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confido esse meruit
Sep 21, 2017
Finally got the work done just before the snow fell.
Two 20’ @ 1 ½” dia copper tubes with soldered end caps, placed diagonally within the four compass points, 10” under ground
Grid point 349.5 cm high x 216 cm across with Mobius coil within, constructed of PVC pipe, coal dust and 21 gauge magnet wire grounded on each side with copper rods 20” into ground – diagonally centred under portal.
After the wooden portal was constructed and pipes placed underground, the copper dowsing/divining rods which previously showed no movement at all, diverged rapidly at the south entrance to portal.
Now working on tying the two HDR’s together
Will also try Bluetooth speaker connected to online tone generator
Finally I have started to take Ormus twice daily and am already experiencing clearer thinking and extremely vivid dreams.
Will update as work progress.


Jan 29, 2018
I'll be following this as well for updates. I read the pdf you included in your other thread, while keeping an open mind. The author mentions using a dowsing rod, which actually lowered my skepticism. My unique find was pinpointed in that exact way.

I'm not sure about the time of day but the phenomenon I'm familiar with occurred on very very cold and calm nights, don't know if that will help. I've actually never built anything but I have tried to form some crackpot theories. I'd never purposely time travel again, unless I had some control over where and when. Not a fan of nearly being killed and feeling like I'm lost for good.

Good luck, be careful and take a waterproof, shock resistant camera with you, if you don't want to be taken as a hoaxer. Maybe some food as well, unless you actually can control it.
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