rebuild the whole timeline

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Jan 29, 2017
Lets say I could go back in time, well, no; I could BE again in 20xx so I never got that incident that sent me to the hospital, and go to study certain things to finish school with some friends, and warn my family of health issues so they can have a better life style now.

Lets suppose I am at midschool, taking a different path by choosing something different to do and to study. Lets say I am carrying many secrets of the future including the people I've known since then until now (and many of them are dead, or they committed terrible choices) and I could follow a neutral behaviour that doesn't affect any timeline until I speak about the future. I mean just being normal and when it comes the right moment, warn somebody of something that will happen to his life.

Im aware it will provoke uncontrollable events, because of the future stability but I think it may retrieve its own stability, according to the warning I gave before. then it will be a new unknown timeline.

Lets check the Lerina case.
Media - Parallel universe woman
She woke up one morning with different bed clothes and a totally different work office (there was no office, everything got move). Also she claims she had a boyfriend and a kid of him, but now in the new dimension/timeline she's still with his old boyfriend. She's been aware of that old timeline that's been erased and replaced by -nothing-. The choices taken by her boyfriend (the time traveler) were undone, were cancelled and this change causes some confusion on this woman, Lerina.

I'm aware that kind of disaster will occur, if I can jump back and trigger the specific changes.
I just have an emergency plan in order to reduce and manage this reaction, I mean this weird sense that Lerina had.

And many will experiment that.

The matter here is, once I made the changes, I should see this people one by one and guide them by talking to them and make them to believe that its okay, probably nothing did happen and everything was like a bad dream and they can continue living their normal new timeline sorry their new life :D

In short lines. I jump back myself in time some years
I avoid carefully the expected wrong choices
I carefully take the new and better choices, expectating the incoming differences on people around me (and far from me)
The Lerina effect will happen
carefully I talk to them, keeping an unnoticed surveillance on them.
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