Religion + aliens + fallen angels

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It always pisses me off when people think religion (especially Christianity) negates the possibility of aliens.
It doesn't. If anything it confirms it. We might not be using the right terminology.

And that's basically what I think too---there aren't really any "good" aliens.

The angels are a level above both us and the aliens. I'm not talking about fallen ones I'm talking
about the real actual angels way above outer space and everything else.

Some of these became "fallen angels"

Sometimes self-righteous people get really worked up about this shit and run around lecturing UFO people.
That doesn't really do any good, usually draws people further into the occult ironically.

The demons are worse than the most sinful human and or fallen angel. They live in Hell.

Aliens and demons are not the same thing. But sure you could call aliens "fallen angels" just the same
way in some ways humans themselves are.


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An angel (a true angel not a fallen one) is a being of 100 percent pure benevolance and light.
Nothing wrong with it whatsoever no sin or temptation.

A fallen angel is "evil" to a religious person. I view it a slightly different way.
Fallen is flawed. Most religious extremists view anything flawed as pure evil which is SILLY.
You enjoyed that chocolate cake? Holy shit you're going to hell!!! It's a joke.
The reason angels are good and fallen ones are "bad" is mostly cuz angels are perfect and sinless.
An angel is inherently more benevolant than anything fallen.

Humans are fallen. Aliens are fallen. Aliens are scarier because they're not just fallen
many of them look terrifying and they run around kidnapping people, and sending people
through walls. Other ones sort of pretend to be nice and look like beautiful blonde people or friendly little greys.
Sometimes they even heal people:

I believe they only heal people to influence humanity and gain further control ultimately, but good luck
telling that to someone healed of their sickness by an extraterrestrial. The bible says the Antichrist will do the same thing.
I view aliens as basically
more advanced and slightly more evil and sinister versions of our own scientists and us. In my view some of them
are almost harmless to interact with but you have to be so wary that it isn't really worth it.
They come to you---you don't come to them.

Just like us they're capable of redemption through Christ.

So yeah in a sense I agree and in other ways I kind of view it slightly differently.

Due to the fact they're more advanced their sins tend to be worse.
They alter peoples souls, change people up so they can never meet their true love, or make them think someone is their true love who isn't,
they like to fuck with people for the most part. I wouldn't recommend trying to get abducted.

Go for contact not abduction if anything.

But sure---------aliens are not really your friends. It's kind of obvious at this point. They'd have saved us by now

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Disclaimer about the above:

Note: I am NOT a Christian and don't claim to speak for them. If I was this is how I'd view the aliens issue.

In reality I think the aliens might have been the "gods" but primitive people mistook them for something else.

People assume aliens are automatically exclusively spiritual beings which causes people to

when in reality it's probly a mix like here on Earth but a little bit scarier and more wild

Go ahead, man. Contact aliens. Have a blast. Have a steamy affair with an alien.
Drink coffee with an alien. Get probed by an alien. Get eaten by.......ok don't do that.
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Hi Oakfield:
There is so much we can talk about. Have you ever been off world?

Here is a video by Dr. Steven Greer on techniques for remote viewing.

walt willis

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In days of old when men had very little knowledge of technology they had no reference of words to use to explain flying saucers or aliens.
They did the best they could to share such information with others.
The other way to explain aliens may have been to call them ghost?
Some have said that they may just be humans from our future?
I've been face to face with three grays and know what they look like but have no clue as to who or what they are.
Maybe one day we'll be told?Dh0ugvhVQAEaCmx.jpg


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Hi Walt:
A few years ago, I saw three grays. They were scary. I prayed to Jesus to help me. Suddenly, all three disappeared like a puff of smoke even.

I remember the first time I was with aliens was when I was six. I was so excited that I told other people - big mistake! It was the tall blond ones. They are nice.