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The title is, of course, a bit provocative, but to date scientists have not discovered the origin of the Rh- factor in blood. However, they know that it has only been present since approximately 25-35 thousand years ago. years. What makes it even more extraordinary is the fact that our blood is extremely resistant to mutations and changes. Blood with the Rh- index was discovered in the tombs of the pharaohs, but Jesus Christ also had the AB Rh- blood group.
The most popular antigen in the Rh system is the so-called D antigen. People who have it on the surface of erythrocytes are called Rhesus positive Rh+ (the name Rhesus comes from a species of monkey), but for about 20 percent In our population, erythrocytes do not react with anti-D serum. Such people are called Rhesus negative Rh-.

Blood with a negative Rh factor has a completely different immune composition than that with Rh+. Research and scientific experiments are being conducted to find new vaccines to which Rh-viruses are resistant.

Determining the Rh factor is important for prenatal testing. If one of the parents has a positive result and the other has a negative result, the so-called serological conflict. When the mother has blood with the Rh- factor, and the father is Rh+ and the child inherits the D antigen from the father, the mother's body will perceive the child as something foreign and will attack it with antibodies, similarly to viruses and cancer cells.

Fortunately, modern medicine has dealt with this problem by vaccinating mothers with antibodies.

Where does the Rh- reaction come from?

Scientists have been trying to find a solution to this puzzle for many years. Some evidence suggests it was associated with one group of people or tribe. The mutation probably affected the original inhabitants of Europe, before the arrival of the Indo-Europeans. That is why the Basques have a much higher Rh- index in the population than the rest of Europe - because they are descendants of those indigenous Europeans who were not subject to the influence of Romanization or Celtization.

While the European average is 15%. population with the Rh- reagent, among the Basques it reaches as much as 35 percent! This result is also common among descendants of Eastern European Jews. It is known that among humans there are blood groups: A, B, AB and O. However, among the Basques, blood group B is practically non-existent, and the rate of blood group O is the highest in Europe.
Although Rh- blood is unique in this part of the world, it is even rarer in indigenous people from other continents (who have no ancestors in Europe). Only 3% have it. indigenous Africans and less than 1 percent indigenous peoples of Asia, America and the Pacific Islands. In Poland, 6% of people have the ARh- group. people. A person with this group can be given blood - from 12%. other people. And his blood can be administered to 46 percent. people.

Currently, the number of people with blood with the Rh- factor is increasing in the world. 40 years ago it was 3%, 10 years ago 5-7%, currently 15%. This data may be inaccurate because researchers have not previously reached all ethnic groups.

An unearthly element

One of the most amazing interpretations of this difference assumes that Rh- blood was introduced into the population by foreign organisms. And it's not about viruses or bacteria, but about angels or aliens!

In Hebrew records you can find stories about the Nephilim, angels who inhabited the Earth (mainly Europe), mating with human women. They were distinguished by above-average intelligence, heightened senses, lower body temperature, higher blood pressure, and increased paranormal abilities. Their external features included high height, mainly blue or green eyes, blond or red hair, and greater sensitivity to sunlight.

Mentions of giants appear in the Old Testament, among others: in the Book of the Wisdom of Sirach and the Book of Numbers, where there is information that "descendants of giants" lived in Canaan.

Another theory is that fallen angels are visitors from other planets. Many ancient texts, as well as the Bible, support the theory of extraterrestrial beings "coming to earth." Pre-Christian texts speak of a race that "came from heaven to earth." The Book of Enoch, a Hebrew apocryphal book, provides especially a lot of information on this subject.

The puzzles continue

So far, there has been no clear scientific evidence of the origin of blood with the Rh- index. However, a lot of pseudo- and real data has been examined over the years, which is both convergent and contradictory. Several of them are mentioned by the website vismaya-maitreya.pl.

You can read there that, for example, some researchers claim that Rh- is the blood of the "line from God", others prove that the Rh- group is the "line from reptiles."

Another theory is that the Rh- factor is the original blood, the oldest blood type, not made by crossbreeding with another blood type. It is a model of human purity, not a human + reptile mix.

In this topic, many researchers rely on the blood group of Jesus Christ (AB Rh-). The mystery of his blood is hidden in the work of the Holy Spirit, from whom Jesus was conceived (the third Person of the Trinity).

