Q-ANON? Operation Hot Musket? Driving Around Reese Air Force Base!

Plymouth Fury

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Nov 24, 2018
dunno if im allowed to post links as yet but ima give it a shot cuz its important....
gonna go live in a bit on youtube....well aint exactly live, its one a them Premieres....better than live in my book, i kinda dont like going live, its too tv-ish https://youtu.be/cfn6W2EvGKw oughtnt be too much longer, u guys dont wanna miss this one...when the premiere starts there will appear an announcement here, about 2 minutes before it airs n theres a chat, SUPERCHAT hehehe so if u guys can like donate a buck or 2 it would really help me cuz theyve killed my Monetisation and GRINCHED my CHRISTMAS MONEY....anyways im gonna be talking bout this Hot Musket thing...im leaning more towards the Psyop side on this one personally speaking....youll see why