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For us who are watching prophetic developments in the earth, there is something very exciting about monitoring the historic preparations taking place for the rebuilding of Israel's Temple.

In the last few weeks, two big stories have hit the headlines that are worth noting.

The first news item concerns the resurfacing of a report of a mysterious gemstone that could belong to the original breastplate of the High Priest.

The second news headline is that Israel's reconvened Sanhedrin has taken the momentous step to nominate a High Priest - for the first time since the Temple's destruction in AD 70!

In this article we will look more at these intriguing developments and will then look at the prophetic implications for us as believers as we draw closer to the time of the Lord's coming.

Mysterious Gem Discovered

Detailed reports of a mysterious gem re-surfaced this week and have also made headlines in the secular media. There is strong speculation that the gem could be from the breast plate of the High Priest.

Others suggest that it may be one of the two stones worn on the High Priest's shoulders or even be part of the legendary Urim & Thummim. While these speculations may seem far-fetched at first glance, a detailed and scientific analysis of the gem has highlighted its stunningly unique and mysterious features.

The precious stone - which has been carefully passed down the documented line of a Crusader's family tree - is a semi-precious sardonyx with little intrinsic value in and of itself. It has been cut into a hemisphere, and researchers are baffled as to how the ancients could possibly have cut the stone in this way.

Even more astounding than the cut of the stone, is an inscription in ancient Hebrew inside the stone, visible through its clear surface. Professor Moshe Sharon - who is an expert on ancient Hebrew Script at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem - describes the Hebrew inscription as being in a style of Script from approximately 1000 BC.

This Hebrew inscription leads to speculation that the gem could belong to the legendary Urim and Thummim which were used in Bible times to determine God's will (Ex. 28:30, 1 Sam 28:16).

It is interesting to note that the Jewish Talmud describes the Urim and Thummim as being stones that would light up to spell an answer in Hebrew in response to petitions to God. Could this stone be one of the mysterious Urim and Thummim?

Another mystery is how this ancient Hebrew script was inscribed inside the gem - without any visible signs of engraving or cutting of the stone.

Noted professor of archaeology and religious studies Dr. James Strange comments that, 'there is no modern or ancient technology known to me by which an artisan could produce the inscription (inside the stone), as it is not cut into the surface of the stone".

Upon examination, Dr. Strange also noted that the stone has no external markings, ruling out that it had been part of a ring or necklace. His conclusion was that the stone must have been set in a large plate or breastplate.

Ian Campbell, a leading South African gemologist, priced this unique gem at $200 million as a starting point, but acknowledged the difficulty of pricing a one-off unique gem with such tremendous religious significance.

While the owners have expressed interest in the gem being restored to Jewish hands, the cost is prohibitive and its authenticity must be proven.

Dr. Strange is today issuing a call for a fresh scientific examination of the stone to determine whether it is an elaborate hoax or a genuine artifact belonging to the Jewish people. At this stage it is too early to tell, but perhaps this stone will be restored to Israel and play a role in the rebuilt temple?

The Sanhedrin Nominates a High Priest

Just prior to the reports about this mysterious gem, another prophetic headline ricocheted across the world as the Israeli Sanhedrin announced that it had taken the ground breaking step to nominate a High Priest.

The Sanhedrin at the time of Jesus served as a kind of Supreme Court for the Jewish nation. It was disbanded in 425 AD, and was only reconvened in 2004. At the time, leading prophecy teachers hailed it's reconvening as an important step in preparing for the rebuilding of the Temple.

The modern reconvened Sanhedrin consists of 71 distinguished rabbis (after the pattern of Moses + 70 elders), and it meets monthly to rule on key spiritual issues.

Rabbinical teaching holds that the High Priest for the Third Temple would either be appointed by the Sanhedrin or by the King (the Messiah Himself). In the absence of the Messiah, and in the lead up to the all important Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) sacrifice for the nation, the Sanhedrin has agreed on the need to nominate a High Priest who can perform this vitally important sacrifice if permission is granted.

Permission to sacrifice on the Temple Mount could come sooner than many expect. With the unexpected and dramatic rise of Temple Mount activist Rabbi Yehudah Glick into Netanyahu's coalition government, and the increasing support for a rebuilt Temple among both Government ministers and a small but growing segment of the population, the Sanhedrin can sense a change in the air.

This sense of change also carries with it great responsibility as it would be a disaster if permission was granted and no High Priest was ready to perform the crucial Day of Atonement sacrifice for the nation.

It is against this backdrop that the momentous decision was taken by the Sanhedrin to appoint a High Priest - for the first time since the temple was destroyed in AD 70! The nominated candidate for High Priest was Rabbi Baruch Kahane, an expert on the complicated laws pertaining to the Temple Service.

In a surprising twist, Rabbi Baruch declined the role at this time, but accepted a similar role with the title of 'Rosh Kohanim' (Head of the Priests). This role is often but not always synonymous with being High Priest. In other words, Rabbi Baruch will be available to be called on to be High Priest if and when the situation should arise.

It is important to note that sacrificing on the Temple Mount does not require the prior existence of a rebuilt Temple and can be restarted before the construction has even begun.

