Predictions of the future


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Predictions of the future

The following list of predictions are not made by a time traveler but by a person posting on a physics board. Blair provided the link. I think they serve as a good control group to measure what nontime traveler predictions look like.
03-27-2004, 12:19 AM

I would like to start this forum and encourage people to add to the dates below regarding how they think dicoveries and 'firsts' will unfold in the future. The timeline below is nothing more than a vague idea at how I think things might occur... also...I've puposely not included things like world-war 3 or 'robot-wars' for obvious reasons so keep it to technology...

(please add between or after any dates)

2007 -- Discovery of Higgs Boson
2008 -- First Confirmed Human Clone
2015 -- Permanent Moon Base
2016 -- China recognized as Global Superpower
2018 -- Ektoskelton Enhaced soldiers
2020 -- Designer Babies
2022 -- Europe recognized as Global Superpower
2025 -- First govt. Quantum Computer
2027 -- First Nuclear Fusion Power Plant Operational
2029 -- Earth Population 10 Billion
2030 -- First Manned Mars Mission
2031 -- Human Longevity Treatment
2032 -- Commercially Available Quantum Computers
2035 -- Construction of Martian Colony
2040 -- First Artificially Intelligent Entity Created
2050 -- Superstring theory experimentally validated
2051 -- Verification of Compact Higher-Dimensions
2055 -- Shortlived Microscopic Blackholes created in particle accelerators
2060 -- Fusion Powered Spacecraft
2062 -- First Manned Mission to Jupiter
2065 -- First Manned Mission to Saturn
2070 -- Scientific Resarch Outpost on Europa (Jovian Moon)
2080 -- Casimir Energy Utilized as Energy Source on Small Scale
2085 -- Experiments with Microscopic Singularities as Power Sources
2090 -- Experiments with Microscopic Singularities as Propulsion Mechanism
2100 -- Singularity Used to Curve Space as Propulsion Source (Alcubierre Style)
2105 -- FTL Research Program
2120 -- First FTL Drive
2124 -- First Unammed Mission to Proxima Centauri
2130 -- Unmanned Exploration of Local Group of Stars
2150 -- Casimir Energy Used To Maintain Stable Wormhole Mouth
2180 -- Experiments into Stability of Compact Dimensions
2190 -- Experiments into Superstring Annihilation
2200 -- Short-lived Wormhole Created
2215 -- Experiments into Direct Manipulation of Size of Compact Dimensions
2250 -- Zero-Point Energy Utilized as Energy Source
2260 -- Compactification of Localized Region of Large Dimension
2270 -- Dimensional Contraction Drive For Spacecraft Propulsion
2285 -- Stable Wormholes
2300 -- Creation of Baby Universe In Lab
2340 -- Direct Manipulation of Physical Constants of Baby Universe
2340 -- Inflaton Field Used to Inflate Designer Baby Universe
2345 -- Einstein Rosen Bridge Used to Link Our Universe to Baby Unverse


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Predictions of the future

Here is another non-time-traveler timeline.

This document consists of two separate but closely related works: the Timeline (this page), and Perspectives.
The Timeline is a general outline of future history, and somewhat conservative and circumscribed in what it offers the reader. The Timeline is meant to be the 'harder' (or more factual/credible) of the two works, in terms of science and predictions. But this also means the Timeline must be more generalized, more risk-averse-- and also peter out entirely as we venture into the deep, deep future, where everything must ultimately give way to outrageous guesswork (partly due to technology advancing to levels indistinguishable from magic, as a famous quote by scientist and author Arthur C. Clarke suggests).

Perspectives takes up where the Timeline leaves off, offering more risky speculation and outright fiction about what the future may bring, than is suitable in the Timeline. Perspectives helps illustrate some of the possibilities implied by the Timeline, as well as how certain select personalities of various periods might perceive (and exploit or respond to) their circumstances. Perspectives includes facts and speculation about mankind's past, as well as its future. Virtually all credible historians and archaeologists agree that there's many puzzles and mysteries regarding our past that have yet to be resolved.

Both the timeline and perspectives take a highly optimistic view of humanity's possible future. This optimism largely ignores or heavily discounts the many threats to humanity's survival and prosperity which currently exist, and appear to be mounting almost by the day. Not the least of the risks sidestepped here stem from the latest findings of SETI and related astronomical research. For it appears most (perhaps even all) technological civilizations in our galaxy destroy themselves not long after they reach our current stage of development. The references supporting this conclusion may be found in my study The rise and fall of star faring civilizations. For my current best recommendations as to how we might avoid a similar fate, please see Civilization's best defenses against war, t*m, technological stagnation, and economic ruin. For a somewhat philosophical perspective, please see The war for our destiny.

2001 AD-2049 AD: Human civilization is rocked by technological upheaval and growing uncertainties...

2001 AD-2002 AD: Notable developments of the early years of the third millennium
The USA leads global capitalism and democracy into new and troubling territory, by increasingly encouraging business monopolies, anti-competitive behavior, and worse, via lax govt. policies; America is also pushing increased censorship and secrecy, and reductions in civil liberties, free speech, and innovation worldwide, implementing these directly at home via new laws, and indirectly elsewhere as other nations follow its lead (or are paid or intimidated into doing so); software complexity is reaching crisis levels; and the hallmark of the 21st century (uncertainty) makes its debut in several big ways near the dawn of the third millennium.
2003 AD-2008 AD: Newborns get a longer lease on life, child entrepreneurs reshape business, Hollywood shaken to its roots
Hollywood studios and other 'big' entertainment institutions (and their related elite) are being adversely impacted by PC and internet developments; significant extensions to life expectancies for newborns; child entrepreneurs are forcing big changes to business and employment law and practices, as well as rules relating to legal maturity and asset ownership; the net crashes some overpriced real estate markets; battery life in consumer electronics is improving dramatically.
2009 AD-2017 AD: The net reshapes the world, 'perfect' organ replacements for the wealthy, contagious insanity, the introduction of 'second skins', and the rise of the vigilantes
The internet permeates our lives and begins radically reshaping our institutions, even as breakthroughs in other fields promise fundamental changes in living standards and all future human endeavor; personal computing gets still more powerful even as costs drop further; net users in the developed nations are becoming increasingly isolated in terms of typical historical human interaction; the first crude 'second skin' applications arrive; some forms of insanity and other surprising afflictions prove to be literally contagious; the danger of mass effect biochemical weapons use peaks for most developed states; the wealthy enjoy 'perfect' organ replacements; there are significant increases in the numbers of people taking to the sea to live and work; vigilante organizations rise in prominence and influence.
2018 AD-2025 AD: Consumer robotics and personal virtual realities go mainstream
Personal virtual realities are taking marketshare from TV, radio, films, and other media; near paperless offices, wireless appliances becoming the norm; consumer robotics go mainstream; do-it-yourself medical care becoming ever more practical and effective for many ailments; adequate hardware to support human level intelligence at consumer level prices becomes available (but suitable software remains elusive).
2026 AD-2049 AD: Accelerated environmental decline, increased religious conflict, and a wholesale plunge into VR by citizens in the developed nations (to escape mounting stresses)

The emergence of the 'Bounty Economy'; rampant identity theft and other cybercrimes lead to the first and most important privacy vs. security issues being resolved; substantial religion-related conflict erupts; budgetary priorities undergo fierce turf fights in the developed nations, with education and other consumer services usually winning; the human senses are technologically expanded in wondrous new ways; the final elements fall into place to allow software-based human level intelligence to become widely available; 98% of all cancers become curable; mini-subs and STOL/VTOL warplanes (both unmanned) are the cutting edge of warfare; tactical nuclear, biological, and space-based weapons use in conflicts not uncommon; traditional aircraft carriers now obsolete; troops enjoy numerous micromachine-based aids and supplements; environmental decline due to pollution, accidents, t*m, war, and excessive harvests becomes alarmingly obvious now, but business continues to actively lobby governments for minimal regulatory remedies.
2050 AD-2600 AD: Human civilization and the Earth are transformed...

