Penguins are actually aliens. And this is NOT even satire.

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Heh, I can definitely see this in my mind. A magnificent day dream in my head is right now playing out and now the penguins have staged a military coup and have seized control over several key nuclear capable submarines!

I've seen a few of them in person and they just appear to be snow birds that cannot fly but who am I to say? I do not know but it seems like they would want to be doing something better than hanging out in mass on cold shores?

Now jellyfish that can technically live forever reverting to adolescence or squid I can see being not from this world or sentient A.I

Penguins though? This is not the first time I've heard this. A user on a platform who goes by MAG posted content about this but failed to deliver on seriousness of the idea.


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Ahhh....That old Alien Penguin theorem again.....?



This is what penguins do to their own for being a snitch.


This is how they cover it up!

Best to just move along now......Nuthin' tuh see here!!