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May 24, 2011
By the way anyone have experiences with fogginess in they're eye's when they use the HDR?


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Sep 12, 2017
Ok im posting the message that was send to me by Keyholder 777.


Just so everyone know your full of shit.

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    May 25, 2011
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    I've been really busy now a day's everyone should be too. I might go back into it when there is a possibility that a company or someone will buy into the idea. Right now We're all done with Time Travel. Been humilated enough trying to put things together. I know it works. I'm sure other ideas are similar. I've had friend's use it and I've never heard back from them again. Steven Gibbs is recovering from a stroke he had. I have a pacemaker from something so powerful it knocked me unconscious and I ended up with a pacemaker. Was going to a Division 1 Football School Quinnipiac University. It causes basically nerve damage. I have never used it.

    Sure I've had my scratching head moment's (WTF just happened.) One arrived at my door steps one day. I dkidn't let anyone know I had the thing. People knew some how that I was changing. My appearance atleast. I turned it on one night my folks weren't home. It was a wednesday night. They were at a party. My dog was home. My dog some how communicates with me. Like she is my guardian angel or something. I turn it on my dog starts barking, it was heavily vibrating.

    I immediately saw strange swirling funnel like imagery around me. In a split second I was in a year didn't really make it out to what year it was. I noticed that I was outside your susposed to meditate inside. I noticed that I saw this pizza shop was taken down. I went to look at a newspaper and looked at the date. 2022 it read. It was dark all the time I was there. This dealership including everything around me was wiped out and in ruins. Saw fire pretty much every where. I add you can only go on an alternate timeline when you time travel. Not the same one. There's only one way I made it back. With multiple time curve's at the exact point and time that I started.

    Sure I sound like a btf fan seen the movie but have done it. I don't lie unless someone is bugging me. So the story continues, I go on this dealership property, I picked up rubble and dirt to see if it was real. I look around everything was gone. I run up to my house which was 100 yards down the street to see if my family was there. I start walking, I heard a voice which seamed like years that I hadn't heard it from. The owner from the pizza shop had a stand still for food my guess it was bad but still good to eat. "Where have you been for the last four year's?" He Asks. "I wouldn't go up there if I were you" he then replies.

    I ask why? He goes "it's the same every where. Everything is wiped out. It's been this way for two months" I ask him if it was a war and he replied yes. But not the war you expected to be. "It was a community mafia style war. So basically we destroyed our selve's. I asked.
    "yes,unfortunatelly 80 percent of the population of America is gone. Most of us are dead undead or hiding 20 percent of us do fear it. And are alive.

    A person in a Blue F150 Truck called me over, Hey kid get in I'm susposed to see you back to your time. I noticed who the person was. Former Auto Mechanic. "I did what you asked me to do years ago. I can bring you back. "Can I atleast see my house? I ask the guy nicely. "Yeah but your not going to like it he said" I was in a grin what is it with that. "Find out for yourself and get in. I get in and drive up to my house. It was basically up for the most part but there were a couple of zombie's to get rid of. They had turned when a chemical got sprayed over the eastern part of the usa. I grabbed a shotgun or two ask he showed me his arsenal of weapons.

    My family had become undead and I just Started shaking becoming unstable and saw my youngest come at me. I had no choice. I wiped all of them out. I went to look for clues to how to war started as from what I heard. I could see everything very clear but the driver's face.he blocked his face out. I saw a picture of me and a girl together in 2020, I said to myself in thought, I must have gotten married.

    Right now I am not the type that does. Well when I got done looking around I found a news paper title"Mafia Protester's Rage War" Then the paper discinigrated in thin air. It turned to crumbled pieces. So the guy drive's me around for awhile telling me what happened, by the time he started telling the good pieces of the war we were back where I arrived. In the dealership (former). I tried to put some of the dirt in the HDR to save. When it turned on I began feeling dizzy and returned back to 2014. I've shut my mouth since the day I saw that. It worked but was in a hellish region as well.

    The things I saw were personal and were not intended for any violence incurring thoughts or manner. I don't remember how I got back, but I got back and smashed the HDR, the way it should be not invented. I cheated a couple of predictions and what not. I thought they would be on this timeline if it was on another. You can have multiple timelines with the same info and have all different endings.

    That would mean if you had a time curve adjusted it would be straight on with abc in the factor. Physics doesn't mean anything when you time travel. My guess is that we should be fine. You know what I did to my HDR smashed it to pieces and put it in my trash, the next day we had a 4.0 earthquake must have been from the trip but the trash came and a crack opened adjacently. we paved over it with a pavement company. One of the pavement guys got a flat tire. I said go to an auto body shop they fix cheap. I gave the guy my last bits of money left . I went and changed the tire.