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Temporal Engineer
Plan B is the name of a TV mini series. 6 episodes. What is Plan B? It's a travel agency. Actually the agency picks you up and sends you back in time to a point of your choosing. Phillip is the main character. Things aren't quite going the way he would like. So he enlists the help of Plan B to let him go back in time to correct a mistake he made in the past. He uses Plan B much more than once. It's a fascinating show to watch. The last episode left me wanting more.

If you get a chance, download it.


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I thought this would be about abortion pills. Anyhow sounds somewhat fascinating though I probably will never get around to watching it. Any good actors in it?


No actors that I have seen before. But the twists and turns of the drama kept me watching.
That's a series made in Quebec with local actors. I heard it had been translated to other languages, but I didn't know it aired yet.

We watched season 4 a couple of weeks ago.

Like you said, the twist and turns (often dark turns) are awesome and unexpected.

The premise of the show is so simple, yet it's so well executed. Love that show. :)

Each season features a new set of characters.


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I love small productions from unexpected places that turn out world's better than one would expect! This sound like one of those. Plus, Quebec had another series ehhh, probably 15+ years ago that followed a group of women in their early 20s as they came to Montreal from whatever other places Canada has and found community, and grew as people, etc. and it was really good. Can't recall if it was exclusively lesbian-focused or if they were just very present in the show, but it may have been a Montreal equivalent of The L Word. Anyhow, it was better than anything put out by the U.S. prior to Lena Dunham's Girls.