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I'm cooked once again. Doc 05 dodging my call for the RM 3.0 or whatever it i think they were playing with my mind. I cannot stand that kind of crap and will not tolerate it at all. I'm keeping my self busy in the meantime trying to organize a Halo team for the next version and train them to become champions. I can no longer work at all unless it's it's sports. Which I still know everything about. Time Traveler yes I was.

There is people that don't believe me about that. Im one not afraid to come forward. 99% aisle. Which gives me 1 % higher cause I experienced what I expected to go into. I am way too bored now plus dealing with my mother's death from last year.

I don't care what you post or care to think about me. I know I've been there. Not afraid to do it again. You are all just senile little kids fragile to do anything for yourself.

Please do not ask me for anything. What have you done for me? What comes around goes around. I'm 43 and in a lot of hurt. I can't let my emotions or anything else go. A true time traveler doesn't have emotions.

You wanna meet me in person then that is fine be prepared to have a coffee or coke ready. At night time a Budweiser. I'm more a less a loner.
Very hard to find. I do not have time for new or bullshit relationships.

I don't think anyone will have the balls to ever use Steve's HDR unit. If they did they would be fried. Cause you didn't do it right. If you do it yourself using HDR unit. You'll get it right. It will never happen the first time.

After awhile it begins to become a royal pain in the ass to keep your eyes on. Your family or other people will try to steal it. So don't trust anyone. Until I get my RM 3.0 I will be just getting ready to move next year. I don't know yet.

I'm also taking care of my house and my dad so I'd like respect not to bother me in person unexpectedly. Please just stop with the dumb ignorance. Yes Dr Z is a good friend of mine Doc 05 is too. I have a lot of friends here outside world that will binge for me if someone comes looking for me.

It has happened before. You overstep my boundaries that's when shit hits the fans. I do not like outsiders. Please let me be and rest.
I was very tense when I wrote that. Something was going on couldn't stop it. Now it belongs to a case. I'm suing this company for neglect and harmful battery. The guy reached on my pacemaker side to throw me out of car. Schedule or no schedule he's still supposed to call his boss and failed to.

He pinched my pacemaker side. I hit my head getting out on the ceiling. He took off so he wouldn't get in trouble same guy this morning. He found my message I left. I was laughing at him. And he missed his stop.
He sounds like an asshole.

They not to think about it.

You'll probably never have to interact with him again.

He's just a taxi driver.