Many modern scientists believe that humans evolved from apes. They have plenty of evidence to support their theories, including modern blood analyzes and comparative studies between modern humans and lower anthropoids (chimpanzees, rhesus monkeys). Genetic research discovers that we can only inherit what our ancestors have, barring mutations. It appears that modern humans and apes may have shared a common ancestor sometime in the distant past. So where does Rh- come from? If we do not inherit it from prehistoric man, is it possible that man is a descendant of ancient astronauts?

Apart from humans, serological conflict (Rh- mother, Rh+ child) occurs only in mules: a cross between a horse and a donkey. This fact alone indicates that there is a possibility of interbreeding between the two species.

Are the Basques with such a high Rh- index from one of the original colonies on Earth? Their origin is unknown, and their language is not similar to any European language. Researchers believe that Basque was the original language in which the Book of Genesis was written and, even more profoundly, that Basque was the original language of the world.

And one more thing: Where did the mixing of blood as a sign of brotherhood among Indians come from? It is known that Rh- and Rh+ blood mix differently. Was it a test of the same ancestors? The Indians claim that their descendants were of cosmic origin, and the totem represents their family tree. It was also noticed that people with Rh- had more psychic powers, the same with healers, most of them had Rh-.

The author of the article on vismaya-maitreya.pl also quotes scientists' question: What blood type did Adam and Eve have? They are presumed to be of pure Rh- human race, which is considered the purest blood. Eve fell into "sin" and became contaminated with external blood, which led to the birth of Cain with the Rh+ blood type.

Until we receive a final answer to the question of where the RH- blood comes from, there will probably be more and more fantastic theories.

However, whoever feels the divine element within himself or has exceptional intuitive abilities - if he does not know it - should make sure that he does not have A RH- or AB Rh- blood.

I that it’s fictional character,but I have such mark,scar since the day I was born similar to Harry Potter.
The Rh blood group system is a human blood group system. It contains proteins on the surface of red blood cells. After the ABO blood group system, it is the most likely to be involved in transfusion reactions. The Rh blood group system consisted of 49 defined blood group antigens in 2005. As of 2023, there are over 50 antigens among which the five antigens D, C, c, E, and e are the most important. There is no d antigen. Rh(D) status of an individual is normally described with a positive (+) or negative (−) suffix after the ABO type (e.g., someone who is A+ has the A antigen and Rh(D) antigen, whereas someone who is A− has the A antigen but lacks the Rh(D) antigen). The terms Rh factor, Rh positive, and Rh negative refer to the Rh(D) antigen only. Antibodies to Rh antigens can be involved in hemolytic transfusion reactions and antibodies to the Rh(D) and Rh antigens confer significant risk of hemolytic disease of the fetus and newborn.

I have fangs for instance nowadays like werewolves,reptiles,vampires…etc.
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Rh for instance it could also stand for Rhesus,Reptilian humanoid,Rabbit humanoid and Rodent humanoid.


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One of my standard questions to people, What is your blood group? hahaha Always draws a look!


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I do not know for all the stuff about blood groups, rhesus or how it would prove that a part of the human kind were of alien descendance.
Nonetheless, I am curious of how this discourse rallies other analysises that I have already read about a few ethnic groups whose ancestors were extra-terrestrial.
I already read that about Turko-Mongols and it matches also with stories that argue that the Basques are heirs of Atlantis, which generally bandwagons affirmations that the Atlanteans have been giants and so maybe Nephilim.
I find curious all those converging narratives about groups that are also allegued having strong psychic powers notably forging thoughtforms. The Turko-Mongol shamans are reputated for easily creating servants or familiars. Also, grant Basque houses plus Eastern European people are probably key-actors of shenanigans involving mass manipulation and use of egregores and even godforms.
Plus, I know a famous pop-culture saga that includes an optional story: some ancient artefacts would be forged into meteorites and so included an alien virus. So, when a person is cut with such an artefact, either they die due to a negative reaction to the virus just like for a fever or they develop powers i.e. automatically generate a servant that can secretly act at their name.
Finally, I have realized for a few years that people who have studied parapsychology and especially all the thoughtforms stuff are also obsessed about UFOs, aliens or even hypothesis of real Eldritch abominations.
So, I wonder: do all those narratives come from nowhere or at least from stupidities? Or, can we find a serious root to all those stories?