2050 AD-2081 AD: Traditional religions being usurped by younger, more exotic beliefs, geopoliticals in turmoil, and enormous strides in personal mobility for all

Perhaps the most stressful period in modern human history continues, so far as the common citizen is concerned. The continuing conflicts in regards to religion result in the decimation of traditional religions and the rise of new, often advanced intelligence/extraterrestrial based beliefs in their place; a full-scale collapse or reformation of many geopolitical states is underway; a boom in gambling; environmental disasters affect everyone; nuclear/other mass destruction t*m and accidents; emerging virtual states take on increasing importance; major developments in Antarctica; a virtual world war centered on north america which shifts considerable assets and influence from previous geopolitical and corporate powers to all new players; mid range to high end personal vehicles tend to be hybrid electric carriage/hovercraft machines, often the size of circa 1998 Recreational Vehicles (RVs), as technology and other factors are rapidly making permanently mobile homes preferable to traditional real estate (in developed regions); new military options include weather control, devastating micromachine pestilence clouds/carpets, self-repairing aircraft, heavy cyborg soldiers, and deep robotic support for operations.


2082 AD-2183 AD: Talking without speaking, widespread human (and other) cloning, the return of human slavery, continued environmental degeneration, startling advances in VR and manufacturing, and the terraforming of Mars gets underway
Clone slavery and cyborgs, free markets and gambling run amok, and continued global environmental degradation mark this time. Virtual defections of citizen loyalties from geophysical governments to blooming virtual states are mounting. Improving VR quality and emerging Star Trek-like replicators seduce citizens into an apathetic view towards the worsening environment and other matters. Man-made earthquakes/tidal waves, robot squads led by invisible heavy cyborgs, deep cover contingency forces, and subterranean theaters are added to military options. Consumers enjoy second skins of a quality comparable to light duty space suits, and the first Mars terraforming operations take place.

2184 AD-2272 AD: Androids, nanotechnology, lightspeed transport, and the terraforming of Venus begun

Elevator service to orbit, wholly micro-machine-based humanoids, force fields and a form of artificial gravity, antimatter power sources, lightspeed EM transporters and matter replicators ala Star Trek, all come online. Prosperity sweeps the globe; world governments and business endure yet another wrenching restructuring; the arrival of the first true space boom (virtually the entire solar system begins to be colonized or commercialized in one form or another); t** use of asteroids and/or comets as weapons; colonization expeditions to nearby solar systems. The incidence of slavery subsides again (so far as clones and other organic sentients are concerned); the final collapse of USAmerica occurs (into a far smaller and less significant state); animals boosted to sentiency; practical immortality becoming a reality; high biologicals gain embedded superhuman capacities; hybrid terraforming of Venus begins.

2273 AD-2350 AD: The line between imagination and reality is becoming blurred as d**** becomes obsolete, faster-than-light communications become possible, and citizens trade-in biological bodies for nanotechnology forms

Much of ancient mythology and more modern fictions come to life, and instant communications across infinite distances becomes available (with some caveats) via Einstein-Rosen-Podolsky Pair technologies; advanced pure nanotechnology bodies become available; significant mental stability problems afflict many citizens which have transitioned wholly from organic to inorganic platforms; floating homes in the sky become commonplace; d**** is becoming optional or accidental rather than compulsory.

2351 AD-2600 AD: Faster-than-light transport, and AIs make progress in legal status
Instant ERP transport across infinite distances becomes available (though powerful transceivers must be constructed first via more conventional means at intended destinations-- i.e., sublight spacecraft must first be used to enable ERP destination stations); space exploration/exploitation increases substantially; artificial intelligences are promoted from outright slaves to indentured servant status.

Beyond 2600 AD

ATTENTION science fiction writers: One of the reasons I created the timeline in the first place was to help nurture the creation of 'hard' science fiction across-the-board. Nothing so ruins a science fiction novel for many readers as a glaring implausibility, either in terms of technology or a reasonable historical order to events. Even small errors of this sort tend to get magnified with the passage of time-- as can be witnessed in much science fiction written five, ten, and twenty years ago. Plus, the 'harder' or more grounded in real science and history your fiction is, the more truly educational it will be for both youself and your readers, thus possibly offering us all much more than momentary entertainment: knowledge and ideas which might help everyone exposed to them in all sorts of ways in their own lives and pursuits. So I encourage writers to use this chronology as a springboard from which to launch their own speculative fiction, with perhaps inclusion of a note acknowledging me and my web site where appropriate (see copyright notice below). Any caveats? Yes. Please respect my own fictional efforts by avoiding more than passing references to my own unique Perspectives characters (J. Staute, Kerri, Cluke, the Pearsalls, etc., etc.). And if such references to my characters are included in your work, please do not make any significant changes to the course of those events specifically depicted here (unless of course your story explicitly describes an alternate or parallel universe or dimension(s), distinct and separate from that portrayed on my site). If you feel strongly that a particular event in the timeline/perspectives requires correction or improvement of some sort, please email me about it -- I often make modifications as suggested by readers. Second caveat? The timeline/perspectives is regularly updated and expanded as warranted by breaking news and ideas and thus is always subject to significant change without warning (though I always strive to maintain as much consistency and feasibility as possible throughout). -- J.R.M.
The above article(s) come from and make references to a collection copyright ? 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 by J.R. Mooneyham (except where otherwise noted in the text). Text here explicitly authored by J.R. Mooneyham may be freely copied and distributed for non-commercial purposes in paper and electronic form without charge if this copyright paragraph and link to or are included. Please see additional text below concerning external references cited on this site.


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Predictions of the future

Here is another timeline

The Predictions and Prophesy Time Line

- by Jay
A possible time-line based on everyone's predictions


Marks Arafat and Pope signed agreement

August 27- Mars close approach to Earth symbolizes coming of \"The End\"

August 31- A sign shown in the heavens (On this date scientists observed asteroid that could hit earth 2014)

Beast arrives unseen and hidden to the world

North Korea and US meet to prevent Atomic Holocaust

Preliminary peace signed between Arabs and Israel

October 11- Jews gather for a great feast, the \"Two Witnesses\" among them

October 15- Feast interrupted Jews flee to mountains

Cold winter for world


Famine and mass starvation

Strange weather patterns

Moslem Dome of the Rock destroyed

Internment camps in US

Missile strikes New York?? (BibleCode)? ? ??

