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Let's post all our questions for John Titor in this particular thread.

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Let's compile all the best questions for John Titor and make history.

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1. Regarding, "The computer units and gravity sensors "record" your trip and you are quite easily able to return to your
point of origin." Are you stating that you can return to the exact timeline you left with zero divergence?

2. Regarding, "There are 7 other time travelers in my unit." Did the 6 other travelers enter this timeline with you?

3. Have any of them interacted with people online?

4. Were you at all surprised by any technological advances of this timeline, or have you seen it all before?

5. Was the 177th the true name of your team, or does it have another meaning?

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1. What do you think about not being right with some of your predictions such as a Civil War in America 2012.

2. Did the people know about the online things you did?

3. If yes, were they mad, happy, or could care less?

4. Do you believe Andrew Basiago?

5. Were you ever an army general or did they just pull you out of nowhere?

6. Do you like being a time traveler, are against it or could really care less?

7. On a scale of 1-100, 100 being you love answering our questions, a 1 being you hate it, where are you at?

8. If your below a 50, why did you even do this in the first place?

9. Do you want to be a notable figure for our timeline, or could you really careless?

10. Is your name REALLY John Titor? Or is it something else to conceal you?

11. What do you have to say to any "time travelling" hoaxers just wanting to be like you?

12. What do you have to say to any real time travelers being like you?

Sorry if you have already answered some of these questions, as I have not read ALL your posts considering it would take too long.


What the hell are you doing?

Where are you?

When are you?

What is with the stalling?

Are you dead?

Are you dead too?

Am I stuck?

Should I 'depart' now?

Who put that there?

How far back does it go?

Who is watching them?


Do I need to repeat my questions?

Is it necessary for you to understand them in order to keep it posted, Num?


Hey 'John Titor',

I already told you that it all means something else? As well as that it has been altered and compromised, ..which others will back me up on? There is foul play involved as well? Why do you think TTI shut down when I started threatening to call people out by name, and when TR started calling them out on altering posts? Should I bust it all wide open now?

Most all of your questions are irrelevant anyway, because they are all out of context? The whole situation and circumstances are different? It has very little to do with the 'cover story' that you are all basing your perception on?

Don't waste your time asking questions that you will never receive an acceptable answer to?
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'John Titor'

Why is it that TTI shut down when I started to call people out on lies about the song?

Does it have anything to do with TR also calling them out about changing the posts, presumably to obfuscate? What are their true motives?

How do you explain information taken from personal conversations in my living room traveling through the posts in 2001 to 'Pamela Moore' to the entertainment industry and my family members and others?

How do you think they would respond if I were to start putting out specific information regarding individual identities?

How do you explain that information traveling to a before the fact point in time?

Have you seen our friend? Is she O.K.?


Here's more for you, 'John Titor'

Who told her? Was it you, me, her, or someone else?

That pic is not me. (Damn close though, huh?) Is it you?

Who is watching them all play? What will happen to them?


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Hey John Titor I got a few questions reguarding the future,
That's if you really exist and not a person with a fake name not joking.

1. How did the c- 204 planes interact with your time machine?
2. How did you re shape the future or did you at all? Flaws?
3. What would you do if you went to the future? Then had a chance to tell us would you?
4. Does Roger Goodell get fired and if it's not susposed to happen then what does? (he is the NFL Commisioner)
5. Does the HDR have more than one flaw? And do you use it with the C-204?

Well if you were real I apologize for me thinking I was wrong, so long for now