Questions for John Titor

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JT went rouge & reportedly came down with radiation poisoning. I believe this explanation because the GE machine was okay for one or two jumps, but not meant for constant use as a means of transportation.

JT did leave this worldline and had agents after him.
So him and his younger self left?


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So him and his younger self left?
This GE time displacement unit was not the best machine to time travel in. This is due to technolgies taking a nose-dive post nuclear war.There's no protection other than the barrier divison made from the simulated Kerrs Balck Hole microwavic divider. So radiationj does get into that shell. If you've ever watched a pinball machine work, this is somewhat like how Titor traveled in time, as he had to use other timelines in order to try and get back to his own timeline.

These travels could have caught the authority notice of the time travel management and he may have been making a mess of things is why he probably became a criminal. The posting which I had seen, he was starting to suffer from radiation ageing and poisoning. So, this doesn't get real good for him near the end.