October- Two witnesses begin teaching


US and UK agreements

Bio warfare threats alarm; US, China, UK, and Russia

Arab peace treaty

Small pox k*** 14,000? (BibleCode)

September- Ominous signs appear across world


Year signals the \"End Times\"

Earthquake strikes China? (BibleCode)

Jews begin to rebuild temple

Israel under UN protection

Beast reveals himself to world

August- Jerusalem invaded

September- Asteroid \"Wormwood\" approaches Earth

UFOs appear

5 year 9-11 anniversary

World War? (BibleCode)

Atomic Holocaust

Signs and wonders in the skies


Israel remains under UN protection

Jews reconstruct temple

March 27- Two witnesses stop preaching

Great signs and miracles


Bio warfare threatens US, Russia, and China

Mark of the beast chip becomes widespread

Israel conflict continues


Abomination placed in church

Egypt comes to great harm

Two Witnesses are killed

Mark of Beast becomes mandatory

Armageddon begins


California Earthquake? (BibleCode)

Great plagues befall the entire world

Asteroid destroys much of India



Widespread devastation

Russian asteroid disaster

Grand tragedies befall entire planet


DEC 21- \"The World Ends\" new world begins.


Great t**r.? Depopulated Earth (BibleCode)

Earth?s pole shifts

Unknown Dates

\"Many dates and events that will happen or are predicted to occur are unknown.\"

Arafat assaulted

Pope killed

New Pope takes office

US destroyed

Asteroid Wormwood crashes into sea

The return of Christ \"No Man shall Know the Hour.\"

Wormhole above the Earth appears

UFO invasion

The Rapture

Nations join \"One World\" govt.

Mass illusions

Alien Obelisk found

Vehicle containing records and DNA of Adam discovered

The time the \"Two Witnesses\" begin teaching and their deaths and resurrections are in debate.

About The Time Line

The prophecies and predictions of the time line were made by; The Mayans, The Bible Code, The Bible, ancient prophets, and modern people. Many of the predictions or prophecies described in the time line will happen eventually. Keep in mind however that the dates of the time line are not necessarily those of the event described. The time line should be taken has a reference to end time events that will \"Possibly\" happen rather than a time line of events that \"Will\" happen. For example an implantable chip known has the \"Mark of The Beast\", will be mandatory for the entire world in order to buy and sell. This event \"Will\" happen but the day and hour are currently unknown. Predictions like \"A missile shall strike New York in 2004\" are speculative prophesies that are likely to occur but also may not occur. For that matter some events placed in the timeline may never occur.

They Got It Wrong

Keep in mind that hundreds of prophecies were made regarding the dates 1998,1999, and 2000. Yet when those dates came and went, the world remained the same. Prophets such has Edgar Kacey, Nostrodamus, and Marg Eileen predicted the years between 1998 and 2000 has years of the ?end? times. Even numerous cults and new age churches made the same predictions. The year of the ?REAL? millennium was in 2001, however ?NOBODY? predicted September 11, 2001.


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Predictions of the future

Here is a non-time-traveler based predition of the future from wikipedia

Predictions for the 21st century as of 2003

Please note that these predictions are controversial, and disputed by many other observers: they are listed here to show some late 20th century futurists' predictions of the events of the 21st century so that they may be compared with real events as they happen.

2003: The last birth year of the Millennial Generation. (William Strauss and Neil Howe, 1991)
2005: Third turning (Unraveling, which began with 1984's \"Morning in America\") over; Fourth turning (Crisis era) begins (William Strauss and Neil Howe, 1997)
2006: GNU/Linux becomes the dominant operating system on the desktop (it became the dominant server OS at the end of the 20th century).
2006: Chinese passes English as the most prevalent language on the Internet
2007: Bulgaria and Romania join the European Union
2009: majority of text is created by continuous speech recognition (predicted by Ray Kurzweil 1999)
2010: robots appear with the processing power of lizard brains, capable of autonomously cleaning houses (predicted by Hans Moravec 1998)
2010: The audio CD is no longer the format of first choice
2012: the great cycle of the Maya calendar rolls over
2014: Fish farming, or aquaculture, provides a majority of seafood in the United States
2019: computers pass limited forms of the Turing test; people begin to have relationships with computers; visual, auditory and tactile virtual reality enables people to realistically interact with physically distant partners; automatically driving systems installed in most roads (predicted by Ray Kurzweil 1999)
2020: Peak year of the \"Crisis of 2020\" (Strauss and Howe, 1991)
2027: Crisis of 2020 over; First Turning (New High) begins (Strauss and Howe, 1997)
2029: Human - computer communication via direct neural connections; humans don't work in production, agriculture and transport anymore; computers claim to be conscious and these claims are generally accepted (predicted by Ray Kurzweil 1999)
2030: robots with monkey-like thinking capabilities, able to imitate tasks and solve simple problems, appear (predicted by Hans Moravec 1998)
2038: ctime overflow: The number of seconds since January 1, 1970 will no longer be storable as a 32-bit signed integer. Some expect this will be a second Y2K.
2040: robots comparable in ability to humans appear; soon thereafter, they surpass humans in most abilities (predicted by Hans Moravec 1998)
2047: High over; Awakening begins (Strauss and Howe, 1997) India celebrates 100 years of independence 1947
2049: Nanotechnology produces food without agriculture; nanobot swarms create tactile-realistic projections of people and objects (predicted by Ray Kurzweil 1999)
2050: the biggest war the world has ever seen is over, and rebuilding is ongoing (predicted by John Archibald Wheeler in 2002)
2069: Awakening over; Unraveling begins (Strauss and Howe, 1997)
2099: Humans and computers merge; most human consciousnesses don't employ carbon based hardware anymore (predicted by Ray Kurzweil 1999)

Astronomical predictions
2061: next return of Comet Halley.


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Predictions of the future

Here is a list of prophesies.

