Portable prison cells unloaded in Provo, Utah (PHOTOS)


Portable prison cells unloaded in Provo, Utah (PHOTOS)

New Lego Building Blocks for the Big Boys!
I received the following communication today. It appears the Government has new Lego building blocks to play with. Prison cells that are designed to snap together to build a prison anywhere at any time to meet the demand. The new Lego style can be snapped together to make a hundred, a thousand, or hundred thousand cell prisons, two, three, or ten blocks high. Rather expensive to make these mobile type units don't you think? Our government must see a need for them somewhere. Your home town when needed maybe?

Move em in, move em out when and where needed! The people need to confiscate a few of these units and stack them in DC and Wall Street. They are truly needed there and could be put to good use.
>> Four Winds 10 - fourwinds10.com (Click on the link for the pics)