Political dueling ground


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Political dueling ground

Originally posted by Unintentional@Jun 24 2004, 05:17 PM
We don't need to repeal the 16th admendment, just have someone in power with the balls to acknowledge that it was NEVER ratified!! Besides income taxes, so many bad things have occured due to this admendment. Redistribution of wealth. It spawned a huge lobby to represent interests to twist income taxes theier way. It took accountability for welfare from the local level to a national level (i.e. NO ACCOUNTABILITY). I could go on and on and perhaps I will...later.

I propose a national sales tax. This way EVERYONE pays. Absolutely NO DEDUCTIONS, EXEMPTIONS, or ANYTHING! (This will kill the lobby industry.) The shawdow economy that works for cash will finaly have to pony up. Does anyone see what might be wrong with a national sales tax? If you wanted to make sure the rich paid a higher percentage, you could graduate the national sales tax as well. The more expensive an item the higher the NST on it. A jug of milk at $3.00 might be taxed at 4% NST, a $40,000,000 yaht might have a NST of 30%.

Any thoughts?


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I'm with you bro. At the same time have you seen the White House proposal for a national sales tax to replace the current income tax system? They're talking about a stated rate of 23%. By the time it all comes down, the analysis I've read says it'll be more like 29%. Not a problem with me, but think of the 40% or so of our citizenry that pay no income tax now. Sure they pay some Social Security and Medicare tax on wages, but, a fair number of this group gets an Earned Income Credit. This credit is refundable even if you paid no income tax (you get a rebate on some of your SS and Medicare tax - sometimes 100%+). Think of the political fallout of trying to pass a tax that requires the non-income tax paying 40% to suddenly start kicking in. It would be a roar greater than a 2,000 ft. sunami crashing on the shores of Japan. "Pay my own share MF??!! You got to be kiddin' me??!! The CEO's are all sittin' pretty, bangin' they hoes, stealin' from the company and they don't pay crap compared to what I pay as a percentage of gross income!!!" It would be political Kryptonite to anyone backing such a proposal. All the screaming liberals would be on it like white on rice.

It would be Hillary Clinton's most desirous wet dream. She and husband both got million $ plus book deals and Bill is making a fortune on the speaking tour. Plus they're both set up with government pensions and free health care, Secret Service, and Presidential perks for life. Think they give a rat's ass about you and me? Absolutely not. Of course, I'm not giving any slack to what's left of the freakin' "Republican" party who have joined the spend-a-holic whore fest that Washington has become. What was a conservative politcal party, has morphed into an almost identical blur of the Democrats. They need to join forces as the Demopublicans or the Republicrats. Same crap, different day. At least one, hopefully two new political parties are needed here IMO.

The easiest tax to pass is to tax the "rich." The "rich" by political definition is the upper-middle to upper middle class. They bear most of the brunt of our current taxation structure. Remember the truly rich (millionaires +) only compose about 3% of the US populations. The super wealthy (ruling elite) comprise way less than 1% of the population but with political money, they control politics, and politics controls most things. If you're not part of the ruling elite, you're out in the cold. How do the power elite dynasties (Kennedy's, DuPont's, Rockefeller's - hell, you know most of the names) keep passing wealth on to future generations? Tax and estate planning available pretty much only to the super wealty. I know, it's part of what I do. Trusts are the main tool of wealth preservation, and the super wealthy are all about trusts.

Redistribution of wealth is what gets politicians re-elected. Is it fair, right or just? Hell no. In the end years of a democracy that's what happens - always has been, always will be. Politicians pass laws that get them re-elected, not what's fair or right or just -- just what gets them re-elected. The ruling elite get to keep theirs. Everybody else gets to bend over and give it up. Get used to it. If the analysis I read is any indication, we (the greater American populace) will become more dependent on Mother Federal Empire before it all self destructs. We've probaly got another decade or four, barring a revolution, before that happens. Read up on the decline of the Roman Empire. We're following that path nicely, 'cept the end won't be so nice. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the sooner you accept it, the sooner you'll be able to do something different. Like not suffer so much, and actually do something about it.

Remember, I'm on your side.