Early 21st Century
Legend has it that, in 1143, St. Malachy prophesied that there would only be 112 more popes left before the end of the world. Pope John Paul II is the 110th, which means that the world will end in the early 21st century. According to Malachy, the last pope will be named Peter of Rome. Time will tell. (Skinner p.74-75)
The end of the Kali Yuga and the arrival of Krishna as the Kalki Avatar according to Sree Veera Brahmendra Swami. (Both my sources have disappeared from the Net - you'll just have to take my word for it.)
A number of Internet prophets are predicting that a giant planet called Planet X or the \"Twelfth Planet\" will pass by Earth in 2003 and cause anything from pole shifts to altered orbits or what have you. In any event, the results are supposed to be catastrophic and apocalyptic, yadda yadda yadda....
Major world events beginning in August 1999 will lead to full-scale war in the year 2000, followed by a rebirth from the ashes in 2004, according to Taoist prophet Ping Wu.
Apr 24, 2005
Ted Porter claims that the Second Advent will take place April 23 or 24, 2005. He also said that the Rapture would occur at 6:13 pm (Jerusalem time) on April 23, 2002! Most prophets set their predictions a long time in the future in an attempt to cover their asses, but this guy made this prediction barely 2 weeks before the Rapture was supposed to happen!
Oct 4, 2005
The end of the world, according to John Zachary in his 1994 book Mysterious Numbers of the Sealed Revelation. The Tribulation was to begin on August 28, 1998. (McIver #3477)
Oct 15, 2005
In an earlier posting, Ted Porter calculated that the Second Advent will happen on this date.
Oct 17, 2004
Clay Cantrell puts the dimensions of Noah's Ark through some contorted mathematics to arrive at this day as the date of the Rapture.
Oct 18, 2005
The beginning of Christ's Millennium, according to Tom Stewart in his book 1998: Year of the Apocalypse. The Rapture was to take place on May 31, 1998, and the Parousia on October 13, 2005. (McIver #3226)
Nov 11, 2005
A man named Kjell Wrengsted emailed me, claiming that the 7-year Tribulation started on November 11, 1998, when the Israeli cabinet approved the Wye River Agreement.
An atomic holocaust started by Syria is to take place between the years 2000 and 2006, according to Michael Drosnin's book The Bible Codes (O'Shea p.178). Here's an excerpt from Drosnin's discredited book: \"I checked 'World War' and 'atomic holocaust' against all three ways to write each Hebrew year for the next 120 years. Out of 360 possible matches for each of the two expressions, only two years matched both - 5760 and 5766, in the modern calendar the years 2000 and 2006. Rips later checked the statistics for the matches of 'World War' and 'atomic holocaust' with those two years and agreed that the results were 'exceptional.'\"
The British cult The Family believes the end will come in 2006.
Feb 12, 2006
According to an unnamed Internet prophet, this will be the date of the height of the Antichrist's power. The Antichrist is none other than Prince William of England! (This guy's website breaks an inordinate number of web design taboos. Prepare to be annoyed!)
The unnamed author of suggests 2007 as the year of the Second Coming and the end of the world. He (she?) marks the Sharm Memorandum signed by Israel and the Palestinians on September 5, 1999.
Everett Vasek claims that Jesus might return between 2000 and 2007.
Apr 29, 2007
In his 1990 book The New Millennium, Pat Robertson suggests this date as the day of Earth's destruction. (Abanes p.138)
Aug 2007
Thomas Chase uses an incredible mishmash of Bible prophecy, numerology, Y2K, Bible codes, astrology, Cassini paranoia, Antichrist speculation, news events, New Age mysticism, the shapes of countries, Hale-Bopp nuttiness and more to show that Armageddon will happen around the year 2007, perhaps in August of that year.
Sep 13, 2007
The second Rapture, according to Marilyn J. Agee. An asteroid is also supposed to hit the Earth on this day, she claims. (Oropeza p.89)
Mar 21, 2008
On this page, the Lord's Witnesses use convoluted numerology to demonstrate that \"the end of the world is 2008 March 21st.\" They also claim that the United Nations will take over the world between March 26 and April 24, 2001, and afterward nobody will be able to buy or sell without the Mark of the Beast!
Apr 6, 2008
The beginning of Christ's millennial reign, according to Philip B. Brown.
According to Earth changes prophetess Lori Adaile Toye of the I AM America Foundation, a series of Earth changes beginning in 1992 and ending in 2009 will cause much of the world to be submerged, and only 1/3 of America's population will survive. You can even order a map of the flooded USA from her website!
The final year according to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. (Shaw p.223)
Another possible date for Earth's entry into the Photon Belt. (See the May 5, 1997 entry)
Dec 31, 2011
In an interesting parallel to the Harmonic Convergence concept, Solara Antara Amaa-ra, leader of the \"11:11 Doorway\" movement, claims that there's a \"doorway of opportunity\" lasting from January 11, 1992 to December 31, 2011 in which humanity is given the final chance to rid itself of evil and attain a higher level of consciousness, or doom will strike. (Wojcik p.206)
James T. Harmon's Rapture prediction #3. (Oropeza p.89)
Dec 21, 2012
Terence McKenna combines Mayan chronology with a New Age pseudoscience called Novelty Theory to conclude that the collision an asteroid or some \"trans-dimensional object\" with the Earth, or alien contact, or a solar explosion, or the transformation of the Milky Way into a quasar, or some other \"ultranovel\" event will occur on this day. Anyway, something is supposed to happen, and he has lots of pseudoscientific gobbledygook to back up his thesis.
Dec 23, 2012
The world to end, according to the ancient Mayan calendar. (Abanes p.342)
The \"Prophet Gabriel\" supposedly told the Sword of God Brotherhood that the \"dying time\" will come in 2017, and only members of the cult will survive. Everyone else will \"perish in hellfire.\"
Sep 28, 2020
George Madray predicts a Yom Kippur Parousia in 2020. (McIver #2854)
James T. Harmon's Rapture prediction #4. (Oropeza p.89)
Ian Gurney predicts in his book The Cassandra Prophecy - Armageddon Approaches that the \"final date, Judgement Day, the end of mankind's time on this planet, is less than twenty two years away\" from 2001, which means that the world is set to end by 2023 at the very latest. The entirety of his website can be seen here.
In this post, Georgann Chenault, a frequent poster on Usenet, wrote \"I think the rapture of the church will be before 2025.\"
Nov 13, 2026
According to an article published in Science magazine in 1960, this was the date that the world's population would reach infinity. (Source:
Believed by many to by the 2000th anniversary of the Crucifixion, this is a date just begging to be targeted by doomsayers whose prophecies for 2000 and 2001 will have failed.
The Ra?lians are working hard to establish an embassy in Jerusalem in anticipation of the 2035 arrival of aliens called \"elohim\", who will usher in a New Age. However, their arrival is contingent on the completion of the embassy. (Robbins p.164)
In her book The Call to Glory, psychic Jeane Dixon wrote, \"The years 2020-2037, approximately, hail the true Second Coming of Christ.\" The Battle of Armageddon is to take place in 2020. (Dixon p.170, 172)
Pyramidologist Max Toth predicts the physical reincarnation of Jesus Christ occurring in 2040. Like other pyramidologists, he used the dimensions of the Great Pyramid's passageways to predict future events. (Weber p.195)
John Smart of Singularity Watch estimates that a \"technological singularity\" will take place around the year 2040, when technological advancement reaches asymptotic levels. After this apocalyptic event, a new era of balance and compassion will begin.
ca. 4,500,000,000 AD
The sun will swell into a red giant star, swallowing Mercury, Venus, Earth, and perhaps Mars. This will be the true end of the world!


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Predictions of the future

Here is another list of non-time-travel based predictions.

A Future Timeline of Humanity and the Universe
An excerpt from the online hypertext Human Knowledge: Foundations and Limits.