If granted permission by the Israeli authorities - which would still be a major miracle in itself - the Sanhedrin's goal is to be ready to conduct sacrifices with only a week's notice.

The appointing of a High Priest is therefore a crucial step in preparation for the resumption of sacrifices on the Temple Mount.

The Temple and End Times

Believers in Jesus rightly point to Him as the ultimate sacrifice for mankind and that we as believers no longer require animal sacrifices for sins. However, restoring the sacrificial system could be an important step in preparing the Jewish people for their Messiah and certainly plays a key role in the End Times.

Modern rabbinical Judaism has moved away from sacrifices to good works as a means of salvation, and it is therefore hard for many Jewish people to understand the significance of the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.

But as sacrifices are restored to the Jewish nation, it will shift modern Judaism back closer to Biblical Judaism. This would open the eyes of many to the importance of the sacrifice in dealing with sins, and perhaps even help prepare the way for the nation to understand fully the sacrifice of Jesus and what was accomplished at the cross.

In regards to End Time Prophecy, many believe that the Scriptures warn of Temple Sacrifices being stopped for a period of time by the Anti-Christ (Dan 9:27).

If this is correct, then a rebuilt Temple is an essential piece of the prophetic puzzle. The rebuilding of the Temple and the re-institution of a High Priest (with or without the mysterious gem!) are therefore all significant steps bringing us that much closer to the day when the Lord Himself will return!


for those of us who believe in our lords return this time will not be walk in the park on a summer day with the kids.....
remember a good number of us will be hunted down like criminals,
our own family will rat us out,
we will be hated by all the world
these are very dangerous time's to be in...

the events that have taken place are real markers to exactly what generation we are in,, and quite frankly scare the bajeebees right out of me.
1st option
a prudent man would be making damn sure they fully understand exactly they need to survive and be ready to live on the run.....
2nd option
you can stay home and become one of the souls crying out at the throne of GOD asking how long will our blood go unpunished
3rd option..
you can take the commerce mark so you can buy and sell and be just fine for a little while....
there are no other options and the choice of which course you take is not one that can be ignored ....
yes our lords return is very close,,, but damn this crap is gonna get ruff ,,,,and allot of good folks are going to die ....

some how exciting is not the word to describe the situation,,
in my mind more like hell on earth is knocking at the door , and like it or not it's coming in to set a spell, kick it's shoes off,, yeah not really exciting at all.....


wow sorry I really did not mean to stop this conversation. the topic is a very important one to keep alive , we must all keep at the very least one eye trained on the city of jerusalem. it will be the focus of the world very soon, as will be the killing of animals to attone for the sins of the jewish people of israel. when this begins on a daily basis the news media will not over look it , nor will there be any tolerance for it . not to even mention all the screaming the folks from peta will do.. how ever I really think it will most likely be the world of islam that will go off the deep end about it happening so close to the other shrine that is located on the temple mount..

some time very soon there will emerge a very popular head of state..
he will receive a fatal head wound, but will not die like he should have..
he will attribute it to devine intervention, it will cement his role as world leader..
these things are written in the prophecy about the emergence of the anti-christ and his take over ..
be aware my friends,,,, be very aware of what is going on ....
oh yeah just a heads up to all my unbelieving friends who I have met out here in cyberspace,, and love,, who just so happen to be history buffs that just know the universe is billions of yrs old,,and think there is a good chance we did evolved from apes.. even those who that think all the bible stories were taken from some other clay tablet,, written by some really old civilization...

well you might want to go find grandmas old bible and dust it off... cause the last chapter of the book is going to play out on the prime time news of every TV set on the planet...

just to steal a phrase from hollywierd


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Keeping on very close eye on these events. Good advice from kcwildman as we should all be preparing to be able to provide our own food, water, electricity, etc.


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not sure what this means but its weird just the same,,is it just a cgi to show what it would look like or are they telling us some thing to come very soon



with all the hub-bub about fake news of late,,
this BIBLE verse was brought to my memory
Isaiah, 29:21....
That make a man an offender for a word, and lay a snare for him that reproveth in the gate, and turn aside the just for a thing of nought.

we are about to see it come to reality right here in river city folks, and most of the people if not all will be happy to see it happen.. even now the evil one is laying the foundations of it. as the very crafty worded stories are leaked to the alternative news outlets for the sole reason of writing more laws to make a mans words a crime..
there are already cases from over seas about people going to jail for so called hate speech against the gays,queers,fags,homos,or what ever current buzz word you choose to use


look alive folks the show is set to start next month at the summit.. we will see the state of israel become the focus of the UN and the push to destroy it will be openly called for by most if not all the world..
watch very close my friends things will happen pretty fast. if trump hold's true to his promise of defending the jews we will be ass deep in the conflict, and most likely won't be able to stop UN from moving against the jews. we will be very lucky to survive as a nation at all.. starting to look like we may well be the mystery babylon to be left a smoldering pile of ash..
the events world wide all point to the prophecy of the battle in the valley of megiddo as the days go by the battle lines are being drawn. sides are being chosen, better get some popcorn and beer stocked up..