanderTT> i have yet to see ANY evidence Edge25
[12:12] <Thelper> the RPG game
[12:12] <Thelper> was interesting evidence
[12:12] <MadIce> I have just spend time with my family. I felt that was more important. Satisfied?
[12:12] <Edge25> Alas Babylon
[12:12] <Thelper> but could be luck
[12:12] <AlexanderTT> coincidence
[12:12] <AlexanderTT> yes MadIce
[12:12] <SkAtchison> This concept reamains true wehter it is mental or mechanical.
[12:13] * Jovial_Kitten yawns
[12:13] <AlexanderTT> what amazes me is that everyone is so worried whether or not it is true or hoax
[12:13] <Thelper> but hmm im claiming magick but i can prove it so hmm I have give him benfit of doubt
[12:13] <AlexanderTT> what does it matter?
[12:13] * MadIce pushes Jovial_Kitten... Wake up!

[12:13] <Jovial_Kitten>

[12:13] <AlexanderTT> either way, you might have learned something, or learned to look at something a different way
[12:13] <Edge25> well, let me think...the small matter that, if this is true, 3bn of us will be dead in 11 years time
[12:13] <Cyberbomb> it does matter to people alex, what u say threaten people LIVES and all they care about here..
[12:14] <SkAtchison> Logically speaking what Alexander speaks of is not true for this place as he is not of this place.
[12:14] <AlexanderTT> your point Edge25?
[12:14] <AlexanderTT> I did not kill them personally
[12:14] <Thelper> he means you scaring ppl
[12:14] <Cyberbomb> no, but u have info that determines weather they lvie or die
[12:14] <Thelper> ansd telling them to fight now etc
[12:14] <Guui> I'm in Sweden, as I understand it I'm safe. ^^
[12:15] <MadIce> Logically speaken he is of this place, because he didn't provide any information that proves otherwise.
[12:15] <Thelper> there such thing caleld winds
[12:15] <Thelper> you realise ppl
[12:15] <Thelper> heard of fallouts?
[12:15] <Cyberbomb> nobody likes change, and your telling them theres going to be the biggest one in history, they don't want to prepare for what isnt there
[12:15] <Thelper> who cares if u die
[12:15] <Thelper> u get to go astral

[12:15] <SkAtchison> Which now brings us to mental which doesn't affect anyone either, his rerality is immaterial
[12:15] <vlady> haa haa haa
[12:16] <Edge25> Thelper - why did you just suddenly pop up out of no-where as soon as the Alex story started gathering speed? COINCIDENCE???
[12:16] <AlexanderTT> they should be scared thelper, you should have been scared years ago when the Government started taking away your rights, but NOOOO you had to hear the words NUCLEAR WAR in order to take notice, why not spend the same time trying to make a difference as you do "researching" and trying to "debunk" the JT story
[12:16] <Thelper> yrs ago
[12:16] <Thelper> ?
[12:16] <Thelper> weasnt same person
[12:16] <Thelper> I dont fear dseath alex
[12:16] <SkAtchison> Death is unavaoidable why worry about something that cannot be changed
[12:16] <vlady> this sounds like what Boris is saying, except the context is imminent warfre
[12:16] <Thelper> I looking forward to cleasning
[12:16] <Thelper> as it makes much betetr world
[12:17] <AlexanderTT> excatly SkAtchison thank you!!!
[12:17] <Cyberbomb> because when people go rebel they die , disappear, never to be seen again, were under power which to many people support to try and chalange it
[12:17] <Thelper> in future
[12:17] <AlexanderTT> we challenged it
[12:17] <AlexanderTT> and won
[12:17] <AlexanderTT> and so shall you
[12:17] <Thelper> boris I believe alot
[12:17] <Cyberbomb> not me, i live in canada ;P
[12:17] <AlexanderTT> just a matter of time
[12:17] <Thelper> he says 2030 is cruel times
[12:17] <Thelper> adn not trust ya some reason
[12:17] <Guui> Alex: You can't be sure of this... this is after all a different time line.
[12:18] <AlexanderTT> but it looks identical to mine, Guui
[12:18] <AlexanderTT> so far
[12:18] <Edge25> why don't you go back to 2039 and help make a difference there Alex instead of pissing about on Mirc?