(Relatively uncontentious assertions appear as normal text.? Potentially contentious assertions appear like this.)
Automatic translators allow monolingual humans to converse with any speaker of any major human language.
Bandwidth has increased enormously due to fiber optics and spread-spectrum radio.
Almost all overt tyranny has been eliminated.
Physicists have confirmed that the fate of the universe is asymptotic expansion.
Most text, images, audio, and video is produced and consumed digitally. Unauthorized reproduction and distribution of such media is routine.
1st Martian sample return has revealed no conclusive fossil evidence of life.
20% of former fideists have become mystics.
Radio astronomers have discovered signals from extraterrestrial intelligence.
Computer display technology plateaus with cheap flat panels and retinal projectors.
Physicists have completed a quantum unification theory.
Personal bodily flight has become commercialized.
Transonic flight still serves just a few intercontinental routes.
Molecular biologists have detailed description of how life on Earth began.
Computing is limited not by processing, storage, or bandwidth but by heat, latency, and batteries.
Fresh water availability is now limited only by energy costs of transportation and desalinization.
Automated vehicle/traffic control gives rail-like traffic flow to roads.
Privacy is curtailed by commercial availability of mobile remote-controlled microsensors.
Physicists have reached limits of knowing why fundamental physical laws are as they are.
Hydrogen fuel cells are replacing internal combustion of fossil fuels.
VTOL aircraft are as widely owned as RVs in 2000.
Expected and maximum human longevity have increased by 30 years.
Humans are able to record and archive all they ever see, hear, and say.
Most of humanity is using a common currency descended from the American dollar.
Unmanned radio observatory has been established on far side of moon.
Remaining fideisms have diluted into agnostic mysticism; true fideists dwindle.
Fusion provides major parts of humanity's power.
Most psychotropic drugs are legal; addiction is prevented neurochemically.
Permanent manned space stations in Earth orbit have been established.
1st artifactual life and artificial intelligence systems have been created and enfranchised.
Obesity and other nutritional diseases are curable.
1st Von Neumann probes have been dispatched from Earth.
Most genetic, infectious, immunological, and cancerous disease is preventable or curable.
Most of humanity enjoys Western standards of living and productivity.?
Earth's population has stabilized at around 20 billion.
The workweek has stabilized at around 20 hours.
Extropian positivism has displaced most other belief systems.
Heat pollution has become the last significant environmental problem.
A truly global federal govt. exists.
Asteroid 1950DA (1km wide) has a 1/300 chance of hitting Earth March 16.
Humans have created on the moon their 1st self-sustaining extraplanetary colony.
Earth has received 1st telemetry from unmanned probes to nearby stars.?
Neurotechnologists have started to modify and augment natural human intelligence.
Genetic engineers have designed first artificially-created species.
English is the native language of 90% of humans.
Floating communities and estates have become increasingly popular.
1st embarkation of mobile space habitat toward nearby star.
Humans culture animal tissue in bulk rather than raise animals en masse.
As the next ice age begins, Earth is about 0.5C cooler (relative to 2000CE) than it otherwise would have been.
Humans mass-produce intravenous liquid food.
1st terraforming (of Mars or a Jovian moon) has started to show progress. Another 90Kyr-long ice age has begun, and Earth is about 3C cooler (relative to 2000CE) than it otherwise would have been.
The precession of Earth's axis has made Vega the northern pole star.
The 1679-bit 1974 Arecibo interstellar message finally covers the 21Kly distance to its target, the globular cluster M13 (300K stars).
A majority of persons descended from H. sapiens lives beyond Earth.
An object more than a kilometer wide will probably have struck Earth.?
Earth's magnetic will by now probably have reversed, as it does every few hundred thousand years and as it last did 780Kya.
A majority of persons descended from H. sapiens lives beyond the Solar system.
The red dwarf Gliese 710, currently 63ly away, will pass within 0.5 ly of Sol and appear at 0.6 magnitude.
Pioneer 10 (launched in 1972, 68 ly away) passes near Aldebaran at 44 Mm/h.
Africa has collided with Europe (closing the Mediterranean), Australia has merged with SE Asia, and California has slid up the coast to Alaska
Earth has information from probes to the Andromeda galaxy.
Sol has completed one more orbit around the Milky Way's center.
The Americas merge with Afro-Eurasia, reducing the (formerly growing) Atlantic to an inland sea.
Earth has information from probes to every star system in the Milky Way.
Increased Solar output has extincted any remaining Earth life due to runaway greenhouse effect.
Sun ends its main-sequence life as a red giant large enough to engulf and possibly swallow Earth, and then cools into a white dwarf.?
Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies collide.
Milky Way galaxy's intelligent population stabilizes at its maximum.
Living systems are huddled around red dwarfs for light and warmth.?
The charred and frozen Earth-Moon system (if not already swallowed by Sol's red giant phase) has stabilized to a 47-day rotation/revolution at a distance of 560,000 km.
Due to the universe's accelerating expansion, the view of everything outside the gravitationally-bound Local Group of galaxies stops changing and fades away.
Almost all stars stopped shining, having become brown or white dwarfs. Little or no life remains.
Planets have been dislodged from their solar systems by stellar close encounters.
The remaining stars (brown or white dwarfs) have all either been dislodged from their galaxies, or collapsed into central galactic black holes. Dwarf collisions cease, and the last few stars formed thereby stop shining.
Proton decay has left the universe with only black holes and subatomic particles.
The last black hole evaporates, emitting the cold dark universe's final flash of visible light.


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Predictions of the future

Here is another timeline of the future

The connection between Atlantis and Armageddon.

Michelle De Nostradame

The Coming Of The Comet

The comet will come in the year 2005 or 2006 that will cause floods, some of? States will be under water forever, all this will happen because of the way greedy rich people keep hammering the poor by make rent go sky high and making the poor homeless and making the them stay in shelters that are nothing more then prisons for the poor. And you the greedy rich, make the poor take low paying jobs so you can keep hammering them down, but God is watching you and he knows what you are doing to the poor homeless people and he will send the comet that will cause a tidal wave that will destroy your New Citys, like the one called Arlington and all over the Country. God is watching the poor people in the streets asking for help and you walk past them and think you are better then the poor, but you must remember that Satan has given you ever think you went like the big houses you have. But he will make you pay with your soul, you need to change and come to Jesus and God you need faith and works to get in to heaven, when the poor people ask you for help you need to do every thing that you can to help them. I know you dont believe me but i will tell you one thing God is not happy with way you are hammering the poor and keep them in the streets,you may say that i give to chairty, in Gods bible he tells you to give the poor, not to the so called chairtys. If you give to some one who needs help you are doing the right thing, all people need to help the poor. There are some so called christian that need to read this page. But if you are a christian that is doing the right thing then dont think about this page at all because you are of God. All i can tell you is what my message said to me, time is not your friend, so i am telling you the same thing time is not your friend.God is sending people to ask for help from you greedy rich people, and if you tell them no. God said for the poor person to walk away and dont look back. And when that rich person dies. God will tell them to go the lake of fire were they will be forever.

Mabus and the comet

Nostradamus sees the d**** of Mabus and after his d****. The comet? will strike the earth, the reason i say this is because of the clues in his quatrains. Who is Mabus and what was the reason for Nostradamus to use a anagram for his name, maybe Mabus is a tyrant. That would never let the quatains with his name be seen. Let us look to the past for the answer to the identity of Mabus. Nostradamus predicted Hitler would come to power he called Hitler Hister. Maybe Nostradamus is using the same method for Mabus.There will be vengeance after the d**** of Mabus.A hundred hands may stand for a hundred people who are angry and want vengeance.To know the identity you need to use Mab and add some letters or use Bus and add a letter, then you will know who Mabus is.Nostradamus gives us another significant clue.A hundred hands seek? revenge. The experts who have studied the quatrains, they feel that Mabus is the Antichrist. He maybe evil, but he is not the Antichrist. The one world leader will come few years after the d**** of Mabus.? ??

