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Jul 24, 2012
This was posted on Reddit, and then deleted. I found a copy in google cache... but i thought hey why not post a copy here for posterity.

Hey everyone.
So several months ago, but really since I remember, I started getting into /r/luciddreaming. But that was one place I visited. I was obsessed with lucid dreaming, and the more I learned, the more I started to have lucid dreams that were worthwhile. At first, it wasn't omre than blurry flying for a few seconds...but eventually I got it to the point where I could experience what was basically one hour of a virtual reality game every night. A game completely under my control.
Then, I started reading about "time dilation" with lucid dreams, where you could live in lucid dreams longer than the actual physical time that passed. I started spending hours, even days in my lucid worlds.
Then the unthinkable happened. I stayed in a dream too long, I think, in a dream I couldn't control.
It went like this. I had a normal lucid dream every night, but eventually I stopped having them and decide to live back in reality. I kept going to school (university), I kept following the news, kept working on homework etc...it was basically my normal life. Well, "normal" for a while. Because the "reality" I lived in my dream was frightening as hell. It was the same world we have now, except it kepts breaking down, getting worse and worse--in ways I'll get into a little later on. And the whole time, I didn't know it was a dream. I got as far as 2017 when I woke up, in my dorm room bed from years ago (actually, just a few months ago now), and realized what had really happened.
You know when you have a nightmare and you wake up, completely relieved to find yourself in your own bed? Imagine that feeling, ten times more intense, and finding yourself two years in the past.
Now imagine that the dream is living itself out again.
Over time, the dream felt more and more like a "dream" and not like two years of actual history. But I still remember everything very well. Soon I forgot that experience and resumed having normal dreams. But ever since earlier this year, I've noticed that every single thing that happened to world events in my dreams came true. Sure, some things might be a coincidence. Donald Trump ran for president in my timeline, too, but he had flirted with it in the real timeline, so I chalked that up to coincidence.
But lately, it's gotten real specific. Frighteningly specific.
The thing is, I remember Hurricane Patricia as the first of what scientists in my timeline called the Great Hurricanes. It didn't have a huge impact on peoples' lives in the dream timeline, either, but the fact that I remember a Hurricane Patricia that hit western Mexico? The fact that both of them were the strongest hurricanes ever recorded? You remember details like that.
And here it is.
I know it seems skeptical to talk about Hurricane Patricia after the fact, so just so you can see what I'm experiencing, I'll give you the next few storms too:
The next Pacific hurricane is a dud. I forget its name. There might be another one too, another sort of dud that just sits out at sea. This period is sort of like the eye between Patricia and Hurricane Terry.
In 2016, Hurricane Ian "sits" over the Carribbean a lot like Joaquin, only it's more intense and eviscerates Hispaniola, where a lot of people suffer. Hurricane Otto is a complete and utter disaster, wreaking slow havoc on the north Atlantic seaboard.
In 2017, Hurricane Harvey is the biggest ever recorded in the Atlantic, and it wrecks the entire Atlantic coast of Florida. It's followed in a double-whammy by Hurricane Irma, and so many people are killed or displaced that people abandon southern Florida in droves. Miami is a fossil of what it once was
Maybe I'm wrong. I hope I'm wrong.
But if I'm not, I want to tell you what I know about the next couple of years. Warning: as events unfold--and boy do they unfold-- it might seem ridiculous to some. I'm sure the breakout of World War 1 also seemed incomprehensible at the time. You'd be amazed at how once the fire starts, you notice that there was tinder everywhere the whole time.
In my dream timeline, Donald Trump lost Iowa...and then won just about all of the next few states, giving him enough momentum to win the entire nomination. There's talk of a split in the Republican Party, but he's able to convince the right that he's conservative enough to be their guy. On the left, it's more drawn out. Bernie Sanders wins New Hampshire, but Hilary strikes back. After a contested battle, Hilary's name proves too much for Bernie.
Donald Trump's VP is Susana Martinez, former governor of New Mexico. His popularity soars because he's seen as "sticking it" to people who said he's anti-woman and anti-Hispanic. Hilary's is Evan Bayh. Trump turns the "Clinton/Bayh" ticket into a "Clinton, Bye" joke.
Donald Trump wins. It's not a landslide, but the results are decided the first night.
Trump wants to make immigration an issue but he can't because in late 2016, all hell breaks loose in the Middle East. Trump's "let them fight it out themselves" policy seems to work at first...
...until Iran uses, completely by surprise, nuclear weapons. Not against Israel, but against ISIS, which has spread in Iraq close to Iran. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu responds with premptive strikes against both ISIS and Iran, and the result is an absolute cluster...well, it's awful. There's no second refugee crisis because no one can get out.
