Schematics Portal Control Modulator MK1 (One Professor Opmmur's Time Travel Machines)

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See you don't need 1GHz frequency because almost nothing in nature operates on that high degree. Energy changes what energy doesn't do is make a carbon copy of itself. What you are hoping to do is to move energy to a previously known state of existence. This may not be possible. I use to believe in a multiverse but even if that is possible that new multiverse will generate its own history and future that is not the same as ours. Also there is the question of almost 8 billion suns being born every second of every day. That type of gravity should be detectable.

Point I am making is if you want to go into the past, best you can do is perhaps see the past digitally generated by a device. Interacting with it would be impossible.

That said micro black holes is a concept that got traction in 1971. It is speculated that it will require minuscule mass and exist for only spit seconds if that. So what makes them significant. Energy, they can theoretically "as far as I know i have not look into this for years" be measured in electron volts.

SO now for the practicality. If it is that tiny and you have something that can detect it, it should be possible to create a field to feed it and capture it. slowly boosting the energy you might be able to sustain it. Now this is where you need to be able to visualize cosmic radiation "that is actually cool looks beautiful" then create a magnetic field around a section that has frequent spikes in radiation and perhaps "IF lucky" you can observe one with very sensitive instruments and then figure out IF it is even possible to capture it.

Bolting a few amps together and push mass power trough them is not going to create anything but cool scary sparks and perhaps a table fire...