Edgar Cayce Predicted Atlantis would rise from the caribbean in the years of 1968 or 1969 you might think the prediction is wrong but the only thing wrong? is? our calender. When the Pope changed our calender from the Julian to the Gregorian calender 10 days was added to the new Gregorian calender. I believe that we are 20 years ahead of time, and if you take the date of 1968 and? you change it to 1986, and add 20 years to 1986 you will have the year 2006. Atlantis will rise from the Caribbean on this date and Armageddon will start. If you are still alive by this time ask God to show you where the safe places to stay are.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? The comet will come in the year 2005 or 2006

After the d**** of Mabus,Nostradamus sees a comet passing and it will strike the earth.This will cause a tidal wave,that will cause some parts of the United States to be under water.He also sees nine months there will be no sun,this will causes famine which will become universal.For the people who are left on earth:The earth as we know it will become a nightmare to live in due to war and plagues.People will want someone who can stop all the madness,but they will be fooled by the Antichrist , he is the one world leader.At this time people will think he's a good and holy man. They will be fooled by his title.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Living on earth during reign of the Antichrist

The earth will be devestated because of war,plague,and famine.During this time the Antichrist will control all religions.Because of the title that he holds people will think he is a man of peace. But in reality he is part of Satan's plan. The Antichrist will be in control of all the computer systems in the world. The monetary system will be over during this time. Then the Antichrist will tell people to take the mark. The mark is a computer chip that will be place in your right hand or forehead,which you can't buy or sell without it.But if you take the mark God said that you will go to the lake of fire? and burn day and night forever. There will be people who won't? take the mark the ones that won't take his mark will? need to be on the run and they will have to hide because the Antichrist will order his people to k*** you for not taking his mark.He uses the guillotine against people who don't take his mark,because he comes to power in France.I believe he will come to power after the year 2007,because Nostradamus predicts he will be in power before 2020.The bad period will be over by this time.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? Nostradmus quatrain a hunchback

? A hunchback will be elected by the council, a more hideous Monster has ever lived a shot will be aimed at his eye? the King had thought the traitor faithful.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? The quatrain will happen at the time of Tribulation

Nostradamus is telling us the old hunchback will come to power in the European Union he maybe elected to be President of the E U Nostradamus sees this man as a evil Monster. The old hunchback is the frist Beast of the Bible he will give his power to the second Beast the Antichrist is the one who will performs miracles and bring fire form the sky in full view of witnesses he will cause a statue to be put up for worship of the first Beast the old hunchback was shot,in the head and he lived.The Antichrist will enable the statue to speak to people.And,the statue will command people to take the mark of the beast(computer chip which is 666). And if you dont take the mark, you will be killed.And, if you do take the mark,you will goto the lake of fire ,where you will burn night and day for all eternity.Please don't take the mark,instead find a safe place to hide until 2020 when it'll be over.My recommendation:Take the time now to find shelter out in the woods,stock with food,water and seeds.Also,you may want to learn how to cultivate and grow food.Things will happen real fast,thus you must prepare now.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Also,the clues Nostradamus is giving us to reveal the identity of the old hunchback,in which you need to think of the word hunchback,and think of a person with a hunchback,who has a title that would cause you to belive this man is a good and Holy man.But,in reality,this man is very evil and is a Monster,a man who serves the devil.With these clues in mind,you will figure out his identity.


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Predictions of the future

Here are more technology based predictions of the future from a non-time traveler.

2004 Press Release

Scientists, Academicians Also Call for Non-Technical Advance-Communication to Foster Cultural Understanding

COLUMBUS, Ohio-By the year 2014, innovations in intelligence gathering and decision support, sensors, monitoring, and a greater emphasis on cross-cultural communication will lead to a more effective response to worldwide t*m, according to a Battelle forecast released today.

The top 10 innovations were identified by a panel of military and national security experts, academics and technologists brought together at Battelle's Columbus headquarters. The group focused on the global war on t*m and voted to include one non-science/technology innovation that it agreed would emerge in the coming decade: improved communication between Western and Muslim cultures.

\"The tools we use to fight the global war on t*m will undergo great enhancement and refinement over the next decade,\" said Dr. Steve Millett, Battelle thought leader and futurist, who convened the group of experts to address the issue. Included in the panel were Battelle technologists, faculty members from The Ohio State University, and retired generals from the U.S. Air Force, Army, and Marine Corps. Also contributing input were some members of the World Futures Society.

The panel identified and ranked the 10 innovations most likely to emerge in the coming decade that can have the greatest impact on winning the war against t*m.

1. Forward-Looking Intelligence. The greatest value of intelligence-and the greatest challenge-is to anticipate t** actions and to translate that information into an effective response. Leaps in technology development will provide decision-makers with improved computer-based data fusion capabilities, modeling and simulation to better understand possible scenarios and responses. Advanced language translation software will be developed to better track t** communication as a source of intelligence.

2. Biological and Chemical Sensors. The future of sensors may lie in the mimicry of Mother Nature, otherwise known as biomimetics. Imagine employing the sniffing capabilities of a beagle or the heat-seeking abilities of a viper to detect concealed bombs or weapons. In addition, the urgent need for more accurate and timely detection of viral and bacterial pathogens will drive advancements in sensors-with the ultimate goal of combining chemical and biological threat detection into a suite of sensors. \"Advances in infrared, sonic, optic and other types of imaging will provide innovative ways of long-range sensing and identification of threats in the air, water, or food supply,\" said Roger Hyatt, a Battelle sensors research leader. Sensors of the future will be deployed by highly mobile, reliable and affordable robotics.

3. Non-Invasive and Non-Destructive Imaging. A new generation of X-rays is emerging to identify what is inside-from shipping containers, crates and trucks to luggage, handbags and sealed packages. Such non-invasive imaging will provide a faster, more reliable level of security at harbors, airports, train and subway stations, and borders-and be commercially viable. A front-running technology under development is terahertz radiation, or T-rays, that offer the potential of seeing the contents of closed containers without opening them or damaging contents. \"We've made great strides in using advanced technology for the identification of drugs and explosives,\" said retired Army Gen. Barry McCaffrey. \"But we haven't been able to do it successfully or efficiently on a large scale. It will be a huge, watershed event when we can.\"

4. Non-Lethal Directed Energy. In the arsenal of non-lethal weapons, the VMADS, or Vehicle Mounted Active Denial System offers much promise over the next decade. Now in advanced development, VMADS uses high-powered directed energy that is capable of stopping people and machinery. It has the potential to interrupt a signal between a t** and a detonating device or to set off land mines-all from a remote location. \"The high powered microwave also has potential law enforcement use as the directed energy can be adjusted to focus on making a person's skin uncomfortably hot, but causing no dermal damage,\" said retired Air Force Gen. Lester Lyles. \"The current challenge with this technology is power supply-certainly not an insurmountable obstacle.\"

5. Comprehensive Space, Air, Land, and Sea Monitoring. Today, we have a network to monitor aircraft in flight. We also have extensive tracking and imaging coverage of the Earth from space satellites. Even though monitoring of the land surface is done selectively today, a more comprehensive surveillance capability already exists. Within the next decade, integration of current and new technology will lead to a global surveillance system that covers sea as well as land and airspace. Such a capability will substantially improve security by monitoring vessels bound for U.S. waters and will improve border and territorial surveillance and security.

