Radio Shack again


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Jun 17, 2004
I was talking to a radio shack manager. He says radio shack will not survive. Basically, they will liquidate all the inventory that remains.

RadioShack's Successor Preparing to File for Bankruptcy, Sources Say

TAKEN FROM RadioShack May Be Down For The Count

RadioShack is reportedly going bankrupt, again.
This could be the last call for RadioShack.
General Wireless Operations, the company that runs the approximately 1,500 remaining RadioShack stores, is reportedly about to file for bankruptcy protection.
But unnamed sources cited by Bloomberg said the bankruptcy will likely lead to liquidation rather than another stab at reorganizing.
If so, the endgame comes two years after hedge fund Standard General paid $187 million in a series of bankruptcy auctions for the RadioShack brand and the 1,740 stores left standing after the public version went bust.
As part of the prepackaged Chapter 11 plan, Standard General's operating entity for RadioShack, General Wireless, leased space in 1,440 of the locations to Sprint in a co-branding agreement.
But according to vendors, suppliers, former franchisees and rep groups in contact with TWICE, Sprint backed out of the deal in late January citing a breach of covenants, effectively cutting off the retailer’s cash flow.


Adam Thoth

Mar 16, 2016
Specialty shops and luxury stores always go first then bigger general item super stores start to go next like K Mart which is about to go extinct. Another Glutton economic failure that's proving that crapping on your common folk kills you in the end.

Some things you can do to get you through.
By making your own soaps and household items such as laundry detergent and toilet trees like toothpaste and deodorant you can cut your overall living expenses on these items by about 80%. You can also recoup your expenses on the ingredients by selling these items to your friends at half or less the cost of store bought items.

Another benefit of this is that you can determine what is going into your household products. Much of today's modern household products contain a vast array of chemicals and heavy metals (and everyone wonders why they have cancer and various mental disorders etc. )
These things are found in small amounts but small amounts over time causes serious health problems. Not to mention birth defects.

If you own your own home then now is the time to invest in new wind and solar options for electricity. There are also various methods that are cheap and easy for insulation in the winter and keeping cool in the summer.
Another is escaping planned obsolescence by retro buying. Have you ever heard the saying they don't make em like they used to? It's true you can often times but old tools equipment and antique items that will long outlasted modern counterparts designed to fail over time. Additionally these older items can often be found for a fraction of the cost of a modern item. Clean it up and restore it and it not only becomes a valuable item but also has a cool retro look.

The world may have real bad problems but don't become paralyzed by fear, there are real solutions and since the governments and politicians have failed us time and time again it's time for a new approach, as in we handle it ourselves.