[12:18] <vlady> What guui says is right from how i understand timelines
[12:18] <Guui> Who says anyone will survive in this time line? Maybe we'll get a nuclear winter.
[12:18] <AlexanderTT> hey guess what Edge25, I will, but not on your request
[12:18] <Edge25> i was requesting anything, I was asking
[12:18] <Cyberbomb> alex is here on a mission, so he is helping his time edge ;P
[12:18] <AlexanderTT> Guui, we can play the maybe game all day
[12:19] <AlexanderTT> maybe, me and JT caused the war?
[12:19] <Guui> Well that's what we've been doing up to now as well.
[12:19] <AlexanderTT> maybe I am 8 yr old kid?
[12:19] <Edge25> but Alex, your mission is complete right? you have the immortal don't you?
[12:19] <AlexanderTT> maybe your insane and I dont really exsist?
[12:19] <AlexanderTT> it is not complete
[12:19] <Edge25> maybe you're a hoax?
[12:19] <Cyberbomb> he needs to gather info on us to by interacting with us edge =P
[12:19] <AlexanderTT> and if it was, I would still be here
[12:19] <Jovial_Kitten> i am insane. but you still exist.
[12:19] <Jovial_Kitten>

[12:20] <AlexanderTT> maybe I am a hoax?
[12:20] <Cyberbomb> haa haa haa
[12:20] <vlady> haa haa haa at kitten
[12:20] <AlexanderTT> what does it matter
[12:20] <MadIce> The fun part of this IRC conversation is that people are trying to win arguments on the fly. Reality is that these victories are short term. Substantial evidence is not provided. Until then... bable away.
[12:20] <Thelper> im Alex you said freemason
[12:20] <Thelper> have somethign do with it
[12:20] <Edge25> if he wanted to 'gather info' why did he need to announce to everyone that he's a time-traveller. seems like attention-seeking to me.
[12:20] <Guui> Maybe the war doesn't come, maybe it does but not as bad, maybe it comes and is exactly as "fortold" or maybe it comes and it's a little bit worse... maybe it comes in such a force that nothing but ashes and snow will cover the surface in a nuclear winter.
[12:20] <Thelper> why u not talking baoutthem no more?
[12:20] <Cyberbomb> your not alex thelper ;P
[12:20] <Jovial_Kitten> Alex,what would you like to talk about?
[12:21] <AlexanderTT> anything jov
[12:21] <Thelper> alex plz answer why u claim free mason had something do with it
[12:21] <Thelper> but not anymore?
[12:21] <AlexanderTT> I didnt
[12:21] <Edge25> some crap about messages on a dollar bill or something probably Jovial
[12:21] <Thelper> you said look your money
[12:21] <Thelper> it has free mason symbol on it
[12:21] <AlexanderTT> I just told of the freemasons earlier, and said I was one at one time
[12:21] <Thelper> and they can find u by money
[12:22] <Jovial_Kitten> well it just always seems that SOME people..harass him for hours and then he doesn't get to talk about what he came in to talk about.
[12:22] <AlexanderTT> no the US military will find you by money
[12:22] <Jovial_Kitten> so I was giving him that chance
[12:22] * Jovial_Kitten shrugs
[12:22] <vlady> i dont think the metal strip in money had anything to do with freemasons.. just that Alex said he was one at some time
[12:23] <Thelper> he talked of the meaning
[12:23] <catman1> Alex I have set up Yahoo msgr...but if I use your e-mail it says 7of 12 does not there something you need to do????
[12:23] <AlexanderTT> well, I WAS talking about mathmatics behind the C404, but somewhere the subject changed when Edge25 entered
[12:23] <LynneSny> How about the old style of money, Alex?????
[12:23] <Thelper> of the money and freemasons was refernece live by shield, controled by sword or something
[12:23] <Edge25> i could type out nonsense formulas all day Alex, doesn't mean anything
[12:23] <vlady> they;re not nonsense Edge
[12:24] <Edge25> i'm not a physicist so i wouldn't know
[12:24] <Cyberbomb> can I make a suggestion... lets get whatever we can from alex now and if events turn out to be predicted use it, if not trash it or make a book "great hoaxes of the internet" ;P
[12:24] <vlady> yeah but it may be useful in proving himself couldnt it?
