Psychometry or something else? And need help :)


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Mar 8, 2019
I'm new to this forum but also new to the whole universe of paranormal. I think I put that aside a little because I was scared of things that were happening to me and everything that could happen. When I was quite young I went to a friend's house and we were playing in her room, everything was fine we were having fun and we were happy. She went to the bathroom and I was looking at her collection of trinket and saw a cute heart shaped kind of box. Looked like a jewelry box and I took it in my hand to take a look at it. I felt very sad and started crying. When my friend came back I asked her if she had a sister. She was in shocked. Her sister died couple of hours after birth and her ashes was inside that box. She never mentioned it before and I had no idea she had a sister or that ashes was in there.

Starting there, I was very afraid and closed myself from anything g paranormal. Fast forward 22 years later and I'm now looking at answer and how this is possible.

If anyone knows psychometry and is willing to give me more information about it or good articles/books to read? Some exercise would be really nice.

EDIT - I forgot to mention that since I opened myself to paranormal sometimes weird things happens, small things. Like waking up because I hear voice (outside of my dream) one day it was someone yelling my name (it was a woman voice and I really thought it was my mother but she is alive and was sleeping. I had the feeling she was scared. Another time I heard "wake up" . So I don't know if it is psychometry or something else because of that

Thank you so much for taking the time!
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