Peruvian "gates of the gods" - symbolic stories or real technology?

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For instance nowadays it reminds me of Rayman 3,Minecraft,Doom,Quake (computer games/video games),Rick and Morty(tv show/cartoon)portal to the Mars…etc. eventually Stargate.
Mysterious stone monuments are found all over the planet. So far, we do not know the purpose of their creation or the function they served in the past. It's no wonder, then, that people come up with incredibly crazy theories. One of them refers to the relics of the former inhabitants of today's Peru.

In 1996, a rock structure called the Gate of the Gods was discovered. Jose Luis Delgado Mamanu, a local guide, was responsible for finding her. While admiring the landscape of Hayu Marca, a mountainous region in southern Peru, he came across a huge structure resembling a door carved in the rock. It turned out that Peruvian legends tell about a place where, according to them, an Inca priest called Amaru Muru, fleeing from the conquistadors, moved to the world of gods. His mission was to take a golden disc called the "key of the seven rays" from his temple. After reaching Hayu Marca, the man showed his key to the priests and shamans of the area. After an appropriate ceremony, the gates to the other world were opened and blue light emerged from inside. The story ends when the priest hands over the golden disk to one of the shamans and crosses the threshold of the gates.

Stories about mysterious "doors" are quite common in Indian folklore. According to ancient legends, the smaller doors were intended for the souls of deceased people, while the larger ones were used only by goddesses and gods during their presence on earth. Gates to the land of gods, which can be heard from Indian legends, were also a common element of stories about great heroes, who, as a reward, passed through a mysterious door where they were rewarded with immortality and eternal happiness. It is worth noting that this is not the only structure in Peru referred to as the Gate of the Gods. Another structure located near Lake Titicaca, called Tiwanaku by the locals, also has a similar structure. Of course, there is much more, and if you look at the available evidence, Gates of the Gods can be found almost all over the world.

Therefore, the more interesting sounds are the FBI documents made public a few years ago, which directly suggest that the responsibility for the flying saucer phenomenon may lie with interdimensional beings. By reading one of the fragments we can learn, for example:

A very serious situation may arise in connection with "flying saucers". If one of them were to be attacked, the attacking aircraft would most likely be destroyed. For the public, this may be a reason for panic and international suspicion. The information we have must be analyzed, no matter how fantastic and idiotic it may sound to unprepared minds.
1. Some of the disks have crews, others are remotely controlled.
2. Their mission is peaceful. These aliens (originally visitors) are considering living on this planet.
3. These aliens are humanoids, but they are much taller than humans
4. They do NOT have a "planet" in our sense of the word.
5. They do NOT come from another planet but rather from another plane of existence that is not accessible to our way of perception.
6. The bodies of beings and the hulls of their vehicles materialize automatically when they enter our frequency range.
7. The disks can emit a strange type of energy beam or beam that can easily disintegrate any attacking ship. They can re-enter another plane of existence at any time and disappear from our field of view without any trace.
8. The area from which they come is not one of the "astral planes" but is to some extent connected with the concepts of Lokas and Talas. Students of esotericism (I may have made a mistake in the translation) will know what I mean.
9. You probably can't contact them by radio, but you might be able to contact them by radar if your signal system is configured properly.

The above fragment is only a small part of what could be read in the FBI documents. Assuming that the existence of parallel planes of existence contained in many world religions (including Christianity) is true, then God's Gate technology would be a perfectly reasonable solution for introducing people to this different frequency or density. At this point, it is difficult to say whether humanity's lack of faith in the myths and legends of ancient cultures comes from our extensive knowledge or perhaps from an unhealthy skepticism that obscures the long-discovered truth about the history of the human race.