[12:24] <AlexanderTT> well if you was, right about now you would be listening and not talking!
[12:24] <Thelper> haa haa haa
[12:24] <Thelper> nice one cyber
[12:24] <Jovial_Kitten> people thousands of years ago would have though e=mc2 was rubbish.
[12:24] <Edge25> but i have had a email back from CERN (just a second ago) saying that that formula your typed earlier WOULD NOT WORK
[12:24] <AlexanderTT> excellent idea Cyberbomb
[12:25] <Jovial_Kitten> I agree edge
[12:25] <Jovial_Kitten> not edge
[12:25] <vlady> why didn you tell us earlier Edge?
[12:25] <Jovial_Kitten> cyberbomb
[12:25] <AlexanderTT> yeah right
[12:25] <Jovial_Kitten> doh.
[12:25] <Cyberbomb> haa haa haa
[12:25] <AlexanderTT> email from CERN saying it would not work
[12:25] <Edge25> because i just got it literally a second ago
[12:25] <AlexanderTT> it wasnt suppose to do anything
[12:25] <Edge25> that's what it said Alex
[12:25] <AlexanderTT> it was just a claculation of mass
[12:25] <Cyberbomb> if its a hoax, we can atleast make money off it in the after math =D
[12:25] <Thelper> haa haa haa
[12:26] <vlady> haa haa haa
[12:26] <Thelper> alexander keyrings haa haa haa
[12:26] <Edge25> yeah, while we're at it why not set up an Alexander Foundation and sell Alexander t-shirts, cos that's the way this is heading
[12:26] <SkAtchison> Weren't a majority of the original founding fathers freemasons/
[12:26] <AlexanderTT> I dont want your useless money Edge25
[12:26] <Guui> Egde25: You mean this one -> C{b} = 4*pi*G*M{b}/(c²)
[12:26] <Thelper> yep
[12:26] <Cyberbomb> makeing money is a good thing edge, im sure u want some to =D
[12:26] <Jovial_Kitten> you're not getting any of it:p
[12:26] <AlexanderTT> no Guui, my first one
[12:26] <vlady> no gui that's the circumference
[12:27] <Jovial_Kitten> we're keeping the little money we get.
[12:27] <Jovial_Kitten> haha.
[12:27] <Guui> where was the first one,,....
[12:27] <Edge25> Guui - i don't know which one it was, i know nothing about physics (just about scraped a C at GCSE level)
[12:27] <Jovial_Kitten> that was a the way.
[12:27] <Cyberbomb> ill buy meself a server with the money and host webpages =D
[12:27] <Guui> The Leading Design Hazard Site on the Net that one?
[12:27] <AlexanderTT> yes Guui, the formula to calculate mass
[12:28] <Guui> What wrong with it?
[12:28] <AlexanderTT> Edge25, says CERN sais it doesnt work, haa haa haa
[12:28] <Thelper> he prob sent it wrong or lieing like did to me
[12:28] <Cyberbomb> alex: can the micro singularitys also be used to create an invisability effect??
[12:28] <Thelper> that time
[12:29] <Guui> Yeah I saw he typed that.. just wanted to know which one he was refering to
[12:29] <vlady> ok.. that cant be right, the formula is on the Internet
[12:29] * AlexanderTT is trying to pull Edge25's foot out of his mouth
[12:29] <Cyberbomb> heh
[12:29] <Edge25> yeah i was lying. sorry about that but Alex does it all the time
[12:29] <Guui> haa haa haa
[12:29] <Jovial_Kitten> so?
[12:29] <Thelper> see'
[12:29] <Cyberbomb> shame on u edge, u should learn from other peoples mistakes ;P
[12:29] <Thelper> edge you credibility going down when you dot hat
[12:29] <Jovial_Kitten> thats like saying..well the presidents cheat on their wives all the time. that means I can too!!
[12:29] <Thelper> you realise
[12:29] <Thelper> you lied to me
[12:29] <Thelper> 2
[12:29] <Thelper> now everyone
[12:29] <Thelper>