6. 21st Century Public Diplomacy. The war against t*m is, in part, a war with extremists whose culture, worldview, and values conflict with those of the West. There are economic, religious, political, and ideological tensions between the Middle East and the West. As such, any discussion of tools for combating t*m must include deploying mass communication to break down these barriers. The first step will be gaining a fuller understanding of opposing cultures and values so that the United States and its allies can develop more effective strategies to prevent t*m. America needs to project a more balanced image of Western culture through strategic, positive communication. This could be achieved by communicating the Western message through targeted use of mass media, developing a next-generation Voice of America approach, perhaps supported with distribution of inexpensive, disposable TVs.

7. Electronic Tracking of Money. How do you strangle something economically? It is well known that t*m has been funded through complicated electronic transfer of funds. Tag the money electronically, and then track it worldwide to key operatives to effectively shut down a t** operation. New software and tagging technology is being developed that will not only strengthen global anti-t*m investigations, but also law enforcement efforts to bring to justice organized criminal enterprises.

8. Distributed Forces and an Interlocking Network. Call it network-centricity taken to the smallest node. \"This will give the 21st century land warrior continual situational understanding, while being a member of a widely distributed, non-contiguous force,\" said retired Marine Corps. Gen. Charles Wilhelm. We have seen that effective combat operations against t**s and their allies require widely distributed armed forces. Enabling technologies-such as advanced mini-computers and communication networks-will turn these forces into distributed sensors, as well as combatants, and allow them to provide information back to command headquarters. The forces are operated like a distributed information system with real-time awareness of the battlefield, giving commanders better data for decision making. Such technologies also will identify friend from foe in combat environments.

9. Encouraging Public Awareness and Self-Identification of t**s. The next decade will see innovative applications of behavioral science to combat t** activity. In some ways, t**s operate like criminals, trying to behave secretively and inconspicuously and in the process, sometimes calling attention to themselves. To find criminals, law enforcement relies on a watchful public to provide tips. The worldwide information-saturated culture that we live in will expand further, creating new opportunities to engage the public to ferret out t**s. A global \"Amber Alert\" system could be used to distribute multi-lingual information on known t**s. A program like the \"America's Most Wanted\" could be tailored to help find t**s hiding in plain sight. In addition, innovative methods will be deployed to coax t**s into identifying themselves. For example, warning signs might be placed along a controlled access announcing that a security-screening checkpoint is coming up, just before a convenient opt-out or exit point. Anyone avoiding the checkpoint can be watched for further examples of self-incriminating behavior.

10. Technologies to Neutralize Explosive Chemicals. Many t** bombs today are improvised, made in homes and small laboratories using common chemicals, including ingredients in fertilizers. We can deny t**s the opportunity to gain the attention they want by creating, in essence, \"bomb-proof chemicals.\" A new generation of chemistry could neutralize the explosive compounds contained in these chemicals rendering them unusable as bombs, even as research continues into emerging chemical threats.

Battelle is a global leader in science and technology. It develops and commercializes technology and manages laboratories for govt. and commercial customers. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Battelle and the national labs it manages or co-manages have 16,000 staff members and conduct more than $2.7 billion in annual research and development. Battelle innovations include the development of the office copier machine (Xerox), pioneering work on the compact disc, and medical technology advancements.

For more information, visit or contact Katy Delaney, Media Relations Manager, at (614) 424-5544 or [email protected]

The Top Ten strategic technologies by 2005, in order of importance:
1995 Press Release

1. Human genome mapping and genetic-based personal identification and diagnostics will lead to preventive treatment of diseases and cures for specific cancers.

2. Super materials. Computer-based design and manufacturing of new materials at the molecular level will mean new, high-performance materials for use in transportation, computers, energy, and communications.

3. Compact, long-lasting and highly portable energy sources, including fuel cells and batteries will power electronic devices of the future, such as portable personal computers.

4. Digital high definition television. This important breakthrough for American manufacturers ? and major source of revenue ? will lead to better advanced computer modeling and imaging.

5. Electronic miniaturization for personal use. Interactive, wireless data centers in a pocket calculator-size will provide users with a fax machine, telephone, and computer capable of storing all the volumes in their local library.

6. Cost-effective \"smart systems\" will integrate power, sensors, and controls. They eventually will control the manufacturing process from beginning to end.

7. Anti-aging products that rely on genetic information to slow the aging process will include aging creams that really work.

8. Medical treatments will use highly accurate sensors to locate problems, and drug delivery systems will precisely target parts of the body ? such as chemotherapy targeted specifically to cancer cells to reduce the side effects of nausea and hair loss.

9. Hybrid fuel vehicles. Smart vehicles, equipped to operate on a variety of fuels, will select the appropriate fuel based on driving conditions.

10. Edutainment. Educational games and computerized simulations will meet the sophisticated tastes of computer-literate student

Breakthroughs for Future Household Products by 2007

Your home in 2007 will have fewer wires, cleaner air, and a gaggle of fun products to keep you healthy, informed, and entertained. In its latest technology forecast, Battelle has identified what it expects will be the ten most important technological breakthroughs in household products over the next decade. Here they are:

1. Disappearing Cords and Cables. Wires will begin to disappear from view in homes as we move toward wireless communication, data transmission, and energy distribution. That means more cordless telephones, wireless hook-ups to the internet, and even electric lamps and small appliances that don't have to be plugged in. These energy-saving products may include roofing shingles that serve as solar collectors, reducing the need for electricity transferred by wires to homes.

2. Products for a Healthy Home. Bacteria scares and concerns about indoor air quality will lead to products that improve our indoor environment. These products could range from smart filters on furnaces and air vents to localized filtering appliances to new concepts, such as anti-allergen and anti-bacterial surfaces and self-vacuuming carpets that serve as filtering systems. The home and yard environment may also be improved with the development of genetically engineered lawns that require fewer or no chemical treatments.

3. Home Health Monitors. These relatively inexpensive, reliable, and non-invasive home health monitors could track a wide range of physical functions and analyze nutrition and exercise programs.

4. Home Waste Management. Imagine an in-home system that sorts, recycles and disposes of home waste-eliminating the need for hand sorting. We may even see the development of systems for at-home water treatment and recycling.

5. Highly Miniaturized Communication and Electronic Products. In ten years, we will have developed wristwatch-size phones and highly specialized, hand-held, wireless computers that will help us perform a variety of day-to-day activities, from managing your banking and investments to planning your weekend entertainment.

6. Affordable, Digital, High-Definition Television. Digital HDTV is here now, but the breakthrough will come in making it affordable to a mass market. Battelle researchers predict that future digital HDTV sets will incorporate home videoconferencing, computing, and networking. To hold down costs, many of these more advanced systems will be leased.

7. Virtual Reality Products. Virtual projections and sound environments will be used to enhance computer games, music systems, video entertainment systems, and exercise equipment. We will see a convergence of home entertainment, information, and well care.

8. Electronic Commerce. We will enjoy electronic shopping and banking, including financial transactions that are error-free, secure, easy to use, and low cost.

