Predicting!!!<<Mind Fear & Protection>>

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Predicting!!!&lt;&lt;Mind Fear &amp; Protection&gt;&gt;

Mind Fear & Protection!
The moment we started to exsist we needed Protection..from everything...
to live we need some basics food water ect...
But far from that our mind starts to experiance more and more and by time we start to recognize our Ego.
Our Ego is our protector..How he protect us,,Is very funny and sometimes and why...From my Personal Experiance I would love to share what I learned from my self with you..
I noticed that whatever I do it's essence is Fear..let me explain it in a simple way...from eating a choclate to becoming a powerfull person in the world,from the most needed thing to live to the most greedy thing....the essence is Fear..How?this is how I think It works..
Every one of us likes and dislikes doesnt metter what they are but the important thing is that they exsist.Like when we eat something we love we feel comfrtble, but when we dont our Mind becomes nervous,soon by the time we feel depressed..and if life treated us in more vilount way we may suicide just to feel more secure...yes we all do everything for security...
We need it ...we eat chocolate for security and we become more powerfull then some people becoes we need extra security...the more You become powerfull man On the earth the more U lack self confident Secuity.Fear becomes very Active in our Mind...Some people Are of very weak charachter,when people yell at them they cant do anything,becoz they dont want to upset the man more so the man becomes more violent then it already was,,and in the same situetion some people will punch the person who had yell at them becoz they wont feel secure by the Idea that they where yelled at...So in Both Extrems we all do it for Protection and security,Lack of self confidence and Becoz we are full of Fear.
This can only understood By people who Aalyze themselves..And people who start to...We will notice that getting Married having a child go to work,praying,skiying,gambiling,sweeming,fearing and being Brave and evrything that people can experiance in this life is From Fear ,Lack of self confidene ect...
What do we do to get out of this situetion.Te Only thing is that we Activat the power In our Mind of Unconditional Love...We all Did some good Unconditionaly even in the smallest things in life...That means that we all have it in our Mind..But the problem is that we are Ignoring it...


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Re: Predicting!!!&lt;&lt;Mind Fear &amp; Protection&gt;&gt;

The mind is an excelent TOOL but a very poor Master. It is never content. It is constantly chewing, weighing, worrying every single line of thought like a puppy with a bone. Fear is an emotion that dwells on the lower part of the scale of emotions. While it may have been useful for protection tens of thousands of years ago.

Unchecked, it has the ability to cause us to react falsely to the outer world. It can stifle growth and have us avoid experiences that are necessary to the forward progression of our consciousness. Fear is the voice of the Ego, the little self which cares for naught but it's own desires and wishes.

Self introspection and self analyzation is useful in some fashion but it can also become a negative tool if left to its own devices. Much the same way of over cooking pasta, knowing when to quit, produces the best results.