Trump decides to come over the top and sends in ground troops. He has near universal support, because we have to do something, most figure, but the war has no central focus and we're soon stuck in a quagmire.
A draft is initiated.
Meanwhile, Hurricanes have devastated the Atlantic coast and America's economy is in absolute shambles. The last time I filled up a tank of gas in the dream timeline it cost me three digits. With it goes the world economy. When the U.S. uses its presence to justify annexing oil interests in the Middle East, Russia intervenes. War isn't declared, but...war happens. China soon joins.
In late 2017, World War Three has erupted. The American military has swelled to over 15 million troops, with no end in sight. Thus far, only Iran has used nuclear weapons, but then ISIS captures Baghdad and Trump orders a nuclear attack.
Retaliation starts, and much of the urban centers of the west coast are wiped out.
It doesn't end there. In fact, there's a reprieve in the action and not total nuclear war..but only through a way that I think might strain my credibility.
Suffice it to say, the state of the world in late 2017 is awful. The Middle East is the theatre for a third world war--a war that quickly becomes worse than the previous world war. Countless Americans, Russians, British, French, Italian, Chinese, Iranians, Israelis, Syrians, and more lose their lives.
Americans attending college--including myself--are able to avoid the draft for a while, but people complain that this is unfair to people who haven't gone to college.
I'll try to add a few other things I remember from the more peaceful times, mainly 2016--though 2016 is ugly as well. I'll try my best to remember events that are coming up to see if I continue being right.
Kanye West releases an album called simply "Fuck."
I remember a couple of hit songs from 2016, particularly one called "You Never End" and I'm currently humming one in particular to myself. If there's a good way I'd like to be able to
Yes, I've "seen" Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I won't "spoil" any of it without peoples' permission though, because I really have a vivid impression of all the movies I saw during my lucid dream.
The 2015 Best Picture Oscar is The Revenant. Star Wars 7 is nominated, though.
The Carolina Panthers win Superbowl 50 over the Patriots. The Arizona Cardinals win Superbowl 51 over the Dolphins.
Okay, if you believe me, here is what you need to do to avoid the future problems I can remember:
If you're an American or live in Europe, move to one of the following countries: Australia, New Zealand, Argentina. Canada is no good because of nuclear fallout associated with the United States. Try to convince your family too. At least start making plans.
No vacations to eastern Europe, the Middle East, or Africa. All Americans, Canadians, Australians, British, Irish, French, Italians, and French should avoid being in southeast Asia in 2017.
If you live on the east coast, particularly Philly-NY or Florida, HEED ALL HURRICANE WARNINGS. Buy hurricane insurance.
Iran gets hit hard, so if anyone reading this can avoid it...avoid it.
Avoid the stock market. Invest in "real" things like real estate. INVEST IN COMMODITIES. Oil and industrial metals.
If you live near Santiago, Chile, be wary of tectonic activity in early-mid 2016.
Please, please, please, consider at least buying some dried food and having a system of securing water for yourself. There is so much strife caused by the hoarding of clean water, especially on the west coast.
Unfortunately I can't tell you who to vote for because I don't know who really would be better than Trump. Peace candidates HAVE to be better, though. I can say this though: do NOT be seduced by Trump.


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Dec 7, 2013
I can see why this thread was deleted. The proof's in the pudding. I'll wait and see. Very interesting read though.
Aug 31, 2015
I hope that person lived his life in a different timeline, in a paraller reality, but he decided to come back to get a better reality where things go differently. Dreams are also alternative realities, and they can be as real as this 'our reality'.

I liked this thread, the guy tells things in a way as he really has experienced them. Seem realistic. That does not mean these will come true in our timeline, but I believe him, what he is telling about his experiences.


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Sep 29, 2015
Interesting read, but r/nosleep is meant to be strictly fiction:
> "NoSleep is a place for authors to share their original horror stories."
> "If it is not an actual story, it will be removed from r/nosleep."
The quotes are from the side of the sub-reddit and the posting rules, if the guy was being serious he'd probably post it somewhere else.


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Feb 8, 2015
Errr..The lady called Carolina and her Panther friends, beat the Patriots by 2 submissions to none :D..
Yeah Yeah i got no idea what you guys are on about lol ::LOL:::D


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May 24, 2011
Good Call on that playoff prediction, I couldn't have scripted it better. Denver loses in the first round Peyton Manning shits the bed and throws picks again.