9. Voice-Activated Products. Products throughout the home, such as televisions, computers, lights, and other electronic appliances, will be operated by voice commands.

10. Personal Security. New identification systems will take personal security to new levels, including protection of homes, automobiles and other property; security over computer networks; and security for electronic commerce.

Environment Wins in Technology Forecast
1998 Press Release

RICHLAND, Wash. -- By the year 2008, drinking water will be safer, lighter weight cars will get 80 miles to a gallon and food crops will be engineered genetically to require less pesticide and fertilizer.

In its first environmental technology forecast, a team of researchers at the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has identified the 10 most important technological breakthroughs that will lead to a cleaner environment while providing major benefits to consumers over the next decade. Technologies that help prevent problems before they arise surfaced as a major theme.

\"Our team members represent decades of experience on national and international environmental issues including global climate change, environmental technology development and remediation of major waste sites worldwide,\" says Gerry Stokes, associate laboratory director at Pacific Northwest. \"Dreams and demos now, these technologies will have real impacts by 2008.\"

This is the first of an ongoing dialogue to forecast the direction environmental science and technology is heading in the 21st century, according to Stokes. \"Our hope is to provide this look ahead on an annual basis to help enhance public understanding and govt. decision making,\" he says.

Pacific Northwest researchers ranked the top 10 environmental technological breakthroughs for 2008 as:

Agrogenetics--Genetic engineering and plant manipulation will reduce agricultural impacts on the environment. Growing crops will require less pesticide due to greater resistance to pests. Other crops will be engineered to use their nutrients efficiently, requiring less fertilizer or water while providing higher yields. And, crops with several new features -- such as soybeans that taste better, use less fertilizer and resist pests -- will be available.

Smart water treatment--Smart membranes, or filters, will improve water treatment at sewage plants and municipal water supplies by adjusting simply or even automatically to unclog themselves. Membranes and other techniques will remove organic compounds, which currently can result in undesired reactions with chlorine. Sponge-like grains of sand will attract and hold nitrates and heavy metals to further protect drinking water in large and small systems.

Renewable energy storage --In 10 years, improved power storage will increase the use of electricity from solar and wind power. For example, solar power collected during the day could be stored in rapidly spinning flywheels and used at night. The result will be power on demand instead of when the sun shines or wind blows. These renewable energy sources also will help slow increases in greenhouse gases by replacing carbon-based fuels.

Micro is beautiful--The silicon chip ushered in micromanufacturing. Now micro technology for producing and using everything from chemicals to energy will provide economic and environmental advantages. For example, room air will be heated and cooled more efficiently in tiny channels of micro heat pumps, saving energy. And, micro chemical plants will produce industrial chemicals as needed, thereby eliminating storage and transportation safety issues.

Paperless society--Innovative displays, wireless communications and customized web magazines will help reduce the mounds of paper in our lives as well as the environmental impacts from paper and ink manufacturing and use. Advanced display systems may imitate paper in their flexibility and portability. One approach will project images directly on the retina of the eye. This capability, coupled with a cellular phone, could provide everyone from couch potatoes to business travelers with faxes and customized news anywhere. For paper products that continue to be used, biodegradable inks will be more common.

Molecular design--An understanding of how materials behave at the molecular level will help in the development of advanced materials and more efficient solar cells. Molecular design of catalysts could make chemical reactions and processing so precise that little or no wastes are produced. And sensors designed at the molecular level will monitor manufacturing of materials and chemicals more precisely, halting or correcting processes sensitive to temperature changes and other parameters. The result will be higher quality products with fewer environmental impacts.

Bioprocessing grows more products--Microorganisms and plants will \"grow\" environmentally friendly chemical and biological products such as drugs, proteins and enzymes for many uses. Producing chemical feedstocks, fuels and pharmaceuticals in this manner will be cost effective and better for the environment. Microorganisms retrieved from extremely hot, cold or forbidding environments are renewing excitement in the bioprocessing industry for the production of \"extremozymes.\" These enzymes expand the range of temperatures and conditions used in manufacturing biotech products, creating opportunity for new, environmentally friendly bioprocesses while saving time and energy.

Real-time environmental sensors --These innovative sensors will be a major boon to public health. Supermarkets will use sensors to detect E. coli and other dangerous pathogens in food. Workplace air quality will be monitored to prevent \"sick building syndrome.\" Other benefits include monitoring the environment on airplanes, at hospitals to prevent infections and in municipal water supplies. The same technology will help guard against pathogens used in biological t*m.

Enviromanufacturing and recycling --In 10 years, \"green\" companies will create products that are environmentally friendly from cradle to grave. Plastics, paper, beverage containers and inks, as well as cars and computers, will be more biodegradable or recyclable. Also, newer processes, such as dry cleaning with liquid carbon dioxide, will minimize or eliminate waste. Hazardous chemicals no longer will be used to clean clothes and the carbon dioxide will be captured and recycled so as not to add to atmospheric carbon.

Lightweight Cars --Squeezing every ounce possible out of cars will mean a family sedan that gets at least 80 miles per gallon of gas, generates less pollution and uses less gas. Lighter cars will be built with less steel and more lightweight aluminum, magnesium, titanium and composites. Advanced metal-forming techniques will provide precisely the strength needed at every point, eliminating all excess weight from today's designs. Creating a composite sandwich of glass and plastic will cut the 68 kilograms (150 pounds) of glass in today's cars a third or more. Composite glass also will begin playing a structural role so that metal can be reduced. Today's 45.4-kilogram (100-pound) air conditioners will weigh half as much once glass is specially coated to reflect or absorb heat radiation.

Pacific Northwest is one of DOE's nine multiprogram national laboratories that conducts basic and applied research to solve problems in environmental, energy, health and national security arenas. The Laboratory has been operated for DOE by Battelle since 1965.

Recent environmental work at Pacific Northwest includes developing a process that uses microbes to break down sulfur in waste tire rubber, making tires recyclable; working with other national laboratories and automakers to develop a cleaner, more efficient automobile; designing a 190-liter-per-second (3,000 gallon-per-minute) jet mixing pump to stabilize hazardous waste tanks containing ferrocyanide and other dangerous elements at DOE's Hanford site; and participating in a multilab effort to predict global and regional climate change.

For more information on Pacific Northwest's environmental research go to

I actually consider the above list well done. There are several other at the home site.


Time Travel Professor
The Coming Year: 2013 and beyond

1. December 21, 2012 - It will be a normal day with no gloom and doom, there will be earth changes coming in the future but not on December 21, 2012.

2. I feel that there will be two presidents of the United States passing away within weeks or possibly a couple months of each other. Normally it has been years between the passing of presidents, but in this case it will be within a short time of each other.

3. I feel that the scandal of the four-star generals and the women will continue to unwind through June 2013, at which time another large story will be covered daily by television radio and news. Possibly war, money and/or earth changes related stories.

4. Everyone needs to be wherever their heart and their inner voices direct them to be, by the first-quarter of 2014.

5. Stock Market - Stock market breaking the 1500 level in 2013. A rocky road for stocks with swings of hundreds points in a single day.

6. The housing prices will recover in 2024 – 2026, to about the levels which were in the early days, when the housing price bubble broke.