Renewable agriculture

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Oct 29, 2015
Let me start this off by saying right now I'm way too lazy to do research on this topic (I mean can you blame me it's only Thursday and late at night), and am extremely uneducated on this topic, so this might have already been figured out, however I really don't have any idea (Don't worry people I'll research this more when I get home from work tomorrow) but I had an idea.

Remember Long Island Potatoes? They were as infamous as Idaho potatoes are now. What happened? Well, farmers thought they found the jackpot. Now, even a kindergartener knows that when soil is used for agriculture, the minerals are sucked out, meaning you have to move your crops planting spots every few years, sometimes even earlier than that. Well, farmers thought, that fish could solve that problem! The only problem is, the oil in fish made the soil completely unusable, which destroyed the potato industry (in Long Island, at least).

So, what am I saying? What if, there was a cheap, effective way that we could extract the oil, and make it so the fish didn't make the soil unusable.

Now, if anything in this post is wrong, correct me please, but if I'm right, this will make agriculture 1000x more efficient, help stop deforestation (because they wouldn't need to plow down trees for more farmland), and help feed a growing population.

So, if everything in this article is correct (and I'll find out tomorrow or whenever I check the comments), WE as a community, should help and try to find a effective way to do this!

P.S. This experiment would take years to complete, considering you would need to test.
Anyways, tell me what you guys think
Nov 23, 2015
Aquaponics comes close.
Walipinis comes to my mind as well.
Very interesting topics, worth a study.

I don't get the oil part from the fish.
How does it get into the soil?

P.S.: There shouldn't be a mono-culture at all. Not all plants need the same nutrients.
It takes years to recover from monoculture. You can plant beans for example that return some needed nutrients.
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