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Active X sign on rouge bots, began to be a problem in the days when was big.

It would be to the state of affairs, to where if you were on a page and these Active X bots could jump on your cursor-line and sign you up for something you didn't want/ They finally got some regulation back to the state of affairs. But there was a period of time there, if an Active X bot with intention of roping you into something you didn't want, then you got web-sodomized.
ActiveX on the internet was a crazy idea to begin with. Native binaries running directly in the browser from untrusted sources, without any sandboxing towards the operating system. An evil AI would be able to self replicate all over the system with that. ActiveX should only be used for its original purpose, dynamic linking to custom GUI components in native desktop applications from known sources.


I also had the "I'm calling from Microsoft" scam many times. Very obvious because they claimed that my computer was infected on a shared landline phone, without asking for my name. Told them that I'm a Linux user and don't have MS-Windows. He hung up and never called back.

I didn't have a PC at the time they called me, just a phone but,
they insisted I had a Microsoft account....blah-blah-blah.

Numb Skulls called me with an active line........Baaaad move! Lol!